marvel universe vs

someone: *looks at another person*
everyone: that’s gay

Okay but like honestly I’m probably the worst member of any fandom I’m ever in because I don’t watch shit live and I barely research anything I just kinda have a vague appreciation for whatever it is and i occasionally reblog like 5 things related to it in a row then forget about it for months

  • Me: I need to sleep.
  • tumblr: Look, blogs about that thing you like and never see blogs about.
  • Me: Sleep is for the weak.
  • Marvel fandom after CACW:
  • Iron Man fans: Steve Rogers is a selfish asshole Tony deserves better!! I HOPE TONY NEVER FORGIVE HIM FUCK YOU CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!111!!
  • Captain America fans: Cap was right he was only trying to help! Tony Stark is a fucking hypocrite and NEVER a true friend!! WHITE SUPREMACIST JERK I HOPE HE'LL BE ALONE FOREVER!!111!!!!1
  • -- --
  • Meanwhile, DC fandom after BvS:
  • Superman fans: All Lex Luthor's fault Bats would NEVER go after Supes if Luthor hadn't been an ass!! Just you watch when Superman returns SUPERMAN AND BATMAN ARE GOING TO BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER FUCK ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE!!!!!
  • Batman fans: OMG WE'RE SO SORRY SUPERMAN WE APOLOGIZE FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED. Bats is going to bring together Justice League in your memory, THANK YOU SUPERMAN FOR BRINGING BATS BACK INTO THE LIGHT YOU ARE TRULY TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD!! (and we take back all the awful things we used to say about you, we were young and stupid. we're truly very sorry.)

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After watching the trailer for Thor Ragnarok my friends and I came to the conclusion that it seems after witnessing the clash between DC and critics/journalists at a safe distance the past couple of years. marvel got shit scared, thus turning their movie into even more of a total rainbow-fest.

meanwhile, DC gives critics the finger and keep doing what they’re doing.

anonymous asked:

Who's your favorite character from every fandom you're in?

This is going to be a long list lol. “Hold onto your butts.”

The Legend of Zelda: Link
Star Wars: Obi-wan Kenobi
Uncharted: Nathan Drake
Fire Emblem: Chrom (Awakening)
Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth
Power Rangers: Sir Ivan of Zandar (Dino Charge)
Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Star Butttterfly
Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher
Steven Universe: Garnet
X-Men: Wolverine
Marvel: Captain America/Steve Rogers
DC: The Flash/Wally West (Justice League cartoon)
Samurai Jack: Samurai Jack (duh)
Avatar: Zuko


CHiPs: Frank Poncherello
Knight Rider: K.I.T.T.
The A-Team: Templeton “Faceman” Peck
The Dukes of Hazzard: Beauregard “Bo” Duke
Emergency!: Johnny Gage
Adam-12: Jim Reed
Simon & Simon: A.J. Simon
Quantum Leap: Dr. Sam Beckett

I think that is most of the ones that I’m usually thinking about lol. Enjoy that list :D

The Difference Between DC & Marvel

Marvel: “The time just isn’t right for a Black Widow movie despite how insanely popular she is”

DC: “You guys want Wonder Woman? Here she is! And We’re giving her a solo movie! We already have a screenwriter ready. And We’re going to have a Supergirl series”

Marvel: “We’re going to have a gay wedding! Between two minor characters whom we’ll hear almost nothing from afterwards while also making fun of gay characters in our movies”

DC: “Here’s the first ever solo title featuring a gay hero! Not enough? How about we make one of Our classic Golden age heroes gay too? And we’ll add the first ever Trans character to play a main part in a major comic and we’ll have a romance between two female characters on Arrow”

Marvel: “We’ve got a lot of plans for Phase 2 but we’re not saying what They are.We might maybe even think about making a movie that doesn’t have a straight, white male as the lead”

DC: “We’re making a Batman/Superman film. You know the film that every comic book fan in history has wanted to see. And Wonder Woman will be there too along with Lex Luthor and Metallo. The holy trinity together at last. It’s gonna be amazing”

Marvel: “People just come to Our movies to see big explosions and have characters say funny things and villains die just like every other blockbuster in existence”

DC: “We just made probably the first ever superhero movie where the hero seems at all upset about taking the villains’ life”

Marvel: “We think an average of one well-written female hero per movie is perfectly fine”

DC: “We had five well-written female characters in Our first movie. Our next will have three”

Marvel: “After thinking long and hard, we’ve decided to add a Muslim character to Our line-up”

DC: “Here’s a Muslim Dr Fate. And Green Lantern. And Hawkgirl is Latina. And Huntress is Biracial. And Wally West is black now”

Marvel: “Maybe we’ll have a non-white hero/villain in one of Our movies at some possible point in the future. Though Black Panther is too complicated for a movie”

DC: “Here’s a two-thousand year-old Egyptian God played by The Rock. And a racebent Aquaman and Mercy Graves. And Cyborg, who is black and disabled. Not enough? How about a non-white Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold in our shows?”

Marvel: “We see no problem with having few female led titles or even none at all as has happened before”

DC: “We haven’t been without a female led title since 1945”

Marvel: “We’ve decided to make Sam Wilson Captain America for a while”

DC: “You want a Black Superman? Here You go! And he’s his own independent character. You want a Black Wonder Woman too? You got it. In fact we’ve got a whole company dedicated to non-white characters”

Marvel: “Wait-”

DC: “We’re also bringing Cassandra Cain back.”

Marvel: “I didn’t-”

DC: “And You know what? We don’t need to bombard You with campaigns. You guys are smart enough to know when something is good”

DC: “Peace”