marvel mine

New Girl

Peter Parker x reader

word count: 1677

warnings: i don’t really think there is any!

(A/N: please excuse the fact that in the comics Peter hates star wars(😪)cause obviously mcu!Petey at least likes it enough)

The bell rang signaling that first period had officially begun at Mid-Town Highschool, and you could practically hear the sighs of the tardy students in the halls. Peter Parker was luckily not among the group and was seated in the back of the classroom, patiently waiting for first period to begin, just so he can get it over with.

Last night Peter was up late, too busy with being the crime-fighting, Spider-man he was. He had rushed all of homeroom just to finish his algebra homework, cause when you’re fucking exhausted, you tend to forget anything but sleeping.

Hell, he was barely awake now. Peter sat there at his desk, contemplating whether or not to take advantage of Mrs.Andrew being distracted in the hall to sneak in a few minutes. After a second of a mental debate, he decided against it, despite it sounding like the best idea he’s ever heard.

Right after he made his decision, The door opened to reveal a girl behind Mrs. Drews. She obviously had to have transferred, as he had never seen her in his life. Peter observed her carefully and watched as she pushed up her glasses.

She looked up, and her eyes met Peters, catching him staring, and suddenly his face heated up. Damn, she already had him, and he hadn’t even had a single conversation with her yet. Oh, he had it bad. The girl smiled at him, and he just melted into a puddle. Peter began to smile, one of those real, genuine smiles that you just can’t hide. He tore his eyes away and focused on the teacher.

Alright, this is (Y/N) (L/N),” She gave a small wave and nodded, “She transferred here today, and i expect you guys to treat her with respect. (Y/N), you can just sit at the empty desk right there.”

Oh fucking god, He’s gonna be a nervous wreck. (Y/N) was going to sit right beside him, and she’s gonna find out how big of a dork he is and hate him for it. She’ll probably end up hanging out with Flash, laughing at Peter’s expense. It’s happened with almost every new kid, and he’s adjusted to it now.

You know what, fuck it. He should at least try to talk to her, you know maybe it’ll work out. Sure, he realizes he’s giving himself false hope, but it surely motivated him.

Peter turned his head, facing her.

Hey,” He said, trying to act as if he was really paying attention while Mrs.Andrews taught whatever it was.

“Hi,” (Y/N) whispered, a smile creeping across her face.

God, that smile, he felt himself blush again. Shit, shit, shit! He’s gonna fucking lose it, and end up giggling like a fool. The rush he felt after her just saying hi, made him feel like he terrified, excited, nervous, and sweaty all at once.

"I’m Peter,” He mumbled out, “Peter Parker,”

"Nice to meet you Peter,” (Y/N) said, but then grimaced, “I hate to ask this, ugh I’m such an idiot, but do you have a pen I can borrow? Just till the end of this class.”

He nodded and turned around, grabbing the pen from his desk. As he went to hand it to her, he couldn’t help but be in awe as she laughed and thanked him for the pen.

Mr.Parker, Ms.(L/N), is your conversation more important than my class?”

"Uh,” He shook his head, getting out of his daze to face the teacher. “No, it’s not.”

She spoke sternly, obviously aggravated by the pair, and told them to pay attention from here on out. Then he heard (Y/N) began to speak very quietly.

Pay attention, we will,” she whispered in a pretty decent impression of Yoda.

Now, if Peter hadn’t fallen for her already, boy, he was now. First, she’s like the most adorable human being he’s ever laid his eyes upon. Second, she was nice, very kind actually. And Third of all, she literally just did a Yoda impression to herself, that is the hottest thing he thought he’s ever seen a girl do.

He just grinned to himself as he blushed at his thoughts of the girl sat beside him. Peter only had to get through the rest of this period to talk to her again.

As the bell rang, he stood up, almost immediately turning to face (Y/N), preparing to ask her what class she was attending next but then she spoke.

"Hey, Peter, do you know where this Mr. Adkins’ class is? I have no clue where anything is, and i’m all confused, and,” She made a hand gesture similar to jazz hands as she rambled, “Agh, i just am so lost.”

He giggled. Peter just giggled, shaking his head. What in the hell happened, he giggled? Luckily for him, he was going his class next.

"Yeah, that’s my next class, do you wanna walk together or something?” Peter asked.

"Yep-a-doodle!’ (Y/N) then followed with an embarrassed expression as they began to walk, “Ignore that, sorry i probably seem like a huge dork.”

She then laughed, still keeping her gaze on him. He laughed with her, he just couldn’t help it, it’s like she had taken Peter and did some sort of witchcraft on him to make him just become enamoured with her. Talking to her felt good? It made him unbelievably happy, just hearing her laugh. (Y/N) just had this energy he could never begin to explain, Peter was just drawn to her since the moment she stepped into the class.

"Nah, Nah,” He waved her off, “It was cute, so don’t worry about it,” he said, not realizing what words had slipped out of his mouth.

(Y/N) grinned from ear to ear as she heard what Peter said. Her cheeks soon felt unbelievably warm at the boy’s words. She then leaned closer to him as the approached the door of what she believed to be Mr. Adkins room.

. "You know what?” she whispered, “i think you’re pretty cute.”

Peter froze in his footsteps as she walked past him, knowing that she caused him to stop in shock. His jaw nearly hit the floor, and he just started into a fit a blushing and giggles for what like the hundredth time that day.

Did she just? (Y/N) had to be kidding right? Right?

Peter finally collecited himself and all his thoughts, and walked into the classroom with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.

Weeks began to pass by quickier and quicker, days feeling like minutes as the pair got closer and closer.

While the whole “you’re cute,” incident had been ignored by both, neither had forgotten it.

At the end of another boring school day, the Peter was walking to his apartment alongside (Y/N), who was rambling on and on about Star Wars to him, and he was just as excited about the conversation and she was.

Okay so, Peter? I have one question for you, and this may or may not change our friendship forever,” (Y/N) said seriously, not a hint of hilarity in her eyes.

He found himself nervous, messing with his be pockets, trying to seem relaxed about. Was she going to bring up whole cute thing? Peter wasn’t sure if he could handle this conversation, (Y/N) probably knows, and will address his feelings and then-

"What is your stance on the ewoks? Love them, or hate them?”

Oh thank fucking god. He just threw his head back and laughed as they continued down the street.

” I like them i guess, i don’t understand why so many hate them, they’re cool.”

(Y/N)’s eyes lit up at his answer, nodding as she agreed with his statement.

“Exactly! They are adorable, and have no reason to be hated!”

Eventually, the discussion went from ewoks to whigh of the episodes the two were going to watch once they reached the apartment. The pair settled on Episode VI.

As they got closer, and closer to the apartment building, Peter could tell something was off with (Y/N), like she was in deep thought. he wanted to ask her, to make sure she was alright, but he didn’t want to pry.

"Hey, Peter,” (Y/N) said, suddenly coming to a halt in her path. He stopped with her.

"Hi,” He turned towards her, “What’s up?”

She smiled gently, looking down at her feet and she began.

"Well, I, uh,” Her voice was shaky, “You know, when i called you cute that one time, i really meant it. I actually find you, super cute. Like when you talk about Star Wars with me i find it super adorable, and i really like being your friend, so like you can act like i never said this, cause i really like you a lot,” She rambled off.

Peter froze, if he thought he was shocked when (Y/N) called him cute, boy, was he wrong. There was silence between the two as Peter tried to think of words, any words.

She bit her lip, looking down again, obviously hurt by his lack of response.

"I get it, it’s oka-”

Peter rushed forwards, close as he could be to her, pressing his lips against hers. His hands were on her cheeks, firm but gentle all at once.

(Y/N) was taken aback, as that was the last thing she expected him to. She closed her eyes, and lived entirely in the moment with him. Everything felt right as she laced her hands behind Peter’s waist, trying to get as close as literally possible.

Peter felt himself smile into the kiss, wondering how he got so lucky to meet the new, dorky girl that sat beside him in algebra.