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someone: *looks at another person*
everyone: that’s gay

  • Me: I need to sleep.
  • tumblr: Look, blogs about that thing you like and never see blogs about.
  • Me: Sleep is for the weak.

Guess who’s opening up some commissions! (I really need money guys pls help)

I’m going to be doing some $10 half body commissions (+$5 per extra character) and some $5 Chibis (+$2 per extra character). Simple color/gradient backgrounds are free if you want them. I can do original characters or fanart but I WILL NOT draw any nsfw and I prefer not to draw animals.

You can contact me at if you’re interested. Payment will be through PayPal.

So yeah, help out a poor college student pls

Thanks <3

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Don’t Have To Like Him - Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted by jasontoddlonelysoul

Request: Hey I love your Blog ^_^. I was wondering if you could write a story where the reader moved from  Manhattan to Gotham to go to college. She’s dating Jason Todd, but the reader is like a little sister to Captain America and the other avengers and they don’t approve of the relationship when they find out because of how Jason deals with criminals.

Being an young Avenger did seem cool, you got to save people’s lives and while doing so felt good about it as well. But it was also a bit annoying since you treated like the little sister of the group…more so to Steve then others but still.

Even though you loved them like family there worries still go annoying…just like how the voiced out their worries for you dating Jason Todd, no one other then known as Red Hood.

At first Natasha found out and you begged her not to tell anyone which in the end she agreed, even though she didn’t approve she still couldn’t really keep you from the guy.

“Whats wrong babe?” Jason asked.
“I really would love to tell my family about us…but they don’t see your work the way I do…” You frowned.

Closing the fridge door he walked towards you and cupped your cheek with his left hand.

“I know, but you do realize that to me it doesn’t matter who accepts me or not. I’ll still be with you.” Jason told.
“That I know, I just want to be able to tell them so I don’t have to avoid the subject…” You sighed.

Not that you two were hiding your relationship it was just since Natasha found out and soon Clint did they would make sure Jason knew not to hurt you and to keep you protected when you weren’t in there line of sight.

Course Jason wouldn’t ever let someone get their hands on you.

“Now come on, we gotta go out tonight, you know date night I promised.” Jason smirked.
“Really?! Don’t you have work though?” You asked.
“Nah, Roy said he’d take over for the night.” Jason told you.

Smiling you silently thanked Roy for that and went to go get your coat and shoes, date night with Jason rarely happened but when there was time to do so you both would go take that time as much as you could take.

It was just how your relationship worked to stay active.

**Time Skip**

Walking hand in hand to your favorite cafe you both sat down cross from one another and began talking, few minutes or so later the team of yours walked in as well as they were all gonna have time together as a group to talk about random things.

Giggling away that so happened to reach Tony’s ears he quickly started to hit at Bruce’s arm.

“What?!” Bruce sighed.
“Look! It’s (Y/N)!” Tony poked at the couple.

The team turned their heads at the couple and some of their eyes widen, they knew of Jason Todd being Red Hood and didn’t really like how he took care of the criminals in his city.

“I don’t like this…” Steve mumbled.
“What is she doing with him?” Sam asked.
“Who knows….” Bucky mumbled.

Looking over at his best friend Bucky raised an eyebrow at the stare Steve was giving off, he knew that (Y/N) meant the world to him as a younger sister so it was to be expected to see this reaction out of him.

“I’ll have a talk with her.” Steve told.

The team nodded there heads leaving it to the Captain to do the talking, you did listen to him much better then the others…well Bucky as well but more so on Steve’s side since you both treated one another as siblings.

“Wanna head back?” Jason asked.
“Yeah I want to spend as much time as I can with you.” You smiled.

Paying for your food and drinks you had both walked out once more hand in hand and headed back home. Together.

**The Next Day**

Today was a mission that you had with Steve and Bucky, you three were to get information on the enemy so you all could make a quick move without anyone getting hurt or killed.

Using the jet you sat in the back as the two adults got everything ready. But what Steve saw last night still bothered him so he decided to speak it out before the mission would start once they all arrived.

“Alright..(Y/N) we need to talk..” Steve sighed.
“About what?” You asked.

Bucky just sent a silent look as if telling Steve not to upset you to much about it.

“I saw you with him last night, in fact we all did.” Steve told.
“Wait you mean….” You started.
“Yes I saw you with Jason Todd…” Steve sighed.
“I was gonna tell you! I swear!” You shouted.
“I don’t like him, (Y/N) He doesn’t do well with criminals.” Steve tried to reason.
“But he’s doing what he believes is right, I know it’s wrong myself but I’m trying to help him see that as well.” You told.
“I still don’t like him.” Steve shook his head.
“You don’t have to like him….but you still can’t stop me from dating him.” You told.

Silence was in the jet, it was proof you were finished talking about it and was indeed rather hurt that your older brother figure had voiced out his bad feelings to your boyfriend.

“He protects me despite knowing you all wouldn’t like him….he makes me more happier then I’ve ever been…” You mumbled.

Steve could tell that was the truth, cause at some point he did indeed remember that there was the one day you came in at the Avengers base with more happiness in your eyes then you used to. At that time he wasn’t sure what to think it could be.

“Steve let’s give the guy a chance….if he hurts her then we bring hurt to him.” Bucky sighed.
“Your really gonna let this happen?” Steve asked.
“She seems to really love the guy, besides didn’t you say she’s like a little sister to you?” Bucky mentioned.
“Yeah…” Steve sighed.
“Then you can just look out for her like always, and make sure he doesn’t hurt her.” Bucky explained.

Bucky was right, if Jason did in the end hurt you in anyway he would be there for you, at your side without a second thought. And to be honest he also knew he wouldn’t be able to keep you from him cause the more he would voice out for you not to be near him…you’d just be falling more and more into his arms.

“Alright fine…I’ll accept you dating him..but it will be much more then this for me to accept him as your boyfriend cause of the things he’s done.” Steve told you.
“Thank you, Steve! I promise you wont be disappointed! I mean sure he does handle things differently but I hope one day you’ll see him how I a way..” You smiled.

Finally they accepted him, may not accept how he handles things but still counts to you.

||A/N: Ahh sorry for the long wait! I’m gonna be starting on these requests rather slowly, I got some personal stuff to handle and it doesn’t look to good for us at the moment. But I hope you still like this one and I hope the wait was worth it! Enjoy!!||