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Marvel/Netflix intros as Defenders’ perspectives on New Yourk City

Somewhere around seeing Luke Cage I’ve realized something about each opening sequence for Defenders’ shows (or at least first three since Iron Fist wasn’t out yet). Mainly - that they all depict New York in some way and in a unique way convey how Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage look at it. I waited ‘til Iron Fist comes out to find if it will be true also in Danny’s case and I wasn’t disappointed. And the fact that city in present in each intro makes sense - after all Defenders (unlike Avengers or SHIELD) are supposed to be a more local-oriented heroes.

So here’s what I gathered.

Daredevil shows us a red liquid covering various buildings of New York, outlining them and making them visible. Matt Murdock, as we all know, is blind, but his other senses are so enhanced, he can hear what is happening in really far distance. In fact, he even tells Foggy that he - for the most part - knows where ambulance or police are driving and for what emergency. The liquid from intro brings up to mind blood, therefore it’s a metaphore of Matt Murdock “seeing” Hell’s Kitchen as full of suffering, he’s horribly aware of due to his supersenses.

Jessica Jones intro seems to depict New York through lenses and show people being followed in the alleys and observed through windows. That’s because Jessica - as a private eye - sees the city as full of dark secrets, people with deviations and cheating on their spouses. Jessica is disillusional about human nature and often expresses her cynical view on life and people.

Luke Cage has various landmarks in Harlem projecting on Luke’s shoulders. That’s because Luke at some point decides to fight for Harlem and take its problems on his shoulders. He sees gangsters ruining this beautiful place, destroying lives of honestly good people, so he wants to protect it and bring hope to its residents.

Finally Iron Fist intro starts with a man performing kung fu moves on the landscapes bringing to mind forrests and mountains of Far East, before we suddenly see him with city as a background, then he’s in the middle of the city. That’s because Kunlun was Danny’s reality for really long. He not only knows kung fu, he’s filled with eastern philosophy (right down to becoming a buddhist). And Kunlun operates on a different plane of existance, so it’s easy to say that time stopped there. So Danny brings Kunlun with himself and lives by its values in modern New York.

So Matt Murdock’s city is full of blood, Jessica’s city - full of dirty secrets, Luke’s city is rested on his shoulders, while Danny’s city is a foreign land to which he brings his experiences from Kunlun.

Now I wonder how Defenders intro, how city will be depicted there, how these four views will clash with each other.

I don’t understand why more marvel fans don’t tell new fans looking for background (because comics are scary and confusing with how MUCH content there is, and reading wikis can be boring and ALSO confusing) to watch Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

It’s a kids’ show, so it’s easy to follow, and it’s only 52 half-hour episodes, so it doesn’t take long, but it introduces SO MANY comics characters and story arcs. It wont get you all of the content or info that reading the comics will, but its a much better primer than fanfic (which, tbh, is where I got a lot of my background knowledge), or nothing at all, and it’s a hell of a lot less confusing than trying to wade through wiki articles. It’ll also give you a pretty good starting point for WHICH wiki pages and comics you want to read. 

Seriously. People say to watch EMH because it’s good (and it’s so good), but they never explain what a great intro to Marvel it can be. 

Late Night Introductions

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

A/N: Yes, another part of Late Night Intros is here even after that marvelous flop of the last part. Now, I know it was cringy, very cringy, but it was kind of the point. I was fully aware of what I was writing. It was supposed to be funny and cringy and make you want to hide from the world after reading that slang. To me, that was hilarious but people have different opinions. So, here’s the third part for Late Night Intros!

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 3,581

Warning(s): again, some strong language, some a bit heated make out sessions

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MCU definitely distancing itself from the racist Marvel comics

I saw Guardians Vol 2 and it began with the normal Marvel intro of the comic book panels being flipped through, but this time it lasted for only a second. Then it went on to flip through the MCU heroes.
I never got to see Doctor Strange so I’m not sure if the beginning credits changed this but I think this is huge!


Watch the New Marvel Studios Intro Here!

The Marvel of Trelsi (Intro)

I can’t stay away from these two; they will have me smiling in my grave. Having been heavily critical of the writing for the High School Musical series, I must temper my own acidic tongue (typing fingers) to celebrate what I call “The Marvel of Trelsi”. As I am currently writing Trelsi fic (which WILL be finished sometime this century), and trying to get at least 1500 words a day, I need to write as much meta as possible to flesh out my ideas and headcanons for this pairing. 

What to say? That I love Trelsi is an understatement. That I will keep repeating this is a given. And despite all of my sarcasm, opprobrium and inveterate anger towards the writers of the HSM franchise, who ruined my viewing experience by sinking the RMS Troy Bolton whilst claiming the ship could not sink, the creation of Trelsi is to their credit. It is gloriously ironic that the show set out to demonstrate that the main couple epitomised the ideal of love and a solid relationship, but ended up demonstrating this between the protagonist and an allegedly minor character instead. As I have said before, Troy and Kelsi grow from strength to strength throughout the movie series, whilst Troy and a certain other lady go careening down a mountainside in blizzard conditions. So, I must give full credit to the screenwriters for creating this ship and thus fostering an enduring love for two of the most likeable characters I have ever seen onscreen. 

In reality, no introduction to Trelsi is needed. Or at least none that supersedes the beautiful screenshot I have at the top, reposted for the pure joy of it. Interestingly, when I use the word “Trelsi”, I am actually referring to their canonical friendship FIRST, before referring to a potential romantic ship. Apart from being easier to write, I like to adhere very closely to canon and build my ideas from that basis before branching into my own headcanons. I have an intense dislike for OOC and all the horrors that spring from that Pandora’s Box. This friendship comes as a result of Troy taking an interest in Kelsi’s music and resurrecting her self-esteem after she has been bossed around by Sharpay Evans during the first movie. The two become friends very quickly and prove to work as a great team during the production and execution of two major musicals in Junior and Senior Year. 

You will notice, of course, that I exclude Gabriella from this description– not because she wasn’t present for the beginning of the Trelsi timeline, but because she had no hand in its development. I am currently planning several Trelsi fics, one of which includes a significant rewrite of the canonical timeline without Gabriella, and most of the major events would have happened either in a different way or with no change whatsoever were she not there. I notice that many fandom writers will often describe Kelsi as being friends with Troy and Gabriella. This intrigues me, as it implies that she is friends with them on an equal basis. Call me picky, but appears to be untrue. I cannot think of any scene between Kelsi and Gabriella that comes anywhere near the Trelsi bond. What do I mean by the Trelsi bond? I mean primarily the unspoken understanding between them that makes the two so effortlessly comfortable around each other. Case in point: the lovely, LOVELY hug in HSM III seems obvious, but I draw the viewer’s attention back to HSM I, when Troy tries out “What I’ve Been Looking For”. Isn’t it interesting that Kelsi only has to nod at him to start singing the song, but guides Gabriella through the first line before letting her sing the rest? Troy, who is notably MORE nervous about performing, has never tried this song before and seemed a little surprised when Kelsi asked whether he wanted to hear “how the duet’s supposed to sound?”

Yes, I know, this is MINOR. But it intrigues me. We will discuss this in more detail during the next instalment. 

I have LOADS of notes in my Google Drive on Trelsi, because it was and still is incredibly important for me to understand WHY I shipped them, the potential and realistic avenues for this ship and how to portray their dynamic. I’m going to try and condense those notes in my next couple of posts when I explore their beautiful, but cruelly limited scenes together. Unlike the average shipper, I tend to think– overly much, from the length of my Tumblr posts– on ships and dynamics. In the beginning, I wanted to ship Troyella. It seemed natural to me, as they were stamped across the screen. Turns out I could only ship one half of Troyella; that is, Troy Bolton, who is so such a sympathetic hero. He has flaws. He struggles*. He has a journey. He grows (when the screenwriters allow him to!). We see this. Gabriella? I got nothing. Believe me, I tried. That’s why I was pinning my hopes on HSM III to deliver. This did not happen, and that prompted a 13 (see my archive for April/May!) post series on my fury with this movie and the dreadful implications for Troy Bolton, the art of writing and human decency. 

So, throughout this series, I will examine Trelsi with my usual fine-tooth comb, as viewed through the scenes in the movies as well as my headcanons and musings. Of course, I do not pretend to be impartial. I have a very unfavourable view of Troyella, as one may already have gathered; however, whilst being scathing towards this “relationship”, I have and will continue to provide evidence for my opinions here. I will frequently compare the Troyella dynamic with the Trelsi dynamic. Please do not be surprised to find that Trelsi wins 11 times out of 10. I am not bound by the Trade Descriptions Act or any other regulatory equivalent, so I can say whatever the hell I like. 

The particular themes and questions I want to explore alongisde my scene analysis are:

1- Who IS Troy Bolton?

2- Who IS Kelsi Nielsen?

3- What makes the Trelsi friendship and dynamic so friggin’s special? Why does it make me want to weep and write poetry?

4- Friendship, Romance or Both? What’s their dynamic? What would attract the both of them? What are their flaws? How would these flaws work together?

5- Why is Trelsi a superior potential romantic ship to Troyella? (Oh, I’m going to have a field day with THAT one!) Why is Trelsi so poorly appreciated as a potential romantic ship?

I may add some more questions later on. I am definitely open to prompts and questions from anyone reading this. My posts are long, partially because I think too deeply about things, partially because I have a daily word count to smash, partially because I am depressed by the lack of all things Trelsi and mostly because HSM, despite infuriating me, GAVE ME TRELSI SO I’M HERE FOREVER! :D Anyway, I hope this will be fun. One thing I’d like to see more of in the HSM fandom is a willingness to at least consider other ships that aren’t called TroyHELLa. I’m not asking for conversion to Trelsi. (Although that would be nice. One, I’m pretty lonely out here. Two, these two have a healthy dynamic!). But it would be good if more fans actually detached Troy from Gabriella’s umbilical cord and viewed him firstly as a man and a hero protagonist, and secondly with potential other characters either platonically or romantically. For a series that is supposed to represent being YOURself, you would think fans would take that on board, huh? 

Try it? You might like it. 


(*FOOTNOTE- I have no time for people who claim that Troy Bolton is a privileged brat. Unless you can give me the name of a privileged brat who treats everyone equally, is kind, generous, thoughtful, mature, hard-working, gets ALL his friends jobs for the summer and makes friends with kids who would be considered “uncool”, always has a kind word for everyone, always appreciates other people’s achievements and is always on hand to help his friends, then please do be quiet. With a father who is a public school teacher and who struggles to pay high tuition fees, I think any such argument is dead in the water. Claims that Troy was a “jerk” in HSM II are entirely unfounded– please refer to my Questions for HSM II Part I and Part II for further information. Claims that Gabriella was right to pursue her own future are fine, without the odious implication that Troy stood in her way. This is completely false. Rather, it is Gabriella who stood in Troy’s way of achieving a much-needed scholarship back in HSM II. Claims that being a popular basketball player make you a jerk are rendered absurd by the very obvious social pressure that accompanies such a level of fame, and which deeply affect Troy in every movie. This is thoroughly nonsensical. Claims that Gabriella is a privileged brat are, of course, founded in fact).