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You stood frozen as you watched Pietro walk down the street, hand in hand with another woman. You spotted them a few minutes ago but was too shocked to do anything. It wasn’t until you saw him pick up a dress that you lost it; since that was the exact dress that only a week prior  you had told Pietro you wanted. But he told you it was too expensive… and yet here he is… Buying it for another woman. 

You were about to storm over there and smack your hand across his cheek when you felt Buckys calming touch on the small of your back. You and him had popped out to get some food for the compound when you both stumbled on the horrific sight. Bucky moved his hand so he was now holding yours and spoke softly to you.

“He’s not worth it, doll.” Was all he said, but the simple words made your heart slowly return to normal paced beats. You nodded and swallowed your emotions before putting on a brave face, turning on the spot and slowly walking back to the compound. It was late at night so Bucky swiftly followed, not wishing for you to walk back alone, but that didn’t stop him giving Pietro one more quick glare as all the ways he was going to hurt him flashed across his mind.

‘He’s insane’ Bucky thought as he turned to follow you. What kind of mad man would give you up?