marvel c2e2
Secret Empire Goes Global To Draw In Emma Frost, Polaris & More
Writer Nick Spencer opens up on the origins of his Captain America epic while the event tie-ins prepare to bring back characters beloved and cult.

So Emma Frost isn’t turning into a villain. And she’s getting a new costume thats similar to her White Queen outfit. Now to me this seems like Marvel is backpedaling real hard after the criticisms of the end of IvX with Emma’s characterization getting butchered. But hey this is Marvel and there known for burning there fans so We’ll just hope for the best for Emma. 

//HERE’S MY SPREE FROM C2E2! You don’t understand how happy I was to find so much Silk products! <3 <3 <3

Daredevil stuff! Two pop dolls cause i don’t have any of my babies. I got Vincent D'onifrio to sign my blu ray of the first season too! I wanna get a bunch of the cast to sign it eventually.

Silk stuffs! I brought my own Silk phone case and the first comic so i could get both signed by the writer and artist who were so nice and have me freebies. The comic in middle is the one i brought, on the left is the freebie and the right is a giant graphic novel i got got cheap. I bought a new wallet with my spider bae too.

And the last is a pop of Kazuya from Tekken, one of my fav games. 😍😍😍

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//You know, I’m guessing he was really tired. And meeting so many people a day can be really nerve racking. So he was a bit quiet when I met him. I asked him how his day was, he said it was good, and we chatted a tiny bit. I could tell he was either tired or shy and I was like, ok, not gonna push him. In interviews he seems soft spoken, so I assume he’s like that in general unless he really knows you, like his friends in casts and family friends. He was very nice however. He was a bit late for the signing and when he showed up he had told us all he was sorry but he had found out there was something on the show floor his kids wanted so he had to go buy it for them. So nice of him to do that for his kids. In general, great guy, quiet, but pleasant. I would have loved to talk to him more, but he had an obvious vibe that he was drained.