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shipper meme | heartbreaking scenes ♡ “i’m memorizing the details of her face”

life is an endless sea of train wrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness. this had been the ultimate commercial break. which meant it was time to return to our regularly scheduled program.

I don’t post a lot of things to Tumblr but something has been happening that I can’t ignore. So please forgive my shitty punchuation, grammar, and any spelling mistakes.

Why do people believe it’s okay to bully a celebrity and yet still call yourself their fan?
Or think this talking trash about a co-star is fine? Just because everyone takes it as a joke and the person it’s about just laughs it off?

Dave the Frog, the frog that lives in Tom Holland’s mouth, appearently it looks like one is in there. Are you guys kidding me right now?? It might be a joke and seem hilarious at first but come on! You are making fun of how someone looks! Turned it into a bloody meme! Some of you might say it’s fine Tom was even getting in on it. Guys… What can a person do other than laugh it off? Can’t freak on you because you’re so called fans. How can you claim to love and support him when you’re making fun of how he looks or says a friggin word?! How can you claim that this is a harmless joke when you’re adding to the fire?? Little things matter.

Which brings me to this talking trash Sebastian and Anthony are doing to Tom. Now if you have seen my blog you’ll know that I love these guys. I know they’re really amazing kind people and most likely doing this for publicity. At least I hope so but even so other people have to agree that this is a bit ridiculous. Everytime my co-workers get asked about me I’d really hope they wouldn’t trash talk me like the boys are. Even if it’s for fun what message is that sending? Making fun of someone, trash talking is just for fun? It’s a joke so shouldn’t get upset by it? How is that right?
I got bullied most of my childhood because people would make fun of me and trash talk me. I didn’t want to be alone and surrounded myself with these so called “friends”. Why? People told me it was just a joke, I was over reacting, that I should ignore it. Those are probably running through your minds as you read this rant. I took the trash talk and just ignored it for years the main reason why? Everytime I tried to get them to stop they’d tell me it what a joke and that other people have bigger problems. Every time I tried to talk to one of my friends they would always turn it around and tell me about their problems. It’s true they were dealing with shittier things than I was, so I just kept quiet. I realise that yes people have it worse out there but it does not mean your problems don’t matter. Little. Things. Matter.
Little things pile up into big things, end the little things before they get worse. Seb and Mackie trash talking Tom or this frog thing might seem little and hey it could be a lot worse. Other celebrities are dealing with a lot worse things but think of Tom. Think of how he must feel. Think about yourself, what little things are happening to you that you want to stop?

Jokes are meant to be funny for both sides, if both sides aren’t laughing then it’s not a joke.