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Name: Kiana
Age: 15
Country: Philippines

I’ve never really had a penpal of any sorts before so this is just something new I thought I’d try out.
I speak English and Filipino (obviously) and I’m actually learning how to speak Norwegian but I can’t converse in it yet since I’m still a beginner (even in a lower level of a beginner if you ask me).
I like loads of stuff so finding a common ground to talk about won’t be hard.
I like read a lot; mostly historical/science fiction and YA novels. I love DCTV shows and I’m yet to watch Marvel TV shows which is a disgrace since I adore Marvel. I love Sherlock, Parks and Rec, B99 and a bunch more. If you can’t already tell I’m knee-deep in shows and suffering™.
I guess that’s it really.

Preferences: Maybe someone around my age. So long there’s no unnecessary hate, I’m down. And I guess email over snail mail (?)


I was literally crying when I found out (because of abs cbn goddamit what a clickbait). Then later on I heard that it was his stunt double who’s here in Philippines and attending a meet and greet in a mall near us. It was so annoying because Tom is in Singapore which was like only 3 hours and 40 minutes flight to Manila. Plus he’s with Jacob Batalon which I may recall, a filipino. It was so sad that it was only a rumor and that it’s not real. I was really expecting to see him. 

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This is why Tom really need to update his social media more often. Fans in Philippines were really confused and we didn’t get any confirmation from Tom. Although the company who settled the meet and greet said that Tom will not be there.

Now for Abs-Cbn’s noon-time show ‘It’s Showtime’. They told the filipinos that Tom Holland will be guesting in the said show. I was so annoyed because they used Tom Holland instead of saying Spiderman. 

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I was literally shaking and having anxiety attacks because of this. So please if you’re announcing something, please make it very specific and very clear so the fans/or people will not expect a lot from you. God it was a fucked up day but glad I survived it. 

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Name: Kamille
Age: 13
Country: Philippines

I wanted this to be meme-y af but I think I should try to be formal so… Hello. I’m Kamille and I’m an active feminist and an active supporter for LGBTQ+. I fucking love memes, but I like a shit ton of other things too like Sherlock,Marvel,Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange, How to get away with murder, etc. Honestly the list goes on. Also, I’m reeeally easy to be sucked into fandoms. So if our fandoms aren’t really similar its cool because all fandoms are love. I tbh don’t even know what to say anymore lmao. Uh idk if this is spoopy to you but I guess I should tell you all my spoopy shit right? Um… I love reading gay fanfiction (smut), I suck at math, Insecure as hell, sad but happy at the same time? asdfghjkl thats it. Um plz be my friend?

Preferences: everyone is c00l

My personal issues with Hydra Nazi Cap (aside from the obvious)

1. Cap fought in World War 2, so did my grandfather, except, Lolo didn’t fight in Europe, he fought in the Philippines, against the “& company” part of Nazi & company as an 11 year old, and Cap reminds me of my Lolo.

2. My dad, an immigrant like Steve’s mom, is in the military. One of the main reasons why I loved Cap all these years is because he fights for justice even though he never had to, just like my dad.

3. I may not be from Europe, I may not have Jewish blood in me, but I have friends who do, I have family members who fought the same war as Steve. And you’re just gonna tell us ALL that the ONE person we looked up to was fighting for the other side?! I don’t think so.

4. I don’t care what Nick Spencer says. Our families did not fight Nazi & company with Steve in the background going Whoo! go Hydra! 

5. If any kid ever comes up to me while I proudly wear my already bought Steve/Captain America merch asking me why he’s a Nazi or part of Hydra, I will look at the kid very calmly and say this: “Sweetie, Steve isn’t a Nazi/part of Hydra. That’s what they want you to think. Hydra came to our world and had Nick Spencer write him that way. They don’t want you to believe in Steve anymore. But no matter what Hydra says, Captain America is not a Nazi. Believe in him before they tried to destroy him.

I 100% blatantly REFUSE to accept that Steve Rogers has always been a Nazi or that he EVER will be. And I don’t ever want anyone younger than me to give up on their heros. I will keep up my posters. I will wear my shirts and pins. I will read my comics of the REAL Steve Rogers. I will continue to cosplay characters from his comics. I will keep my movies. Because there is one thing you can never, ever make me do; which is believe that a man that I respect as much as my father and grandfather and every other good soldier I have ever met in my life, is dirty. 

Nope, ain’t happening people. Carry on with your lives. Deny this false world that Nick Spencer has created. It’s all the plan of Hydra. Nick may not be Hydra, but he did help them.