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Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch)

Original caption:

We bring to you Johnny Storm aka “THE HUMAN TORCH” from Fantastic Four ¼ Statue! We will be making the FIRST EVER complete team of the Fantastic Four characters in ¼ Scale Statue form. Big thanks to David Barruz for the beautiful sculpt and Salt & Pepper Studios for helping produce. Human Torch comes Pre-Painted including art box, base print, and packaging with black foam and velcro straps. Production time estimated about 6 months after prototype print is done and will be shipped from China factory. Edition Size Total is 40 Pieces Only. Colored renderings are used as a reference only and are not necessarily production final colors.

All total prices below EXCLUDE shipping and paypal fees. If purchasing whole four character set, the base of each character will join together to form one diorama as pictured (similar to Prime 1 Studio Turtles).

Send Preorder Deposits thru PayPal to as gift or if paying as goods, then add 4.5% PayPal fee on top. Put in notes exactly which version and option, if any, you choose. Send me screenshot of your deposit made thru message to confirm your order.

Balance PLUS shipping is to be paid upon item delivery. No shipping cost estimate yet until closer to delivery date. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thanks for your support! PM me if any questions.


1. Human Torch Regular Normal Body Version with Partial Flame Effects (as pictured) - $675 if purchased by itself / $625 if purchased as set. (Deposit is $175 for both individual or set purchase)

2. Human Torch Exclusive Clear Body Version with Fully “Flame On” Body (not shown in sculpt renderings) - $750 if purchased by itself / $700 if purchased as set. (Deposit is $200 for both individual or set purchase)
Marvel Entertainment on Twitter
“Relive the history between Hawkeye and Black Widow in this week’s #SecretEmpireExposed! Read on:”

Look at Marvel, actually posting something about Clintasha!  If anyone has a twitter and is so inclined, please go to this tweet and reply with something positive about Clint/Natasha, and ‘like’ the other replies doing the same. It’s getting blasted by a certain group of people, so let’s show Marvel that this ship is still very popular and very much loved, and that we’re grateful they’re being given another chance!

And please don’t engage with those posting negativity. Let’s be the better people and just ignore them and spread love instead.


potential book covers for the three parts of Not Easily Conquered and an additional cover for the letters themselves.

Hulk Statue - Kotobukiya

Fantastically detailed HULK Statue with intricate musculature down to his sinews and veins and the harsh grimace on his face shows off the rage he can’t keep bottled up in battle. Banner’s alter ego wears his traditional tattered purple pants and his skin is expertly painted with varying shades of green. Based on concept artwork by Adi Granov.

Young Marvel Hero teams Status 2017 (part 1)


(Note: I don’t really acknowledge Slapstick and Ultragirl as New Warriors because it’s more like a retcon as they joined the team off-panel. Also, I don’t acknowledge the depowered mutants posing as New Warriors from Vol 4.)

- DEAD = Namorita (Namorita Prentiss), Turbo II (Mike Jeffries) Aegis (Trey Rollins), Bolt (Chris Bradley), Microbe (Zachary Smith Jr)

- IN LIMBO = Justice (Vance Astrovik), Speedball (Robbie Baldwin), Firestar (Angelica Jones), Silhouette (Silhouette Chord), Turbo (Michiko Musashi), Donyell Taylor as Bandit/Night Thrasher II, Alex Power, Helix, Timeslip (Rina Patel), Debrii (Deborah Fields), Hummingbird (Aracely Penalba), Sun Girl (Selah Burke), Haechi (Mark Sim), Water Snake (Faira Sar Namora)

- DEAD OR ALIVE = Darkhawk (Chris Powell), Rage (Elvin Haliday)

- BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE = Richard Rider as Nova (brought back to life but infected with Cancerverse virus in Jeff Loveness’ Nova comic), Dwayne Taylor as Night Thrasher (brought back to life in Contest of Champions but now, he’s in Limbo)

- TURNED EVIL =  Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider (turned evil and became the new Jackal. Now he’s going to be in his newest Scarlet Spider series by Peter David)

- OTHER = Sam Alexander as Nova II (left the team for Avengers and then, Champions. Also, he doesn’t even acknowledge the New Warriors.), Carlton LaFroyge as Hindsight Lad (kicked out of New Warriors for good after he betrayed them by outing their secret identities to public), Kaine Parker as Scarlet Spider (Spider-Verse happened, formerly dead and now resurrected but slowly dying of Clone Degeneration Sickness. However, Kaine is still active as he’s hunting for Ben Reilly)


- IN LIMBO = Speed (Tommy Shepherd)

- ERASED FROM EXISTENCE = Elijah Bradley as Patriot (thanks to that rights issues, Eli Bradley will never be used by Marvel again)



- TURNED EVIL = Iron Lad (the younger Nathaniel Richards)

- USED TO BE ACTIVE IN RECENT YEARS BUT NOW NO LONGER = Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), Hulkling (Teddy Altman)

- ACTIVE (but in different comic/team) = Noh-Varr, Miss America (America Chavez), young Loki Laufeyson, Kate Bishop, Prodigy (David Alleyne)


- IN LIMBO = Finesse (Jeanne Foucault), Striker (Brandon Sharpe), Hazmat (Jennifer Takeda), Lyra the Savage She-Hulk, Thunderstrike II (Kevin Masterson), Batwing (James Santini), Butterball (Emery Schaub), Turbo (Michiko Musashi), Ricochet (Johnny Gallo), Wiz Kid (Takashi Matsuya), Rocket Racer (Robert Farrell) , Machine Teen (Adam Aaronson), Loa (Alani Ryan), Fiona the NuHuman

- DEAD = Mettle (Ken Mack), Reptil (Humberto Lopez), Juston Seyfert

- DEPOWERED = Veil (Madeline Berry)

- USED TO BE ACTIVE IN RECENT YEARS BUT NOW NO LONGER = White Tiger (Ava Ayala)Julie Power (left the team and only appeared in Civil War II: Choosing Sides comic with her siblings), Anya Corazon (used to appear in Web Warriors but now since the comic ended, she’s in limbo), Victor Alvarez

- ACTIVE (but in different comic/team) = Laura Kinney as X-23 / Wolverine