marvel is actually shield you guys

TPTB, I swear to god, if you let AOS die after this season, I will lose all faith in superhero television. 

How you gonna kill a show that’s producing quality episodes with ACTUALLY GOOD PLOT TWISTS, but at the same time, renew Flash which is currently going through its worst season.

Sorry, no offense to Flash but that Savitar reveal just…ugh. Trust me, if AOS did what the CW just did with Savitar, people would start pushing for AOS to be cancelled and they’d be the good guys in that fight. 

Movie Night Final Part

Part 1   Part 2

Here y’all go! Happy Saturday!

Warnings: Holy fluff, pizza stealing (I know some are very sensitive to that)

At five to nine you started walking to the elevator that would bring you down to the unusual Friday Night Movie Night. You were in the blue PJs you always wore to movie night, plus your fuzzy Captain America socks you scored at Target before you even became an Avenger. Over the years they had lost some of their fluff, but they were oldies but goodies and you were sure Steve would appreciate them. Plus it was always cold in the living room of the tower, so you came prepared. 

The elevator dropped you off on the floor with the kitchen and the living room and you immediately smelled pizza. Yeessss. This wasn’t the movie night you expected, but you knew it would be fun. 

Walking into the kitchen, you saw Bucky right away. You noticed he also came prepared for the cold room. No different from any Friday Night Movie Night, he was wearing his thin grey sweatpants, that tonight left you weak at the knees. However, instead of just a black t-shirt, he was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the word ARMY on it that looked like it was from his actual days in the army. You chuckled. Old Man. 

You looked around and saw everyone in their PJs and laughed to yourself. Oh, if HYDRA could see you now, y’all were terrifying in your graphic t’s and soft pants. 

You plopped down on the couch next to Steve who was setting up the movie. You could plainly see he was struggling with the technology so you left him alone to concentrate. You smirked as he leaned forward, pressing random buttons with squinted eyes. You knew you should help the elderly, but before you could swoop in and save movie night, you felt the cushion next to you dip and heard Bucky whisper “Try not to fall asleep tonight.”

As a reply to his teasing, you simply reached over to his plate, while his mouth was still up to your ear and stole his pizza.

His jaw almost hit the floor and he yelled “What the-”

“We are at war, remember?” you interrupted him with a mouth full.

He looked at you with a pout. “How’s about a truce?”

You pretended to think about it but he just jutted his bottom lip out into more of a pout. You felt bad for him, he seemed very upset about his loss of pizza. And his chin now on your shoulder made you crumble. 

“Fine, but I get to keep this piece.” You took another bite. 

He grinned and was still shaking his head at you while he got up to get another slice. 

The whole team had finally made it to the living room, including Clint, and Tony had helped Steve turn on the movie after teasing him for a solid five minutes. 

By the time the opening credits rolled, everyone had scarfed their pizza and had gotten comfy on the various couches and chairs in the room, the only light coming from the huge screen. 

The warmth the pizza brought you was slowly disappearing and you regretted not bringing a blanket down with you. You crossed your legs, trying to curl yourself up, your knees hitting Steve’s and Bucky’s by the time you were settled. 

“Comfy?” a low voice next to you asked and grumbled out a chuckle that warmed you like no blanket could.

You hummed a reply as you felt his warm arm wrap around your shoulders. But as soon as it was there, it was gone.

“Jesus, doll, you’re freezing. Here…” He started pulling off his Army sweatshirt and as much as you wanted it, you felt bad taking it. 

“No, no, Buck it’s okay.” 

But your voice caught in your throat as you watched his black t-shirt come up with the shirt he was shedding. You’d seen Bucky shirtless a few times, but you were never close enough to touch his toned torso and you had to stop yourself from reaching out.

His head emerged from the bottom of the green and he whipped his hair out of his face as he straightened out his black tee. 

“Here, put this on.” He handed you the sweatshirt and you did as you were told. The smell of his cologne swam circles around you as you pulled it down your waist. It was baggy on your frame and the sleeves covered your hands and in that moment, you knew he was never getting that sweatshirt back.

“Thank you” you said as you leaned into his arm that was wrapped around your shoulders again. 

The two of you were safe in the dark, everyone else’s eyes were on the TV screen.

You liked this movie and enjoyed the time with the team, but apparently Bucky was not as amused because he was pulling you off the couch, around the corner, and into the hallway near the elevator. 

A gasp escaped your lips as his hands grabbed your waist under his sweatshirt and pushed you up against the wall. You put your hands on his chest and could feel it rising and falling under your fingers. His forehead was against yours and you felt his voice reverberate in your body. 

“I couldn’t stand it anymore. I need both arms around you.” He chuckled, releasing a giggle from you.

“We could have done this in there” You said, almost whispering. 

“Yeah, but we couldn’t do this in there.” His voice was gravelly as his hands left your waist and landed on the sides of your face. You couldn’t help but melt into his touch, warm on one side and cool on the other.

He finally brought his lips to yours and your hands fell to his hips, lifting his shirt to make room for your fingers on his bare skin. He sweetly kissed you, moving his flesh hand to the back of your head to gently tangle his fingers in your hair. 

He leaned in further, parting his lips to deepen the kiss, making his hair fall forward and tickle your face. You traced the lines of his torso up to his neck to wrap your arms around him and pull him down to you.

The two of you started breathing heavily when his hips pushed yours against the wall and you knew that your excitement was reciprocated when you felt him against your leg. 

You dragged your unwilling lips away from his, you both needed air. His blue eyes pulled you in like the tide and you reached up to his face and pushed his long hair behind his ears. 

His big hands that were harshly gripping your hips a few seconds ago were now gently playing with the bottom of his sweatshirt that was on you.

“Wanna go watch a movie?” He asked sincerely. 

You grinned and nodded. He took your hand and led you to the elevator. You both stepped in and tuned around and his arm landed around your waist as he pushed the button that would bring you to the floor with your rooms. As the elevator doors closed he pulled you close to place a kiss on the top of your head.


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I present to you, the prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella sandwich with a hint of pesto aioli, home-made!

“I know Hydra are the bad guys. But if they started serving this in the cafeteria every tuesday, I would join up.“

This is so cool, probably will never actually make it successfully though.. XD


Requested by anonymous

You had been taken to Shield with Skye and met Fitz. You two actually hit it off but there was one thing… or maybe two. You were an inhuman and you could control the elements but you were the sister of Lincoln. You and Fitz started flirting with each other a little bit and you told Fitz that Lincoln was your brother. When Shield brought Lincoln in, Fitz decided to ask if he could date you. Fitz found Lincoln talking to Skye and asked if he could talk with him. ‘Okay so… I know that (y/n) is your sister but… I would like to date her.’ Fitz told him. Lincoln looked a little surprised but smirked. ‘You seem like a good guy, Fitz. I`m sure my sister would love to date you.’ Lincoln told him, then left with Skye. Fitz rubbed his face and sighed with relief. Now he just had to actually ask you out.

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Imagine inadvertently walking into the lab right before Fitzsimmons’ kiss without them noticing you.

requested by Anon (gif not mine)

It’s very late, most people at the base have gone to bed already. But you’re still up, working on a project for Coulson. It’s a new defense mechanism he thinks is necessary for the quinjets. At the moment you’re still working on the plans but you decide it’d be better to keep working in the lab now.

It only takes you a minute to get to the lab, it isn’t far away from your room. The lights are still on, you can see them through the glass. Someone obviously forgot to turn them off. You would just have to turn them off when you leave. It’s not like S.H.I.E.L.D. really has any money to spare for wasted electricity now.

You head toward your workbench but stop as you hear voices from the other side of it. So that’s why the lights are on.

Curious as you are, you don’t call out to let them know you’re there but peek around the corner instead.

Fitzsimmons are standing there, very close to each other. You can just hear Fitz ask “For real?” before Simmons answers “Of course, for real!” and throws her arms around Fitz.

But she doesn’t just hug him. She pulls away again and very slowly leans in, looking him straight in the eye. When she’s close enough, she kisses him. Fitz looks thunderstruck. But then you can see him start to realize that this is real and actually happening.

You feel like you’re watching a movie where the guy finally gets the girl and the first kiss is the sweetest thing you have ever seen. It’s not rough or demanding, just sweet like a kiss between these two should be.

And just like that, Simmons finally figured out that she and Fitz really were meant to be together.

I’m highkey bitter about how May and Coulson and Daisy talk about Ward in the promo for next week’s episode. Like, that’s not Ward anymore, and they shouldn’t be going around like it is? That’s not even my problem. The writers are trying to turn this into a joke – as if their shitty writing in general wasn’t enough of one already – and I physically cringed when listening to the dialogue for next week.

“He sure is creepy like Ward.”

“I thought you killed him?”
“I did.”
“Then you didn’t kill him hard enough.”

And we’re supposed to believe they’re the good guys? Yeah, that’s laughable. The real joke here isn’t the jokes they’re trying to make on screen, it’s the fact that the writers genuinely think that these are the things that are funny when they’re actually extremely toxic and gross.

Agents of SHIELD: Name That Death God

“Hail Hydra.”

Agents of SHIELD is one of those shows that loves a good mystery. Hidden conspiracies, arcane artifacts, indecipherable codes… in general, stuff that makes viewers like me grapple with our television sets while shouting, “WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEAN!?” As the show entered its third season, I found myself worrying that the writers might try to overdo it–try to go for some grand, complex, mind-blowing plot twist, only to write themselves into a corner instead. Y’know, the LOST approach.

But luckily, the writers have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to keep it simple–or at least, as simple as you can get with lost alien civilizations in the mix. Their latest salvo on this front was short, sweet, and elegant. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… a shadowy figure in a black cloak.

This fellow appeared midway through the show’s most recent run on ABC, in the episode “4,722 Hours”, and he’s been driving me crazy ever since. In true SHIELD fashion, they kept our first encounter tantalizingly vague. He didn’t share his powers or costume with any of the villains from the comic, and all we really knew about him was that he’s

A. Inhuman,

B. Powerful enough to terraform an entire planet, and

C. Very, very, veeeeery evil

Trapped as he was on B-List Tatooine, we didn’t see much of him after that… though we did find out just a teensy bit more. Turns out Hydra worships this guy, and they’ve decided that things would turn out swell if they opened a portal to the mysterious death planet and brought him to Earth. I’m very eager to see how this plan goes horribly wrong.

In the midseason finale, “Maveth”, Hydra made their move, and their god crawled out of the woodwork for the first time. In addition to the weather manipulation we saw earlier, we found out he has the power to bodysurf as well–if you die, he can possess your body and use you as a meat-costume (even accessing the memories of his host), kinda like the smoke monster from LOST. He spent most of the episode in Will’s body, but at the last second he managed to hitch a ride back to Earth in the body of our deceased frenemy, Grant Ward. Yep; when the show comes back in March, Coulson and his team will have to face down a malevolent, bodysurfing demigod whose hobbies include human sacrifice and cosplaying as the Grim Reaper.

But at least there’s some good news. Even though SHIELD is all kinds of screwed right now, they won’t be screwed in vain. In his bid to cross through the portal, our mystery villain played his hand, giving us just enough information to put a name to that (stolen) face. The founder of Hydra–the big bad of the entire show–is called…

The Hive

Before I go into my explanation, just bear in mind that Diet Cthulhu here isn’t a totally perfect fit. He’s not Inhuman, he’s not older than civilization, he’s not nearly as powerful as his TV counterpart, and he’s a much snappier dresser. But there are so many other aspects of his character that fit so perfectly, I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be him.

Like his Inhuman pals, the comic book version of the Hive was created by a bunch of mad scientists. Difference is, these mad scientists were human, and card-carrying Hydra members. Hydra’s best, brightest, and craziest wanted to create a living being that perfectly embodied Hydra’s founding principals–domination, totalitarianism, and generally being a gigantic asshole to just about everyone. They ended up with a bodysurfing parasite, a creature that can infect a host, take over its body from within, and puppet it around like the most disturbing action figure ever. Its power to do this was limited–it could only possess the weakened or the dead–and if infected for an extended period of time, the host body would end up covered in mucus, tentacles, and other unpleasant things.

It wasn’t long before Hydra got curious and wondered what would happen if it got its hands on a human host. One very unfortunate intern later, the Hive was born.

Scarily cunning (as well as just plain scary), the Hive was welcomed into Hydra with open arms, ultimately becoming one of their top leaders. Alongside Hydra legends like Daniel Whitehall and Baron von Strucker, he was behind some of SHIELD’s nastiest setbacks. But things started going dramatically south for him after an attack from one of their enemies–a rival terrorist group named Leviathan. One of his fellow leaders, Viper, died in the attack, and the Hive used that as a chance to take possession of her body and learn all of her dirty secrets.

But the Viper wouldn’t let any of that go so easily. She managed to regain control of her body, and underwent surgery to purge the Hive from her system. The other Hydra leaders, disgusted by the Hive’s display, didn’t try to stop her. As far as we know, the Hive didn’t survive the procedure, but we never got any real confirmation that he’s gone for good. He could be biding his time, waiting for the perfect moment to take revenge. Immortals are patient that way.

So, down to business: why do I think we’re dealing with the Hive? Well, for starters, the possession aspect. Marvel has plenty of characters with that ability–Sublime, Malice, Ogun, the Shadow King–but none of them really fit the bill, and most of the best candidates belong to Fox right now. The Hive won out because his powers come with a unique limit–he can’t possess anyone, only the dead and dying. Every other bodysurfer in Marvel canon would have had nothing to stop them from just jumping into Fitz or Coulson when nobody was looking, then skipping merrily off back to Earth without a fight. Why stay with Will, the guy with no influence on Earth whatsoever, when you can make your grand return as the Director of SHIELD? And why risk a physical fight with Fitz in the final showdown? Most of Marvel’s bodysurfers can be fought by their hosts (the Hive’s downfall in the comics), but that usually only works out if the host actually knows how to do it. SHIELD has never encountered anyone with these abilities before, much less learned how to fight them off. If they’d been dealing with anyone but the Hive, they would have been nothing more than a free lunch.

This limit doesn’t just explain the Hive’s behavior; it’s also Hydra’s excuse for sending chumps through the portal as sacrifices. The show heavily implied that, because the host body is dead, any physical damage the body sustains will be permanent–hence Will’s limp. This means that, even if the Hive’s powers can stave off decomposition, the body will eventually break down to the point of uselessness. Hydra’s sacrifices were meant to provide him with fresh bodies, to keep him happy and healthy until they found a way to extract him.

Now, let’s talk tentacles. Tentacles are the Hive’s calling card, growing within (and eventually out of) the body of an infected host. In the very last scene of “Maveth”, we saw something moving under Ward’s skin–something that looked long, slippery, and vaguely tentaclish. We saw something similar happening to Will during the showdown at the portal. Yes, there are a few other explanations (the creature could be a Wrath of Khan-style “brain worm”, for instance), but the tentacle theory has one other thing going for it: the Hydra logo.

Is this just a picture of a really angry octopus? Possibly. I mean, it is missing two of its legs, so I can see why it would be pissed. But if the shrine we saw in “Maveth” is anything to go, that image isn’t just a purely aesthetic choice. Their god, whoever he may be, clearly has some kind of connection to the slimy appendages I’ve been prattling on about. And, well… if that’s supposed to be a depiction of the Hive, it isn’t really that far off.

That would explain his desire to play dress-up in “4,722 Hours”, approaching Simmons under a thick hood and later a spacesuit. He’d been using that host for well over a decade; by that point, it would have barely looked human. Any potential victim would take one look at the evil octopus monster and bolt before he could strike. The cloak wasn’t a fashion choice–it was camouflage.

And finally… of all the characters I’ve considered, not only is Hive the only one with a solid Hydra connection, he’s also the only one to have shown up in the Secret Warriors comic–the series that this show has morphed into an adaptation of. Daisy Johnson has encountered this guy in canon. The Secret Warriors are the only team of superheroes that he’s ever actually fought. There are very few places in the MCU where he even could appear. To me, that makes him a leading candidate by default.

In the interest of honesty, I should probably point out that, uh… I’m kind of terrible at this. I’ve been theorizing about the Monolith and the planet since the end of Season 2, and I’ve had an astonishing success rate of about 0%.

But this time? I dunno. Today, I’m feeling lucky.

I’m still so annoyed that the MCU is like “nah, Asgard doesn’t actually have magic, it’s just super-amazing technology! whatever Loki does probably isn’t actually magic! and Wanda does electromagnetic something something! no magic! OH HEY DR. STRANGE HAS MAGIC THO, LOADS OF IT, NOW WE’RE INTRODUCING MAGIC, ALSO SOME GUY ON AGENTS OF SHIELD MADE A DEAL WITH THE LITERAL DEVIL PROBABLY”

and I’m still over here all “fuck you, Loki does legit magic, I don’t care what you say”

partytimexelent replied to your post “thoughts on clint/tony?”

I think Clint/Steve makes way more sense? Wait, no, I think Steve would want to be with, you know, a grown up and not a guy that occasionally wakes up in a dumpster. Nevermind.

Clint/Steve actually makes a ton of sense given their comics background. Clint adores Steve pathologically, and Steve cares as much for him as he can given that the last young man he mentored died horribly and traumatised him for life. (It’s ok, he got better.)

Mind you, I’ve written one of these, but I’m actually legit shocked nobody at Marvel has ever tried to put Clint in the Captain America suit. (Edit – linkaria informs me he did get the offer, in Fallen Son #3, which either I never read or can’t remember – my post-Civil War memories are sketch, it’s true). 

  • iain: the first thing to find out is to try and find out where simmons is and if she's okay
  • lil: let's hope fitz really tries hard at doing that, we need fitz to work that out
  • iain: but if we did go out
  • lil: on a date
  • iain: i would take her for spag bol
  • lil: oh yeah he's got this whole thing planned out
  • interviewer: well it sounds very romantic i hope you guys get the chance
  • lil: thanks for the support
I know you're all still really excited about the Age of Ultron trailer leak...

…but keep in mind that that trailer was supposed to be aired during S.H.I.E.L.D next week to give the show some much-needed ratings.

The show’s been slipping recently (and sadly, considering these last few episodes have been creatively the best of the whole show), and Marvel was planning on boosting the numbers by placing the trailer within S.H.I.E.L.D, showing some old viewers how good the show had become and gaining some back. 

But some asshole leaked it, and that might have major ramifications for Marvel’s TV future (including Agent Carter and any future Star Wars stuff).

We all love Marvel and we want their properties to do well, but watching stolen advertisements under the guise of “exclusive” material and scraping by under the radar doesn’t do that. They need the radar to see if anyone is actually watching what they’re making; if they aren’t, well, guess what happens?

So watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Watch it because you don’t want millions of fans to suffer for what one douchelord did. Watch it because you love Marvel and want it to do well. Watch it because you never know when some of your favorite comic characters will show up, the ones you know we’d never get in the movies (Victoria Hand!!! Deathlok!!! Mockingbird!!!!!!). Watch it because hey, it’s actually pretty good. Even if you watched it when it first came out and weren’t impressed, it’s really different now, so why not give it a try? Marvel will never give us more shows/media about our fav secondaries if we don’t watch the ones that are airing now.

I don’t care if you just turn your tv on ABC and have it on mute for an hour; if you watched the AOU trailer, tune into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on Tuesday so it can do exactly what it was created to do.

Hey Agents of SHIELD fandom

Instead of making up fake rape scenes/rape threats, let’s talk about the actual canon rape. You know, the one that happened on screen? The one Ward was a victim of?