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Tony Stark in Hawkeye (2012) #6

Things I love about this as a Tony Stark fan:

1. The fact that Clint saw tangled wires and assumed Tony would know what to do

2. The fact that Tony actually came to help him

3. The fact that Clint did not take his advice anyway

4. The fake drama and how Tony looks far more anxious about this than he is about most life-threatening situations

5. This is Tony’s only appearance in the entire series, except for the next few panels where he offers to buy Clint all new stuff (which ends on a surprisingly poignant note). Like this is it. He just shows up to fix the DVR and is never seen again

6. “Tony Stark Genius Superman”

On this day (12/28) in 1922,

Stan Lee was born.

Some of Lee’s co-creations:

Iron Man
The Hulk
Black Panther
Fantastic Four
Doctor Strange
Black Widow
Nick Fury
Captain Marvel
Doctor Doom
Green Goblin

bad ending: thor gets back with jane, valkyrie doesn’t end up with anyone. white fans praise the series for being “feminist”

neutral ending: thor and valkyrie are endgame

good ending: valkyrie gets a girlfriend in the sequels

God Tier ending: valkyrie gets a gf, thor gets a bf. gay couples actually Kiss Onscreen, undeniable canon representation


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Happy comicbooks Wednesday! I share with you a little proyect I have with my pal @danieruhuli, the anthropomorphization of our favorites comics publishing houses (and seals)! Hope you like it, and please make me know if you want us to design another one of your liking!