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Soulmate Quiz

Fandom: Marvel (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: In a world in which soulmates exist, you were given no sign as to whether you have one or not. No voice in your head that resembles to theirs. No initial or date or your wrist. No seeing everything in black and white and suddenly in color. Nothing. So, just as a gag, you take a quiz you saw on Buzzfeed that might give you the slightest inkling who your potential soulmate might be.

A/N: Based on this quiz I saw on Buzzfeed’s website.

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You hated not being marked. Absolutely hated it. Whether you met people who have met their soulmate or haven’t yet, they all pitied you. You didn’t get a single soulmate trait at all. You were part of the very few who were born that way. 

When you were younger, you used to draw a mark on yourself. Sometimes it’d be an initial, sometimes it’d be a shape, or sometimes it’d be some random quote you read or heard on the tv. You faked it up until you just didn’t bother anymore. 

Your parents had told you that just because you don’t have a soulmate trait, that didn’t mean you don’t have a soulmate. Your friend Natasha didn’t have a mark or trait either, and she still ended up meeting her soulmate, Clint. So you had hope. But you can only have so much hope. 

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Idk if I’m drunk or dumb or high, but I was answering quizzes on buzzfeed and I was told to “Name one of Voldemort’s horcruxes”

So I stated the obvious (which is a dumb one) and wrote “Tom Holland’s diary” and pressed guess.

I pressed it like 10 times before eventually realized my dumbness and change the “Holland” to “Riddle”


The cast of Thor: Ragnarok might get fired after taking our Ultimate Marvel Quiz

We tested Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson and Taika Waititi on their Marvel knowledge - and it seems a few of them need to watch the movies again!


The cast of Thor: Ragnarok might get fired after taking our Ultimate Marvel Quiz


The cast of Thor Ragnarok FAIL the ultimate Marvel quiz


Rosario Dawson & Charlie Cox Take Marvel Universe Quiz

anonymous asked:

Hmmmm... Hogwarts Houses? Someone probably already asked this though... But pleaseeeee

What a popular question! Most of us each took the quizzes. Here goes:

Bruce- Hufflepuff

Bucky- Ravenclaw

Clint- Slytherin

Loki- Slytherin

Natasha- Gryffindor

Pepper- Ravenclaw

Sam- Hufflepuff

Steve- Gryffindor

Thor- Hufflepuff

Tony- Ravenclaw

Vision- Ravenclaw

Wanda- Slytherin

For your consideration:


Hayley Atwell Comicpalooza Scoop

Eeee omg today was an AMAZING DAY.  Lots of standing in long lines, but such a fantastic, memorable day.  

Photos are pending, as I’m still out of town and headed back to the con tomorrow, but I got to meet Hayley Atwell today in Houston, at Comicpalooza, with my wife foxyfussings - get an autograph, photo taken with her, and attended her Q&A Panel (and met lots of awesome fans, too!)   Lucked out because the panel changed times to be an hour earlier than scheduled - I feel really bad because I’m sure that a lot of people who wanted to attend might have missed it. 


Hayley has said the following:

- Season two will have 10 episodes
- Angie WILL be in Season Two
- Season two will take place 1 year after season one, in 1947

Other fun tidbits:

- Hayley Atwell plans on crashing the Captain America Civil War set some time in the next week - from the sounds of it, Marvel has no idea. 

- While Hayley Atwell has delved into writing for entertainment before, she doesn’t really think she would be a good choice to write an episode of Agent Carter. (She said that if she were at the reins, it would be a completely fun, silly story).  However, she’d love to direct one if the series continues and there is interest.

- Regarding her tweet about NOT getting Peggy Carter on the buzzfeed (Which Badass Marvel Lady Are You ) quiz, the character she got was Gamora

- When asked about pranks on set, Hayley hid in James D’arcy’s trailer on Halloween and jumped out, terrifying him (he screamed shrilly, fell onto the sofa, and then onto the floor.  Pranks and antics on set included throwing big grapes across the set into each others’ mouths, and wheelie chair jousting with foam weapons.
James also wanted to see how far he could stretch innuendo in the dialogs - including wanting to use the British dessert “Spotted Dick” instead of “Sicky Toffee Pudding”.

- Diversity was brought up in Season two - saying that there was a big meeting about it and this is something that they want to address!  Hayley said she considers herself a humanist - wanting equal rights for all people - men, women, trans people, POC, etc [not a direct quote, but this was the gist of her answer].

- She loves the online love for Cartinelli.  She loves the show portraying two women who are supportive of each other and not in compeition.  As far as Cartinelli in the show - she says SHE would certainly be open to anything [but sounds like it’s not her call]


Hayley Atwell is a treasure and a wonderful person. She was SO sweet and considerate to her fans, during the Q&A and photo session.  She really, genuinely seems touched by the fan support.  

When I mentioned to her briefly after the photo op about her recent tweet not supporting Sharon/Steve - I told her to tell the Russos that there are many fans who completely agree that Sharon/Steve is creepy and a disservice to Peggy - and her face lit up and she gesticulated wildly with an “I KNOW!! THANK YOU!”