marvel calendar


                                             They’re heeeere!

                                            And they look amazing!

Another massive thanks to all the artists who joined in, and to everyone who donated/purchased a calendar. It’s for a good cause, and you’re all incredibly generous and awesome. :D 

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My progress on my Marvel Superhero Pinup Calendar, which is becoming the Avenger Male Pinup Project, since I managed to find 12 hot guys in the MCU (Sorry, am not doing the Fantastic 4. Can’t stand Reed and Johnny Storm would be a bit redundant, with Chris Evans playing both him and Captain America.)

Missing characters: Fury, Coulson, Rhodey as Iron Patriot, Bruce Banner

(those Falcon wings will be a bitch to color, I just know it.)


This feels so out of place to post in January, but it is the art for the month of October for the Stony themed calendar I did.

I couldn’t help myself, dressing them as DC Heroes, I just found it too funny.

There is a conversation going on about how an apple heather then all the candy, and Peter finds the idea of eating a green apple instead of candy disgusting, Tony is  just looking on in amusement.


Advent Calendar; Day Nine / Fandom; Marvel / Pairing; Peter Parker x Reader / Warning’s; Fluff / Cuteness / Kissing

‘PETER PARKER!’ you yelled as you walked into Peter’s room, there he lay on his bed. He pulled his headphones off his ears looking up at you ‘Yeah?’ you marched up to him giving him a light whack round the head, he sat up ‘what was that for?’ you was furious with him ‘what were you thinking Peter! Going out there to that airport to get involved in Avenger issues. You could have been killed. Did you want to get hurt? did you?’ he looked startled but slightly amused at your concern ‘babe the other guys…’ you interrupted ‘the other guys are more than twice your age, Peter! and have plenty more experience. You gave me a hurt attack!’. 

Peter realised he was never going to win this one ‘okay Y/N, I’m sorry babe. I just want to help people’ he looked at his hands ‘I know  you do Peter but promise me you won’t be so reckless next time?’. Peter beamed at you, he leant in placing a soft kiss on your lips. ‘ I love that you worry about me and I love you!’. You smiled and started to kiss him back, he rolled you over so you were under him, he started kissing down your neck. HIs hands running up under your shirt ‘is this my shirt Y/N?’. You blushed ‘maybee!’ he chuckled and resumed kissing you. Until you both heard keys in the door, signalling that Aunt May was home. ‘Aunt May has such bad timing’ he huffed into the crook of your neck, making you giggle from not only what he said but the tickling sensation too.