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he pulled you to the side, “you look different.” he stated, looking you up and down, “are you alright?”

“im perfect Erik, you have no idea what i can see now, join us.”


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si1verrose  asked:

Can I bs shipped? I'm 5'4 (Short Ik) and I a Texas raised, country girl. I am skinny but have some curves. Long, curly af blonde hair and eyes that change from dark blue to light green. I love animals and writing stories. I am also a huge book nerd and love helping ppl. I have trust issues and used to be in an abusive relationship so I flinch at large movements. I say sorry alot for than I should but im getting better.

Not sure what ship you wanted, but most people want an Avengers ship so thats what I shippped you with. If you wanted something else you can totally request again and I’ll fix it.

I ship you with…


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-Blonde squad

-Because your hairs so long he just loves to play with it

-Since you both love animals you decide to get a pet together

-It’s your smol child

-Steve likes to draw, so you see if you can write stories about the drawings


-You’re the type of couple that can just sit on the couch and read for hours

-Whenever you get into a fight and his voice raises too high or he moves his hand you flinch

-and he just breaks

-”I’m so sorry, im so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I would never hurt you, I love you, i’m so sorry, I’m so sorry”

-make-up cuddles

-you + steve = loveeeee


has this been done yet

Avengers Infinity War will mark the eighth appearance for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers / Captain America in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film


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