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Tony Daniels

- Announcer during the intro [no background music], Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (Capcom)

Spider-man Spoilers





A few things about Spider-Man Homecoming:

1. Still really like the new Marvel Studios logo/intro. I thought it was great to hear the classic Spider-Man theme playing over it.

2. Good to see Happy again. I don’t think we’ve seen him since Iron Man 3.

3. Pepper Potts! I love seeing Tony and Pepper together. She makes Stark seem more likable and Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow are great together.

4. Happy mentioned some kind of belt for Thor and specs or a prototype for Cap’s new shield. Tony is already making Captain America a new shield even though they haven’t completely patched things up and he’s still on the run😊>

5.Damage Control was a big part of this movie. Tyne Daly was the director, which makes me think that Damage Control tv show may be happening.

6. Why would they cast Donald Glover in a part so small? 🤔I know he’s a fan, but it makes me think we’ll see him again in a future movie. He was great though.

7. I was thinking that Zendaya’s role was weirdly small, until the end when we got the MJ reveal! We will definitely be seeing her more in the next one.

8. Marvel trolled us with the Captain America PSA post credits scene about patience. 😂I thought it was hilarious.

(Kinda-Spoiler free) Spider-Man Homecoming opinions

(Before we begin let me just warn you I’ve been in love with Spider-Man since I was 2 or 3yo)
Ok, guys, so it’s 3:31 am of July 6th, 2017, and I just got home from the movies, and let me tell you I am more excited than I get on my birthday. Seriously, the movie just flawlessly flew way above my expectations.

I swear Tom is the best Spider-Man yet, he’s such a great actor, I’m telling you, I adored the way he portrayed Peter. Jacob is just as great, honestly, Ned is the person I aspire to become (a big ass systems nerd amirite). DUDE. TONY. FREAKING. STARK. Now being honest, this time he did not steal the show. Uh-uh! But still, his character development was pretty cool, especially towards the end of the movie. Aunt May just reminded me of a friend’s mom who’s a lovely person. Poor Liz deserved way more than what she got, she’s so sweet. And I got to hate Happy at some point. Honestly. Oh, and Michael Keaton. WOW. Great character. His suit… a little rustic. Flash… I expected to see more about him but what I saw was enough to get to call him asshole. Michelle, oh, Michelle. I am Michelle. Poor Steve, they literally used him. OH, THE SUIT. THE PERSON THAT APPEARS NEAR THE END. The plot development was just awesome, my heart skipped like a thousand beats each time. I cried, guys, I fucking cried. Great scenes, great stunts… THE ENDING, THOUGH. POOR MAY. THE SONG IN THE MARVEL INTRO, THE SONG IN THE MARVEL INTRO. And I died a little when I read in the credits:

“Assistant to Mr. Holland: Harrison Osterfield.” GOD SKDKDKEJJWH HELP.

I’m going to watch it again tomorrow with my friend and maybe next week again and oh Holy Spirit please help.

Marvel/Netflix intros as Defenders’ perspectives on New Yourk City

Somewhere around seeing Luke Cage I’ve realized something about each opening sequence for Defenders’ shows (or at least first three since Iron Fist wasn’t out yet). Mainly - that they all depict New York in some way and in a unique way convey how Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage look at it. I waited ‘til Iron Fist comes out to find if it will be true also in Danny’s case and I wasn’t disappointed. And the fact that city in present in each intro makes sense - after all Defenders (unlike Avengers or SHIELD) are supposed to be a more local-oriented heroes.

So here’s what I gathered.

Daredevil shows us a red liquid covering various buildings of New York, outlining them and making them visible. Matt Murdock, as we all know, is blind, but his other senses are so enhanced, he can hear what is happening in really far distance. In fact, he even tells Foggy that he - for the most part - knows where ambulance or police are driving and for what emergency. The liquid from intro brings up to mind blood, therefore it’s a metaphore of Matt Murdock “seeing” Hell’s Kitchen as full of suffering, he’s horribly aware of due to his supersenses.

Jessica Jones intro seems to depict New York through lenses and show people being followed in the alleys and observed through windows. That’s because Jessica - as a private eye - sees the city as full of dark secrets, people with deviations and cheating on their spouses. Jessica is disillusional about human nature and often expresses her cynical view on life and people.

Luke Cage has various landmarks in Harlem projecting on Luke’s shoulders. That’s because Luke at some point decides to fight for Harlem and take its problems on his shoulders. He sees gangsters ruining this beautiful place, destroying lives of honestly good people, so he wants to protect it and bring hope to its residents.

Finally Iron Fist intro starts with a man performing kung fu moves on the landscapes bringing to mind forrests and mountains of Far East, before we suddenly see him with city as a background, then he’s in the middle of the city. That’s because Kunlun was Danny’s reality for really long. He not only knows kung fu, he’s filled with eastern philosophy (right down to becoming a buddhist). And Kunlun operates on a different plane of existance, so it’s easy to say that time stopped there. So Danny brings Kunlun with himself and lives by its values in modern New York.

So Matt Murdock’s city is full of blood, Jessica’s city - full of dirty secrets, Luke’s city is rested on his shoulders, while Danny’s city is a foreign land to which he brings his experiences from Kunlun.

Now I wonder how Defenders intro, how city will be depicted there, how these four views will clash with each other.

I don’t understand why more marvel fans don’t tell new fans looking for background (because comics are scary and confusing with how MUCH content there is, and reading wikis can be boring and ALSO confusing) to watch Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

It’s a kids’ show, so it’s easy to follow, and it’s only 52 half-hour episodes, so it doesn’t take long, but it introduces SO MANY comics characters and story arcs. It wont get you all of the content or info that reading the comics will, but its a much better primer than fanfic (which, tbh, is where I got a lot of my background knowledge), or nothing at all, and it’s a hell of a lot less confusing than trying to wade through wiki articles. It’ll also give you a pretty good starting point for WHICH wiki pages and comics you want to read. 

Seriously. People say to watch EMH because it’s good (and it’s so good), but they never explain what a great intro to Marvel it can be. 

Late Night Introductions

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A/N: PART 5 IS HERE! This might just be the last part. I just don’t know how to continue this story anymore and this kind of feels like a good (although a bit lame) way to end it. I don’t know about you, though… Hopefully you like this part.

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