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chiunnn  asked:

if i wanted to start reading ms marvel stuff, where should i start?

Oh thats pretty easy, Kamala was introduced in 2014, so there isn’t a A LOT of material to catch up on.

( EDIT: Kamala’s First Appearance: Captain Marvel (2012-14) #14 
Teaser Appearance: Captain Marvel (2012-14) #17 )

Start with Ms Marvel Vol. 3 (2014-16) by G Willow Wilson (this has about 19 issues)

Followed by Ms. Marvel Vol. 4 (2016 - ?) by same author. This is an on going run, about 15 issues in.

More stuff Kamala is in (not necessary, but highly recommended):
All New All Different Avengers (2016) by Mark Waid. Kamala was an Avenger for about first 13-15 issues, then she left to form her own group and this series was relaunched as Avengers (2016). 

Lastly, Kamala leaves the Avengers to form Champions [Vol. 2 (2016 - ?) by Mark Waid]. This is also an ongoing series, like 5 issues in.

Thats pretty much it. She has a lot of cameos in other series, but those are hard to keep a track of, but this is all her major stuff. If you read all of this you’d be 99% caught up. Let me know if you want me to tell you where you can find this online!

EDIT (14 Jun 2017): Kamala will appear in Generations: The Marvels (Part of limited anthology series by Marvel called Generations