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I just had to have a Loki holiday special, had to. Have know idea what else to put so how are you all doing? Christmas is just around the corner that’s pretty exciting. Oh and I’m thinking about doing a Pietro one next if that’s alright with you guys? Enjoy Mr. Loki!

Word Count: 803

“Y/N what wrong?” Natasha asked sitting down on the chair opposite to yours. You sipped your drink continuing your search for Loki. He wasn’t one for parties, but you had hoped this time would be an exception considering it was Christmas. Knowing that no one would have thought to include him in the festivities you had got a gift for him, thinking that he would show.

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It’s Harder Than It Looks

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Hope everyone if having a good day. This one is really short, yesterday I had a little lunch date with my friend and she surprised me with tickets to Star Wars which I have been wanting to see since it was announced. But I’ll make up for it I promise ;) Enjoy!

Word Count: 437

You were lounging on the couch screwing around on your laptop when you hear grunts of annoyance coming from the other room. At first, you ignore the noise, trying to finish the adorable cat video you had just started. But the voice grew more familiar and louder to the point that you could no longer continue your browse of the internet. Sighing in defeat, you closed your computer setting it aside as you crawled out of the cocoon of blankets you had previously made around you.

Following the source of the noise as it leads you to the kitchen. Walking in you saw Thor hunched over a cardboard box. His hair held strands of tape and paper. The whole situation was utterly adorable.

“Why must you be so difficult?” Thor boomed ripping more tap off the roll. Folding the paper over the box, he taped it down, but when he tried to fold the other side, he was a little too zealous and ended up ripping the paper. Groaning in defeat, he pushed the box to the side.

 Laughing to yourself, you sit down next to Thor. “Need any help?” You asked picking the box up.

“No I do not thank you Lady Y/N, but I have this handled,” Thor answered taking the box from your hand and placing it back on the paper to begin the measurement.

“Is that for your Secret Santa gift?” You asked messing with the ribbon that was thrown across the table.

“Yes, it is.” He quickly responded. Sticking his tongue out in concentration, he carefully cut the paper, until he twitched and ripped the fragile paper once again. “This is impossible; I give up.”

“You know I’m quite skilled in the gift wrapping.” You smirked elbowing him in the arm.

“Fine, you can help me wrap this cursed gift.“ 

“Oh thank you, your majesty.” You sarcastically bow.

“Please?” Thor asked with his soft eyes, nodding you began work.

You quickly measured out the correct amount of paper and made precise work cutting a clear straight line from end to end. With Thor helping dispense the tape you folded and taped the edges around the box. Finishing it off with a nice bow, you crafted from the ribbon. Giving it to Thor, he sat gaping at the craftsmanship of the box.

"You were blessed with magic Lady Y/N.” He laughed pecking you on the cheek which caused you to glow bright crimson.

“Oh It…it’s nothing.” You stuttered struggling to compose yourself. “Whose is it anyway?”

“Yours of course…Wait dammit I wasn’t supposed to tell you.”

Hope it wasn’t too short, tell me what you thought and I will see you next time :)

This being the first night of Chanukah, I figured it was a good time to post our header image.

This comes from the Marvel Holiday Special from 2011. The story, entitled “Chinese Food For Christmas” was scripted by Jamie S. Rich, penciled and inked by Paco Diaz, colored by Jean-Francois Beaulieu, lettered by Jeff Eckleberry.

It features Marvel’s stable of Jewish Super Heroes including: (top row, left to right) Moon Knight/Mark Specter, Songbird/Melissa Joan Gold, Kitty Pryde, The Thing/Ben Grimm, (bottom row) Sasquatch/ Walter Langkowski and Wiccan/Billy Kaplan.

Company Of Neighbors

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I don’t know exactly where it came from but I was inspired to write Matt so if he’s not in character sorry. If you have any ideas for some more Christmas/Winter stories send them in I would love to have them. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 667

“Mom I’m sorry, I just… I can’t get a ticket. I’m not coming home for Christmas.” You apologize as you heard your Mother’s sniffle clearly trying to hold back tears.

“We miss you so much baby, but we understand.” Your Mother’s voice was shaky and made your throat tighten up. “We love you and hope you have a good Christmas.”

“I love you guys too bye Mom.” You whispered ending the call and whipping the tears that ran down your face. You missed your parents terribly and knew that you’re spending the holidays alone made everything worse. You had moved to New York just three years prior, and every year you were able to purchase a ticket back to Oregon. This year however money was tight, and you couldn’t save enough money for the ticket which broke your heart. “Can’t believe I’m going to spend Christmas alone.” You sighed unaware of the eavesdropper next door.

Matt had just come home from the office when he overheard Your conversation with your mother. It was saddening to hear you so disappointed when you were usually so excited about the holidays. During the talks in the halls, you would always gush over finally being able to see your family, saying how much you missed them. Now hearing your quiet sobs broke his heart, he just couldn’t let you spend Christmas alone.


You tried to keep the holiday cheer, you really did, but when you’re sitting in your dark apartment alone, it doesn’t fill you with Christmas spirit. You attempted to make this lonely Christmas Eve a little bit better by baking cookies, but you remembered you had no food, so you ordered pizza.

Sitting on the couch with the greasiest and cheapest pizza you could find, you tried to get caught up on some shows you missed through the week. Taking another bite, you hear a knock on the door. Placing the slice in the box, you quickly walk to the door wondering who would be at your door at nine o'clock on Christmas. Opening it you neighbor Matt stood in the hall with a plate of cookies in his hand.

“Thought you might want some company.” He smiled motioning towards the sugar cookies.

“I have no idea how you knew I’d be here, but god I’m so glad you’re here.” You grinned moving away from the door letting Matt walk in. Taking the plate of treats from his hands placing them counter and turning towards the man.

“A friend made the cookies; she loves to bake,” Matt answered to the question you had thought to ask but went against, not wanting to come off rude. “And I brought this… you mentioned that you and your family would watch this every Christmas Eve, so I thought we could keep the tradition alive.” He leaned his cane against the couch and took off his jacket.

Grabbing the DVD case from Matt’s hand, you look at the cover of your favorite Christmas movie. You were now gushing to the brink of tears at the kind gesture from Matt. Walking forward, you embrace him in a big hug, nuzzling your face in his neck, which he responded by wrapping his arms around your torso.

“Thank you so much, Matt this means a lot to me.”

“Of course, it’s my pleasure to make this crappy Christmas a little bit better.” He smiled. Breaking out of the hug, you lead Matt to the couch.

“I have some pizza if you want any?” You offered, putting the disc in the DVD player.

“That would be wonderful.”

Halfway through the movie, you had dozed off on Matt’s shoulder. He was careful to stay still as he listened to your steady heart beat and quiet breath. New York began to awake signaling that Christmas had finally come.

Kissing you on the forehead, he softly whispers “Merry Christmas Y/N.”

The ending was kinda crappy but I didn’t know how else to end it. But let me know what you thought and I will see you all next time.