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The Happy Ending

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Tadashi Hamada x Reader

The Happy Ending

Author: Morgan


Note: F-yeah!


There was fire. Screaming. People running as fast as they could, away from the burning building. The showcase had gone so well, but now…everything was going wrong.

“Callahan’s still in there!” Tadashi insisted, kissing you and rubbing Hiro’s head before running into the flames. And then. The explosion.

You sat up in bed, sucking in a long breath and holding your chest as you slowly adjusted to the dark bedroom. The light on the nightstand flicked on.

“You okay?”

“I’m fine,” you sighed, leaning up against the pillows. “Oh my God, it was so real.”

“I know. But it’s over. I made it out, remember?” Tadashi smiled softly, turning your cheek to face him. You nodded.

“I know.”

“Come on,” He grabbed your hand and pulled you out of your shared bed. “Let’s get some tea. Would that make you feel better?” You nodded softly. Tadashi bent down and picked you up bridal style, holding you to his chest. You kissed his jaw and cheek several times on the way down the stairs. He chuckled softly.

Once you were in the kitchen, he set you down on a stool and heated some tea in a teapot on the stove. He poured some in a mug and sat across from you at the table. You sipped the sweet drink carefully, blowing on it so you wouldn’t burn your tongue. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He smiled, eyes locked on yours. He tilted his head to the side, amused.

“What are you looking at?”

“You,” you answered, your neatly painted fingernails drumming against the table.

“Like what you see?”

“Mhmm…” you hummed, reaching for his hand. He gladly wrapped it around yours.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“And I’m never going to leave you. Ever. I swear on my life. You’re stuck with me.”

“Gee, what a shame that is,” you laughed, taking another sip of your warm drink. You got up from your stool and walked over to him.

“What’re you doing?”

“This,” you sat on his lap. He laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist and peppering kisses along your neck before resting his forehead against your warm skin.



“Never scare me like that again. Okay?”

“Okay…” he nodded. “I promise.”

thank you for the 1,000 follows! this is a redo of my old Big Four (now Big 8 lol) art back in 2012, idk if anyone remembers it or not though. but you can find the rebloggable version here, or you can view it under the cut for comparison. :))

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When you meet Ryan Potter, the voice of Hiro Hamada, dressed as Tadashi Hamada and Honey Lemon!!😍🙊💕
Talk about good timing! I can’t believe he was at Magic Kingdom that day, and I can’t believe HE wanted to meet US!!😭😭 Talk about a magical moment!!✨


Firing up a the lantern you’d pulled from a random box in the middle of the living room, you squinted as the bright contrast of the LED glow snapped through the darkness of your apartment before looking up to see Tadashi leaning against the kitchen counter with a silly smirk curling through his lip.

“You forgot to pay the electric bill, didn’t you?” He started lightly.

With a shrug, you smiled and came back with, “I guess I got distracted by all this unpacking… And you.”

“Well, I am a catch.” 

You snorted and shifted yourself onto your knees before saying, “I didn’t exactly want to spend our first night in this apartment in the dark… I had a nice dinner planned but…” A frown creased your brow as you stared at Tadashi. “The stove doesn’t exactly work now, so…”

“So,” He started, angling a bit to swipe his scooter keys off the counter. “Let’s grab some burgers. Sound okay?”

“Sounds perfect.” You beamed.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Moving in with Tadashi*

Request: Fluff, protective tadashi, him living with the reader in their own apartment


A sneak peak of Big Hero 6 The Series, the new Big Hero 6 show on Disney XD!

This sneak peak, first shared by Entertainment Tonight, will also air during the return of the new DuckTales on Saturday, September 23. BH6 The Series debuts in November.

- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )


Wow…” Came a voice from somewhere over your shoulder, causing you to turn and see another guy you didn’t know standing behind you in an old ball cap; giving you and your unwanted company a casual smirk as if he didn’t just walk up on you threatening the gaggle of gentlemen blocking the way to your car. “That is both sexy and frightening.”

With a frown, you made to growl out something equally as terrifying for his benefit but before you could say anything, he was stepping forward and snaking an arm over your shoulders. 

Quickly clearing his throat and nuzzling into your hairline, he said, “Sorry I’m late, babe. Class took a little longer than usual but you know Professor Callahan… Always pushing his students to the limits.”

You blinked and looked up into his honest dark stare before finally catching on to exactly what this stranger was doing for you. “Oh! Right… Actually, you’re right on time.” You beamed just as you tested the waters and tried wrapping your own arm around his waist. It wasn’t until he lifted an eyebrow and stared down at you that you felt the heat of a blush crawling up your neck and decided to brave quick-thinking, “Babe.”

By the time you broke away from his infectious gaze, your creepers had slipped away like frightened rats, causing him to pull back and shove his large hands in his front pockets.

“I’m Tadashi by the way,” He finally said before gracing you with a broad smile. “Were you heading home?”

Trying…” You corrected sourly. “Right before those guys showed up. Thank you by the way. What you did back there was pretty cool”

“Don’t mention it.” Smiling again and heading toward the schools car garage, Tadashi jerked his head toward the lot and said, “C’mon.. I’ll walk you to your car.”

“Sounds good.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Tadashi protecting you from unwanted attention*

Request: Okay, so I wasn’t the one asking avout a big hero 6 thing, but could you write something with Tadashi? Like him protecting you against some scary people and it is super fluffy? Thank you! I really love your blog! <3

The Hobbit: An Incorrect Quote
  • Bilbo: Are you okay?
  • Thorin: Yes.
  • Bilbo: Are you hurt?
  • Thorin: No.
  • Bilbo: *begins aggressively punching Thorin* THEN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!