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comic book meme [1/5] male characters

Peter Parker - Spider-Man

How do you think it is that Spider-Man’s still alive? Lucky! He’s been shot, stabbed, blown up and every other damn thing while wearing nothing but pajamas and lived–because dumb luck.


favorite unpopular characters meme: a character you love who gets hate for (even rightly) opposing a fandom favorite - Hawkeye/Kate Bishop

“Okay - on the list of people you get to yell at because of the bad day you’re having? Because of this amazing futz-up of a life you’ve made for yourself? I am very, very low on that list.”


marvel comics meme - 2/10 characters | Jean Grey

“We’ve been awake for two days! I’m so sorry I can’t throw a dinosaur for you!" 

marvel comics meme - 6/8 teams | Team Lady Spider (Team Lady Spiders, Team Spy-der) 

“You’re a spider, I’m a spider, she’s a spider. You are named for the spider, right? And not, like, a really sad lady who lost her-”

“I am named for the spider, yes.”

“Cool. So we’re like, Team Lady Spider. Team Lady Spiders? Maybe in your case Team Spy-Der.”  


marvel comics meme - 6/10 characters | Carol Danvers 

“Have you ever seen a little girl run so fast she falls down? There’s an instant. A fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again..A moment when she’s outrun every doubt and fear she’s ever had about herself and she flies. In that moment, every little girl flies. I need to find that again. Like taking a car out into the desert to see how fast it can go. I need to find the edge of me. And maybe, if I fly far enough, I’ll be able to turn around and look at the world and see where I belong.”


favorite unpopular characters meme: a character you love but is treated poorly in canon - Sharon Carter/Agent 13

“He who hesitates is toast. I don’t care what kind of moral see-saw you’re riding…the mission is all that counts.”