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I love Kate so much, thank youuuuuu <3

1. Kate still visits her therapist, not on a tight basis but every few weeks just to cheek in. Both after season one and season two, Kate took a timeout to cope better with the situations.

2. Kate’s mother’s name was Elizabeth, she was named after her and is very proud of her second name.

3. When she knows Tommy is in hearing range, she randomly yells trust fall and lets herself fall backwards. In 9/10 cases, Tommy catches her.

4. Most of the time, she’s sure that dating does not last forever, that eventually things go wrong. She saw that with Eli, she saw that with Noh, but, whenever she looks at Teddy and Billy loving each other and working their differences out, she hopes, that at least these two never split up.

5. If she wasn’t Hawkeye, Kate would teach self-defence classes for free, open to everyone.

6. She hates showing fear, more than she hates showing anger or other emotions. She does not want to be scared, as she hates feeling helpless more than anything else.

7. She’s got a small bracelet she loves to wear, bought it after the end of Young Avengers season one. It’s silver, with small keychains each symbolizing one of her teammates.

8. Kate plans to introduce Cassie and America to one another soon, probably with Lisa, over some drinks, just a simple girls’ night out with the ones she loves.

9. She sleeps best when Lucky is in the room which is why she often allows Clint to crash on his own couch while she takes the bed.

10. It’s hard to get her talking about her feelings, even harder now than it was when she started in the superhero business. Back then, talking with Billy was the easiest. They both did not ask a lot of questions, managed to like just the right amount of silence.

11. Sometimes however, she needs just the opposite, noise, music, laughter to share. It’s what draws Kate to confident men, drew her to Eli and Noh and still draws her to Tommy. Then again, after dating and breaking up with team mates twice now, she’s not sure if listening to her gut feeling would be a good idea. Thank goodness, looking is still okay.

Writers: Here is a new troubled, confused and unloved character