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#Cosplayer @rolyatistaylor with an awesome armored Princess Jasmine. #cosplay #disney

Regrann from @rolyatistaylor - Ahhhh first photo back from Katsu of my Jasmine !! ✨ KATSU was amazing and I want to thank every single person for making my weekend special ! I’ve had such a lovely weekend and I’m already so sad it’s over 💕

Design by @gladzykei 💜
Photo by @martinwongphoto ! (Full image on fb) #fb #tb #katsucon #katsucon2017
Visit for more cosplay #regrann

Looking for New Blogs to Follow

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What I’m lookin’ for:

  • comics blogs
    • I love DC, so if you’re a DC blog let me know!
      • BATFAM
      • give this a pass if you post/reblog interfamily relationships or stuff with minors like damij*n
    • marvel
      • I love the X-Men, both Spider-Men, and I want to get more into the Black Panther stuff now that the movie’s coming out. Honestly I’m looking to get more info on stuff so just marvel in general is fine.
    • Indie comics
      • I love Motor Crush and always have my eye out for new comics to enjoy
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    • I love those kids. But if you post ships, only canon ships. ABSOLUTELY NO R*YED!!!
      • I love parental Roy taking care of Ed but THAT. IS. IT.
  • Voltron
  • Book blogs
    • YA and Adult fantasy and science fiction

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