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  • Wade: What's your biggest fear?
  • Peter: Being forgotten.
  • Wade:
  • Wade: Fuck, that's deep. Mine is the Kool Aid Man, but I feel kinda stupid about it now
We're a secret 12b

Summary: After a year in another country, you met someone and instantly fall in love with him, the only thing is he isn’t allowed to have a girlfriend but love is stronger. Although things suddenly take a turn.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: the smallest shrink of fluff on tumblr, angst !!, curse words, people talking shit again…, crying.



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Sebastian’s POV  

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Everything he saw on TV , it couldn’t be real. 

All eyes were on him, in reassurance, in anger, in disbelief. He didn’t pay attention though. His eyes were glued to the screen in front if him where a TV guy talked about the ‘breaking news’.

 He still remembered waking up next to you this morning. And it felt so right. It felt like for the first time in months he had the chance to get to the point again. To the point where nothing would ever be more important than the most important person in his live. He thought this person would be you, now he wasn’t all that sure anymore. 

He trusted you, and he loved you. You started to become his world, everything he thought about at day and night. And now the first thing you did after spending another day with him, was telling the media. You told them everything and it ripped him apart. 

He knew it would be hard to have a relationship in this business. That’s why he signed the contract. He thought his signature would lock all his feelings away and make his life easier, he didn’t have to care about women and could fully concentrate on his job. He thought wrong. 

The contract became the biggest problem he had and now the whole world knew about you. It would not be a problem if the contract wasn’t there and if the media wasn’t so hateful.

 The contract simply said he wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend out of pure promotion issues, and now being seen with a woman and her telling the press about their ‘date’ made everything so complicated. 

The commercials started playing and he excused himself to go outside for a second.

He dealed your number on his phone, he stared at the picture for a second still in total disbelief over your actions. He adored you and he loved you but that’s how you thanked him. The more he thought about it, the more angry he got. He held the phone to his ear and waited for your answer.


You were happy, almost excited and it made Sebastian even more angry.

 "I can’t believe you” he hissed into the phone angrily.

 "What ?“ He couldn’t believe you were keeping this up.

 "Who do you think you are ? Was this some kind of joke to you ?“ 

After this sentence he first realized how hurt he really was. It pained him deeply. You played with his feelings, with his heart. You knew he fell head over heels for you, and you only pretended and played with him.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Sebastian” he thought you were mocking him, playing some kind of trick on him, he got angrier and angrier with every word you said and he was about to yell through the whole hotel.

 "I think you know it very well, its still fresh and new you can’t forget it, not even if you wanted to.“

He snapped angrily referring to the news which played up and down on every channel, he wondered if something else would be playing today.

 He heard you sucking in a deep breath quietly, you didn’t want him to hear but he did and he felt almost sorry for you if there wasn’t this heart inside him which you broke, and this whole mess in his life which you made.

“I’m sorry to break it to you (y/n) but this joke wasn’t funny" 

He said harshly hanging up immediately and going back in he sat down and

turned around in his office chair, to the large table everyone was sitting at. 

His head looked down onto the wood of the table out of pure embarrassment and disbelief. He was shocked and didn’t want to believe that you spilled the secret but they knew so many details, it was only possible that you did that. 

He felt a calming hand on his shoulder and looked over to Chris who was smiling sadly at him, earning the same sad smile back. 

“Great , just great” his manager started clapping sarcastically. “I couldn’t like her from the very beginning”

 Sebastian glared at him angrily. “This isn’t about her, its about this problem” he snapped just as a PR agent entered the room. “Very wrong honey, this is about her” he looked over at her confused as she stood beside him, a little too close bit he didn’t mind in that moment.

 "Its gonna be our strategy” she slammed a folder onto the table and opened it,a few pictures inside it. “She made this whole thing up, we make Sebastian a victim of stalking and she’ll become a crazy person who wanted him.“ 

She showed them a picture of two women he never saw before. "These two lady’s are two of our most valuable persons, these are the two she stole the meet and greet from." 

She pushed the picture aside and another one appeared, it was a picture taken by the security camera it showed her talking to the woman in the Hotel lobby, who she said was mean to her. "This is a Staff member of the Hotel, open to help us in this Situation in anyway she can” she smirked nudging hid arm with her hip, he was annoyed by her but didn’t say anything. 

The last picture she revealed was the paparazzi picture of (y/n) and Sebastian walking through the streets on the way to new York. “We can put up a simple explanation for this one” she started making him curious. “She walks behind him, and he looks as if he isn’t even aware that she’s there. We just say she followed him." 

This words made his stomach turn. It felt bad to lie about this day. It felt bad to lie about this whole thing because he was very aware of her on that day. He can remember that all he wanted to do on that day was to hold her hand and reveal her to the world. However, now he’s glad he didn’t.

 His heart felt like someone ripped it out he just said "sounds like a plan” even though it made him want to punch himself.

They started talking about the plan, thinking about a lie and details to make it believable. They matched the stories making sure they weren’t mixing things up. It had to seem like everybody knew about him and you and that you were his stalker. 

They started at the very beginning at the bistro as Sebastian’s manager piped up. “No girls with seb" 

Your POV
"He doesn’t hate you”

You shot up glaring at her angrily as you made your way over to the TV and turned it back on waiting for the man on the news Chanel to speak 

“…after party and then both of them headed to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy being alone for a bit. The day ended with romantic stargazing on the roof of the hotel Sebastian Stan is currently occupying. Even the night was spent together” you stared at the TV in front of you in disbelief. 

You didn’t know what to think. You hoped your mind played a trick on you but this, this was real. You slowly turned around to (y/f) sitting on the sofa. 

Her eyes were wide in shock. Surprise. Fear. You didn’t know but you also didn’t care.

 You looked at her furiously “you … Destroyed everything” you whispered, and she slowly stood up from her spot. “You destroyed everything !” You screamed and threw a pillow at her. 

She was quick enough to dodge it but you already threw another one. “You destroyed everything!” You threw “you destroyed it” you screamed over and over. 

“It wants me (y/n), please I’d never do that” she pleaded urgently and held her hands out to reassure you. But you only looked at her from across the room. “You were the only one I told this you fucking lying bitch” you screamed loudly not caring if anyone else heard. 

You screamed a pillow at her and another one and another one. “Get out” you cried, making her look at you in horror and pure shock. “Get out” you repeated again throwing another pillow at her.

She walked to the door and you pushed her out harshly. You slammed the door shut and slid down at it. Your head rested in your hands, with your fingers in your hair as you cried out loud. 

You knew she still stood on the other side of the door, quietly being there for you when you needed her but you didn’t bother. You cried and  cried, you felt alone and betrayed. Your heart felt as if someone ripped it apart and to many little pieces.

 You couldn’t move as you sat there at the door, your breathing getting harder with every other sob leaving your mouth. Until you couldn’t breath anymore. 

You struggled to stand up and run into the kitchen. You feel like you are about to suffocate one hand harshly gripping to your throat and you tried to get some air into your lungs but nothing arrived.

 Your whole body became dizzy and your vision even more blurry. 

You couldn’t hear or see anything as you gripped onto the counter harshly.

Suddenly you felt two hands pushing you down to sit on the ground.  You tried to fight it to get yourself out of the grip but nothing worked and you slid down onto the ground.

Y/b/f  gave you a glass of water and stroked your back, holding you close.

 You drank it but still couldn’t breathe and you started getting distraught and afraid. 

That’s when she held a paper bag to your mouth and let you breathe in and out which you did.

She sat next to you looking at you intensely and telling you when to breathe in and when to breathe out. 

(Y/b/f) pulled you in for a hug and you laid your head onto her shoulder, crying quietly. 

 And your breathing became more even and your vision became a bit clearer but your heart still hurt like hell.

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I hate it when people sarcastically say "wow there are bright colors in Wonder Woman movie?? do my eyes deceive me? this can't be a dc movie, they hate colorful things!". They praise Marvel when their stuff have dark colors like daredevil. They call it "dark & gritty done right". But when dceu have some bright & colorful scenes, people talk about it like dc should never do that and throw shades then make fun of it instead

DCEU fans should start doing it with Marvel productions. “A scene in a Marvel film where They’re not exchanging stupid one-liners? Actual tension? A memorable villain?”

We're a secret 12a

Summary: After a year in another country, you met someone and instantly fall in love with him, the only thing is he isn’t allowed to have a girlfriend but love is stronger. Although things suddenly take a turn.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: the smallest shrink of fluff on tumblr, angst !!, curse words, people talking shit again…, crying.



we’re a secret 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Once again the other side of your bed was empty as you woke up.

 You faintly remembered waking up somewhen at six in the morning when Sebastian pressed a kiss to your head and left after saying his goodbye and a last ‘I love you’. 

You felt drunk back then, dizzy. You don’t remember replying or talking to him at all. You turned to your back and reached over to the nightstand to take your phone. All you wanted to check was the time … 9:53 but your attention fell to the notification on the phone. 371 new texts. Great.

 You immediately knew who sent them and decided to ignore them. You laid back down onto your back and looked at the ceiling, slowly beginning to wake up fully. 

You looked around the room, the curtains were open and there was a folded piece of paper on the other side of the bed, which was neatly tidied up, not a trace that someone slept there. 

You took the paper and opened it.

‘Hey beautiful

I’m very sorry I had to leave you this early. I wish I had another off day but I had to meet up with the others. I’ll call you as soon as I can, I hope you aren’t upset about this. 

I love you - Sebastian’

You smiled down at the paper, you loved the fact that he wrote letters. He could’ve sent a text or woke you up but you appreciated his decision.

 You folded the paper back together and put it into the drawer of your night stand as you stood up and went to get cleaned up. 

You scrolled through your phone as you ate your cereal. Most of them just saying that your best friend really wanted to hear what happened. And that you shall answer your phone. Then after that probably two hundred times your name and an exclamation mark and then insane thoughts like ‘did he kill you?’ , ‘did he kidnap you?’ Or ‘do you want me to call the police ?’ You sighed in annoyance, you couldn’t believe this person was your best friend. 

At the same time though it made you fell good, the thought of her getting all crazy and worried about you not answering your phone. You smiled at the fact how much she cared about you. You typed a quick reply ‘you are unbelievable’ and went back to your food. 

Shortly after though your phone started buzzing. A call. You answered it annoyed “what ?”

 "Whoa there, its nice to hear from you too, I’m glad you are not dead by the way" you could practically feel her rolling her eyes and so did you as you let out a loud sigh and ate another spoon full of cereal.

 "So do you want to… I don’t know tell me EVERYTHING !“ 

you rolled your eyes once again and answered “do I have another chance" 

“well you could say no but if you do that I’ll hunt you down till you tell me voluntary.” she said confidently and you laughed. 

“Okay well I went there and he was like searching for me all the time and when he spotted me he said he loved me. His fans don’t know he meant me though. Then we went to the party and I met Chris and Anthony after that we went to a restaurant and then on the roof of the hotel and then something happened which is not dedicated to your ears though” you heard a short pleading whine and continued after s short giggle “I spend the night with him and the next day we went to my apartment and watched the captain america and avengers movies and then we went to sleep. That’s basically it” you decided to make it short leaving the news on TV out in purpose just as the talk with his manager.

 "Bitch are you telling me you watched captain America without me” she exclaimed in a shocked voice and you laughed “and the worst thing about it is that real life bucky Barnes was sitting next to you, I can’t believe it !” She whisper-shouted hurt and you started to laugh. 

You only imagined her throwing her arms up in expiration. You put your bowl into the sink and walked to your living room. “Where is he now?”

 "He’s at a meeting" 


you shushed her “would you please try and not yell this around ?!”

 "Right sorry, you got Sebastian Stan in your bed” she whisper shouted again 

“well… Yes”

 "yes ?“ 


“whoo yay” you heard her clapping and you thought it was childish how she reacted but you definitely could understand her.

 "But this is not what its all about (y/b/f)“ you rolled your eyes.

“Right, so are you like boyfriend and girlfriend now… Is this a thing between you and Sebastian. ?”


 "yes ?! Oh my god that’s so great” you shushed her again “I’m gonna be the godmother of your child” you laughed 

“how about we stop thinking so far ahead.?“ 

“Right yeah… I’m just so excited… I’m finished with work in about twenty minutes you stay at home and recall everything that happened, I wanna know everything.”

“Take your time honey" 

“you wish” you laughed and she hung up.

You decided to clean your apartment and just as you put the last plate into the cupboard you received another call. You expected it to be your friend again, that she couldn’t wait but instead you saw the name Sebastian on the screen and answered the call.

 "Hey” you beamed happily.

 "I can’t believe you”

 you frowned in confusion. “What ?”

 "Who do you think you are ? Was this some kind of joke to you ?“

 "I don’t know what you are talking about Sebastian" 

“I think you know it very well, its still fresh and new you can’t forget it, not even if you wanted to.” You had to hold back your tears, his harsh words felt like a punch every time he spoke. “I’m sorry to break it to you (y/n) but this joke wasn’t funny” and he hung up, just in time when there was a knock on the door. 

You stared at the phone in your hand and your tears finally fell from your eyes. You slowly strode over to the door and opened it. Your friend standing there, immediately rushing over to you. 

Just in the moment she hugged you , you lost it completely and broke down, your sobs filled the room and she slowly tugged at your arm, softly signaling you to go to the couch with her. Both of you sat down and she whipped your tears away, the sobs still shaking your whole body. 

“I’m gonna kick his goddamn ass” she said pacing the room and finally sitting back down again, hugging you tight. You grabbed the TV remote wanting to distract yourself. 

You turned the TV on and the first thing you saw was a news channel logo the second the picture of you and Sebastian walking down the streets.

 You were fully hidden in clothes and Sebastian was all tensed up. It was yesterdays picture. 

“The mystery woman got exposed, no other woman has a special place in Sebastian stans heart than (y/n)(y/l/n). No name that’s known to many people but still she won his heart.”

More pictures were shown. Your tears already dried and your sobs went quiet.

“But she also won a lot of hate” a voice started reading multiple hate comments. Mostly the once that really weren’t nice. Only one or two comments that were Bearable.

 Your friend tried to snatch the remote from you but you wouldn’t let her, continuing to listen to the interviewer.

“Looks like Sebastian Stan really landed a high shot with this girl… Regarding his standards.“ 

Slowly the tears came back and you wondered why the world was so cruel. You didn’t cry because they hated you. You didn’t cry because the best time of your live seemed to be over after only two days. You didn’t cry because you were sad. You cried because of Sebastian.

You felt so sorry for him. You never intended do let anything of that happen.  You dragged him into dirt and made him look bad. You threw the remote against the tv, secretly thankful that it didn’t take any harm. She walked over and turned of the TV coming back to you. You just sat there, being somewhere else. And when she sat down you crashed again your sobs worse than before. You clinged to her and you didn’t know what to do. You held onto her sobs escaping your lips and you had trouble breathing as you spoke in a whisper  "He hates me (y/b/f) he hates me”

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I’d like to believe that we exist living a thousand lives, side by side. Because if there are, if we do, there has to be somewhere, at least one, where we survive.

I know one thing for certain, though. I’d love you in every single one. Even if I watched you fall away in all of them. Every possible version of you would still burn every me from the inside out.

You would consume me.