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Marvel Black History Month: Ultimate Spider-Man

“There’s already a Spider-Man and he seems to- to love it. He loves jumping around and being hit in the face and lit on fire. I’m not that guy. Let him do that. I’m not that guy.” 

Medical Steggy AU for @peggyrogerx: It’s been eight years on the dot since she last saw her American college sweetheart after a mutual break-up. Now 33, Peggy Carter is an RN working for the children’s hospital in London as a scrub nurse. Everything changes in her already hectic life when renowned paediatric surgeon, Dr. Steven Rogers, arrives from Brooklyn as the new head resident of the cardiac team. Old feelings resurface for the nurse who never thought she’d see the love of her life again, much less work alongside him.

Got back from watching Doctor Strange last night and me and my fiance were talking about how well animated the cape was, how it was like its own character and immediately reminded us of the magic carpet from Aladdin.
Disney you know what to do :P


Marvel Black History Month: Mercedes “Misty” Knight

“I don’t know, baby girl–but trust me–Misty Knight is gonna find out. And whoever it is–they are gonna have Hell to pay.

Winter in NYC (RP with @shadesofdistortion)


Piper walked under the frost covered branches of Central Park’s trees. She had finished recording for the day and went to relax for the rest of it. She loved winter in New York. The Christmas displays, the snow, the lights-it didn’t get better. And the fact that it was winter made it easier to practice her abilities. Of course, she still had to do it in secret.

Brushing snow off of a bench, she saw down and looked out on the frozen pond. In summer, ducks and toy boats would populate it. Now it sat frozen, not quite thick to skate on yet.