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Miles Morales Fan Cast

  • Caleb McLaughlin (15, African American, Stranger Things) *
  • Cameron Boyce (18, African American and White, Jessie and Descendants 1&2)
  • Roshon Fegan (25, African American and Filipino, Camp Rock 1&2, Shake It Up)
  • Sayeed Shahidi (14, African American, Choctaw, Iranian American, Uncle Buck, Switched at Birth) *
  • Ashton Sanders (21, African American, Moonlight)
  • Jharrel Jerome (19, African American, Moonlight) *

(note: these are just my fancastings for a possible Miles Morales. I know Cameron Boyce is white passing, but he is still a POC. Also, these are in no particular order)

* = my favorites

I dream the exact same dream every single night.

It involves Bucky Barnes in my bed.

I have the feeling that I’m not the only one with that dream.

Young Avengers- Fan Cast

1. Billy Kaplan/Wiccan: Brandon Flynn 2. America Chavez: Bianca Santos 3. Theodore Altman/Hulkling: Harrison Osterfield 4. Thomas Shepherd/Speed: Nick Robinson 5. Kate Bishop: Natalie Dyer 6. Noh-Varr: Taron Egerton

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I did a Young Avengers Dream Cast thing.

Colton Haynes as Nate Richards

Alex Ludwig as Teddy Altman

Crystal Reed as Kate Bishop

Katheryn Newton as Cassie Lang

Connor McLain as Tommy Shepherd

Alexander Vlahos as Kid loki and Teen Loki


Logan Lerman as Billy Kaplan


Bex Taylor-Klaus as Hawkeye

also known as Kate Bishop

[Kate fires an arrow at Kang.] Hulkling: Quick question? Have you ever used one of those before? Kate Bishop: Every summer at Interlochen National Music Camp. I also play the cello.