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How do you feel about buying the Marvel lines that have diverse characters as the leads? I'm not about to give them any money for Hydra!Cap, but I feel like I want to take away the excuses I'm seeing about losing money because of diversity.

I just…*rubs forehead, pinches nose* I don’t know anymore, anon.

I’ve seen some discussion of how Marvel measures sales and it’s…kind of insane. As I understand it (please someone reblog to explain this if I’ve got it wrong), comic book shops have to preorder and prepay well in advance, and part of how they calculate that is using pull lists. So if you have a pull list apparently the best thing you can do is go to your comic shop and say “I’m not going to buy any Marvel at all anymore, ever, so please don’t count me in your Marvel numbers. I need to rewrite my pull list. What can you recommend I switch to in, say, DC, Boom, IDW, Image, or other non-Marvel comics?” 

And then buy the diverse comics you want when they come out in trade, which still supports them. 

It should be noted that even if you don’t drop Marvel like it’s a bomb about to go off, buying comics with diverse leads will be dicey in the next few months, since the Secret Empire bullshit is a cross-comic event. So even if you do decide to keep reading certain comics, you should check the covers and reject any of them that have the Secret Empire logo on the front. 

Honestly though, I think probably the best way to go about this is to talk to a pro in the business: your local comic shop. However you get your comics, go to them and tell them you’re not interested in supporting fascism, and ask them how best to use your dollars to demonstrate your displeasure with Marvel.

Also of course, writing to Disney about your dissatisfaction with the Marvel brand will help. There’s a post going around about how to contact them, I don’t have it handy but googling something like “write to Disney about Marvel” should probably turn it up for you. 

Wednesday Roundup

We have a new addition to the party this week! Ghostbusters 101 – and I’m very excited to see where all our continuing stories lead us. So let’s look into ‘em without further ado…

DC’s Batman Beyond, DC’s Detective Comics, IDW’s Ghostbusters 101, Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, DC’s Wonder Woman

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Calling all comic girls!

My name is Madeleine and one night I was just like you know what I want to do? I want to stop relying on comic book resources and bleeding cool for my news. I want someone who thinks how I think giving me my comic book news and if no one was going to do it for me well than damn I’m going to do it myself!

That’s how I came about creating comicsirens. My vision for this blog is a place where me and my other contributors post news pertaining to mainstream and indie comics with our own opinions and thoughts on the matter. That’s where you come in! 

I need girls and non binary peeps, preferably at least high school graduates (not saying y’all chillens aren’t up to par but it would be easier for me to work with women who have been around the block) to help me make this blog into the best it can be. I don’t have a lot of journalistic work behind me besides basic school news paper stuff but this is going to be a pretty lax project if it goes the way I’m seeing it going. 

You must be to be knowledgeable, passionate and the free time to post at least 2-3 times a week. DC/Vertigo, Marvel, Image and even IDW/Dark Horse/Valiant inclined girls are welcome and depending on which you read the most of I will give you jurisdiction over that section of posting. 

Has this piqued your interest well here’s what I need from you to be able to consider you for a position at comicsirens: 

  • Preferred Name
  • Age
  • Time Zone
  • Time availability 
  • Just for funsies: What publisher do you read the most of? Who’s your favorite superhero (mainstream or indie?) If you were a superhero what would your name and power be? And finally, why do you love comics? 
  • You MUST include a short 100-500 word article about any comic news of your choice. If you don’t include this I can’t consider you for the position.

Submit is open and I’m ready to consider any and all applications. Even if you’re not interested in contributing it would be really great if you signal boost this so people who may want to can see it! Also if you ever have anything you want us to see tag comicsirens!