marvel being a tease

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smh fam honestly they should just release the goddamn trailer :\\ there are already leaked scenes like bucky with a beard, spidey footage, thanos, doctor strange. it just be best to release it but marvel's being a goddam tease

yeah i know :/

back when DC and Marvel used to be on much friendlier terms - DC being teased as “The Distinguished Competition” - crossovers between companies happened here and there, ‘bout all the way up to the late 90s, ‘round when Quesada takes over Marvel. that’s a whole story in itself.

one of my favorite crossovers between the two is Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man, 1976, written by the very underrated Gerry Conway, with pencils by Ross Andru, Neal Adams, and a dash of John Romita Sr. and featuring this fantastic page right here.

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could you possibly do a fic where the reader is a hydra expermint that the Avenger team finds on a mission (she was geniticly altered like Cap) so The team takes her back to the tower so Tony and Bruce can do tests and study her when Bruce slowly begins to fall for her.

Yes, I can!  I don’t get a lot of Bruce requests, so this will be fun.  I hope you enjoy, here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

“You found her where?” Cap says.

“We found her in the woods, in a makeshift cabin,” Thor says.

“And she did what!?” Cap exclaims.

Bucking out his chest, Thor approaches Cap, “her eyes changed colors and she ran.  Incredibly fast.  The only way we caught her was Stark.”

“And you can thank me later,” he chides in.

“And we are taking her to the Stark tower to do more experiments on her, just like Hydra did?” Cap relished in his sarcastic tone.

“We need to know what else she is capable of.  If she is dangerous, maybe we could befriend her.  You know, keep her in check,” Bruce lulls.

“Yeah, like the big green man,” Tony remarks.

As Bruce shoots him a look, Cap sighs and sits in his seat.

“She’s out for now, but the party is just getting started,” Tony sing-songs.  Man, he always did have a weird definition of party.


Back at Stark Tower, you come to consciousness with a start.  Your heart is racing, your sight is going in and out, and your appendages are shaking.

“Hold her down,” a voice says.

“Hello?  Can you hear me?” Another soothing one asks.

Tears welling in your eyes, you just want to get off of your back.  Screaming in fury, you pop the restraints and tumble off of the side.  Standing to your feet, you stagger off towards the door, only to feel two sets on hands on either side of your arms.

“You’re safe,” a deeper voice chides in.

“I need…outside…” you grunt in a breathless voice.

“Let her go,” a dominant voice commands.

As you feel the hands leave your body, you stumble towards the door and up the stairs.  Getting to a large room with couches, you sob as you feel your back begin to writhe in pain.  Letting out a sob, you feel a pinch of pain, and then relief.

Finally.  Relief.

As your wings come catapulting from your back, you take short, shallow breaths, hoping that you regain your vision soon.  Shaking your head, you open your eyes back up, only to see a gaggle of men standing at the top of the stairs, jaws unhitched and dangling from their faces.

Sobbing from the relief, you stand.  Your wingspan is at least 15 feet, and as you curl them back into you, you cover yourself, realizing that in your attempt to break out, you left the blanket behind.

Blushing in embarrassment and frustration, you put a face to the deeper voice you heard earlier.

“Hello, my name is Thor.”

Staring at him blankly, he introduces his back-up.  “This is Tony, Bruce, and Captain.”

“There’s usually two more, but they are out doing more familial things, like giving birth and buying baby clothes,” the one named Tony remarked.  You had no idea what he was talking about, and you didn’t care.

“Do you remember anything?” the kind voice said.  You remembered that voice.  The soothing one.

And you realized that voice was the one named Bruce.

“I-I…never remember much these days,” you said, shaking your head, trying to clear the fogginess from your brain.

“Do you remember what Hydra did to you?” the one named Captain asked.  Ah, the dominant voice. Of course you remembered.  How could you have forgotten the pain?  The misery?  The isolation?

“Fuck Hydra,” you spat.

“I like her,” Tony says, pushing his way towards you.

“Can you walk us thru what they did?” Captain asked.  You realized what he was trying to get at.

“I have wings.  My eyes also change color with my moods.  I’m pretty strong, incredibly fast, and I can do this,” and with a flick of your wrist, you crash Thor’s hammer into the side of the wall.

As they all look upon you in intrigue and wonder, Bruce breaks the silence.  “How…how did they…?

“How did I get this way?” you finished his thought.  “Easy.  A series of painful injections into my bone marrow.”

As everyone slowly turns towards Captain, his face drops.

“Serum?” he chokes out.

“Yep,” you cut off.

As the team continues to stare at you, you grow increasingly frustrated.  “I’m naked, and I’m hungry.  Where do I go to alleviate these issues?”

Bruce slowly comes towards you and holds out his hand.  “Here, lets go get you some clothes and I’ll take you to the kitchen,” he coos.


“So, you want to run more tests?” you say with a mouthful of cake.

“More or less.  A little bit of blood work, some endurance exercises, EKGs, things like that.  Nothing painful or invasive like…” Bruce trails off.

“Like Hydra,” you finished.


You didn’t know what it was in his voice.  There was just something…comforting…about the way he cadenced his language.  It was soothing and reassuring.

And you found that you trusted it.

“Two conditions,” you retorted.

As Bruce shoots his gaze to yours, he says, “Anything.”

“You perform the tests, and you call me Y/N.”

As he smiled at you, he said, “done…and done.”


Back in the lab, Tony was upset that you wouldn’t let him touch you.  You were serious about only Bruce, and that made Tony feel like an outsider.

Apparently he didn’t understand the definition of a lot of words.

As Bruce drew the last vial of blood, he sighed and put his reading glasses down on the table.  “Tony, can you get these started?”

“Sure thing, doctor,” he said in a sarcastic tone.  You tried as hard as you could to keep your chuckling at bay, but a grin slowly crept across your face.

“Looks like Mr. Sarcasm doesn’t enjoy being left out,” you teased.

“You are a marvel.  Every Hydra experiment ended up going nuclear,” he paused, “except you.”

As his hand lingered over yours, you felt your face grow hot.  Looking back up at Bruce, he jumps a bit at your stare.

“W-what is it?” you ask anxiously.

“Sorry…it’s just…your eyes.  They’re…they’re orange.”

Startled at the realization, you squeeze your eyes shut and shake your head.  Breathing deeply, you look back at him with your Y/E/C eyes.  “Better?”

“No…I mean, yes.  I mean…they were beautiful, it was just startling.  You said, they changed with your moods?”

“Yes,” you nod your head slowly.

“What does orange mean?  Did I hurt you or offend you?”

“Oh, no no no, Bruce!” you exclaimed, taking his face into your hands.  “If you would have hurt or offended me in any way, my eyes would have turned gray.”

“Well…what is orange then?”

Hesitant to tell him, you are glad when you are interrupted by Tony.  “Alright, lovebirds, who’s ready for the brain scans?”

Smiling weakly, Bruce takes your hand in his and helps you off of the side of the desk.  “Are you up for more tests?”

“I’ll be fine,” you whispered to him.

After all, you didn’t want to tell him orange meant heightened sexual interest.


Later that evening, after all the tests had been run, Bruce showed you to a room.

“This is your bedroom, if you’d like it.  I’m staying with Tony for a while, and you have your own bathroom, and no one will disturb you, I hope…” he trails off, and you take that as a sign that you will be hearing from Tony soon.

“He’s an…interesting one,” you cajole.

“He’s brilliant.  Just a different cup of tea,” Bruce reiterates.

As you look back at the closed door to your room, you glance down at your feet.

“Thank you for being so gentle today,” you said.  “It’s been a long time since…someone has been so kind.”

As tears start to mist your eyes, you get frustrated with yourself.  Bruce puts his hand on your shoulder, and you look back at him with tear-filled black eyes.

“I take it black means sadness,” Bruce whispered.

Nodding your head, you let the tears slip down your cheek.  You had held in your sadness and pain for far too long, and it perpetually hurt to keep it cooped up any longer.

As Bruce draws you to him, you rest your head on his shoulder and bury your face into his neck.  As he rubs your back, heaving with your sobs, he kisses you over and over on the side of your head.

“Sssssshhhhh,” he whispered into your ear.  The sound was soothing.  You loved the feel of his breath against your skin…the sound of his voice resonating in your ear.

As your sobs flowed, his kisses continued, and as the two of you stood there in emotional turmoil, Bruce opens the door and walks you backwards into your room, kicking the door shut behind him.

Review: ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

It wasn’t until after the movie started, did I realize how much of a challenge Marvel and Joss Whedon would have to pull this off again. I think many have come to take ‘The Avengers’ for granted because they did it so effortlessly that first time. But it wasn’t an easy thing to do and ‘Ultron’ proves that.

The action sequences and humor of ‘Age of Ultron’ are exactly what you’d expect and hope for. The numerous set pieces are super fun, light on their feet, incredibly well orchestrated and creatively set. As far as fantasy spectacle goes, this is top of the line. Whedon takes the combinations and tensions between the team to all new levels. Likewise, Whedon’s wise cracks once again sparkle. His emotional and expositional dialogue on the other hand leaves a bit to be desired. But when the characters are cracking jokes and playing the lighter moments it really works. The humor more than any other emotion was firing on all cylinders.

Which is a problem because the movie wants you to care very deeply about the human level emotions of the characters. I just wasn’t buying the Clint storyline, nor the Natasha-Banner relationship. Because the former was so abrupt and seemingly out of no where I had a hard time believing it. In a movie with literal gods and monsters, that’s what broke the fourth wall for me. It was a big swing, but felt like a hollow move desperately asking the audience to care more about Hawkeye. The whole thing then felt skewed towards Hawkeye’s perspective, which was an interesting choice (as he is technically the human entry point into a world of “enhanced” beings), but at the expense of the other already more interesting characters.

Similarly, the Natasha-Banner story didn’t feel like it serviced the story in any meaningful way. It was overplayed by Johansson and Ruffalo and underwritten by Whedon. But maybe I just didn’t feel the chemistry between them?

And then there’s Tony Stark, who at times has to serve more as a way to move the plot forward and less as the three dimensional character he’s been in several movies prior to this.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Olsen deserves a special mention. As her dramatic counterpart, Aaron Taylor-Johnson gives her very little, but Olsen’s performance was marvelously grounded and incredibly impactful. Let’s give Scarlet Witch her own movie. Also, James Spader was freaking fantastic. Based on promo material, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the actor out of my head — but he disappears into Ultron, who was supremely menacing and (intentionally) hilarious.

I also loved the use of the dream sequences as a way into the characters’ heads. It was an interesting break in an otherwise wonderful action sequence and let the creative team spread their wings in cinematic style and production design.

In the end, the few emotional miscalculations are forgivable because the movie is quite fun and delivers on exactly what the audience wants. It indulges in the ever expanding Marvel universe, with its most satisfying moments being those callbacks, teases and cameos. Even if the end credits scene was basically the same as the last time.