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Gif source:  Bucky  |  Steve

Imagine finding out you’re pregnant and telling your boyfriends, Steve and Bucky, that they’re going to be dads.

——— Request for Bixbi ———

You hadn’t expected to be a mother any time soon, but here you were, staring down at the two parallel lines that indicated you were going to be. The way you were feeling was probably the most unexpected thing of all this. It was a mixture of happiness and nervous anticipation that rushed through you, butterflies in your stomach that you’d only ever felt before when in the beginnings of your relationship with either of the possible fathers.

And you were mainly picturing the two of them, and how absolutely amazing they were going to be as dads. Steve and Bucky were both wonderful in their own unique ways, and you were sure they would each have a different yet interesting way of taking on fatherhood.

You were waiting for that nightly call that you would always get whenever they were on a mission, wondering just how you were going to break it to the two of them or if you even should over video chat. As soon as you felt your phone vibrate in your jeans, you knew you were going to tell them over the phone or not; you were just too excited.

“Hey, doll,” drawls from Bucky first, a tired yet happy sound that lets you know they had been able to complete the mission without a hitch for once and would be coming home in one piece.

“How’s our girl doing?” Steve sounds in next, and you watch as the two of them scrunch together to fit into the screen offered by Steve’s phone.

“I’m great, just glad you two are okay!”

It takes a matter of seconds for Steve to read the smile on your face, “Is that what’s got you so happy?”

“I just can’t wait to tell you; I found something out today that I’m hoping you’ll be just as excited as me about,” you begin, already talking fast in your excitement.

“Slow down, doll, take a breath,” Bucky chuckles as he and Steve share an amusedly confused glance.

“We’re having a baby!”