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Here is the first set of marvel text posts that I’ve done. I will do a daily one later and then compile them like this to make them neat.

tony stark is a person who refused to make weapons and willingly put his company to the way of bankruptcy after seeing what his weapons can do

tony stark is a person who put his costume on pepper and said to her to get out from collapsing building with maya instead of putting the costume on himself and only then trying to save them both. he did that even tho he knew he possibly could die

tony stark is a person who sacrificed his life without any doubts for the people’s life and went into the open space even tho he was realizing that he could possibly die there

tony stark is a person who created not only a villainous robot but also vision who is worthy of fucking thor’s mjolnir

yes, tony stark has his bad sides and yes he made a lot of mistakes which i am not gonna protect. he is not perfect. but he is not a bad man. he is good man who made mistakes, stepped aside from the right way. but he did a lot of good things too. he realizes his own mistakes and he tries to improve himself. so please stop villainizing him. he is just a man

boyfriend goals:

- ruggedly handsome

- muscular

- faint stubble

- likes steve rogers

- hints of smudged eyeliner, no, raccoon-level eyeliner

- likes steve rogers

- bucky barnes