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I’m totally burnt out reading New52 and Marvel now (which I’m trying to read chronologically from their beginnings) so I wanted to ask what yall would prefer:

1) me just reading random runs I think sound interesting

2) starting a chronological read at 1980 (which I consider the cut off between “classic” and “modern” comics)

3) reading pre-Marvel Now big events chronologically (starting at Dark Phoenix Saga or Civil War)

(I guess you can’t make posts answerable with a “?” any more? so feel free to just comment, tag, or reblog with your vote/suggestion/whatever haha)

strawberryfusion  asked:

YOU WROTE THE BOY ON THE FIRE ESCAPE! I am such an idiot. I even commented on that story multiple times. I asked you what you shipped in marvel and what you wrote before rivals. Sorry XD Apparently early 2016 is missing from my memory.

I did! :D I’m not so happy with my old marvel stuff now that I look back on it but I always think it’s interesting to see how I’ve grown as a writer in the year or so since I wrote it


Avengers (2016-) #7 - Mark Waid & Phil Noto

“All I can do is beg for forgiveness for the man I used to be.”

Victor von Doom saying Tony Stark was one of the few men he respected. Meanwhile heroes still don’t respect Tony. This guy has my vote.


Don’t be afraid, Mr. Murdock

Daredevil (2011-2014) #7

I can’t remember whether I have posted about this story before or not so here it is now. This story may be my favourite Daredevil story of all time, which is saying a lot when I have something around 300/400 issues of Daredevil (the only stuff I don’t own is a decent amount of the pre-Frank Miller stuff, the gap between around #280 and #380 that I will try to fill relatively soon and a few of the random mini-series). So what makes this story special? Well it’s immediately different by not having the focus of the story be Matt trying to stop any kind of villain, super or otherwise, or even protectiing Hell’s Kitchen, or any other city.

This story has a simple premise. Matt takes an annual trip with a class of children from a school for the blind who are usually too scared to venture outside and interact with the world. While taking the bus back to the school after their hotel double booked them, the bus veers off the road due to an extreme blizzard.

Now the story is for Matt to attempt to get these kids to safety in weather conditions that not only make it near impossible for his senses to tell which way to go, but also are terrifying these children who don’t understand what is happening.

It deals with Matt trying to calm them down and focus their attention, something Daredevil as a superhero is not really geared to do, being that part of his M.O. is that he can scare the hell out of criminals. It’s a really emotional story that puts the character where he is least comfortable and least able, pushing him to his limits.

In the end though, it isn’t even Matt that saves the day. As he collapses into the snow, the children come back for him and pull him to safety saying the quote I put at the start to comfort him.

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Paolo Rivera @paolo-rivera

Colours: Javier Rodriguez