marvel comics meme!

Espionage Starters

“I repeat, you have been compromised!”

“There’s someone in there with you…”

“I’m not pretending to be your husband/wife/parent/friend/etc. for any cause!”

“Just take it and walk away…”

“Why does this always happen?”

“I have visual of the target.”

“This is a suicide mission…”

“They didn’t suspect a thing.”

“We can’t keep get away with this.”

“Where’s the safehouse?”

“Okay, just run through the plan once more…just in case.”

“Just focus on the mission.”

“Is…is that not the password?”

“You look good in that uniform.”

“It’s storming hard out. Are you sure we’ll be able to get out of here?”

“Quick! Hide!”

“Give me your gun!”