marvel tumblr con

Me and my friends: *meet a person who constantly talks about their favorite fandoms, is passionate about human rights and repeats bad yet hilarious puns on a regular basis*

My friends: Ew god what a freak.

Me: They’re from Tumblr. Give them time.

Here’s the final image of ‘Brother Voodoo’ from our first episode of 'Ride With Us’– you can watch the live stream from yesterday at -
(70 mins)

Again, sorry it got shaky at points, we’ll be perfecting the set up the more we do these. Enjoy!!

•Collaboration with @tylerqtucker

•Subject suggestion from Michael Samuel DeNicola


This is a commission work which took me ages to finish… and the owner doesn’t mind me sharing.)) Not gonna give you all the details, but I’ve been asked for Agent Coulson, Illyana Rasputin, and Tony Stark, with a hint of some blood magic happening. Got the final tips adjusted today, when my fever subsided… so - added the close view and the WIP shot just for your entertainment ;3

*cheery wave to all the ones whose commissions I haven’t done so far*
There are only full-coloured ones left, and at least two of them cannot be shared because of spoilers or them being private stuff. So - just letting you all know I’m working like a madman, because in few days I must leave city for two weeks in favour of a place in the woods where there’s hardly any web connection. Anyway, I’m taking my laptop and sketchbook with me, so, with or without Internet or electricity, I’ll keep getting things done)))

Have a sneak peek at something I’m most likely to finish sooner than the others ;3
And wish me to be a bit more productive and less sleepy xD


The livestream footage: Marvel auction commissions 1/12 

Guys, I love you)) We came up with Sailor Nosferatu and even managed to get the fully shaded sketch from a blank sheet to a normal shape done in an hour)) I blame soundtrack and your commentary))))