marvel in color


Why can’t we just appreciate both movies as steps in the right direction it’s not that hard? WONDER WOMAN was amazing and BLACK PANTHER will be amazing too.

I spent a few hours drawing a Thor Ragnarok image today, wanted to try and speed up my process and make decisions more quickly. I tend to over think things and want to try and get work out more often!

Hope you guys like it, I’m looking forward to the film! Have a good weekend :D

It is so weird to be a millennial these days.  You grow up with history telling you Nazis were 100% horrible. Movies tell you Nazis were 100% horrible: (Thank God they got their faces melted off when they opened the ark of the covenant.) But now many of the older generation (the ones who stopped the Nazis in the first place) are like: “Eh, they’re still entitled to their opinions. Shades of grey. They have, um, valid points? Sorta.”


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@phil-the-stone can we consider this one as a “holding hands”?