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The Final Problem

Hey wonderful people,

There are a lot of feelings flying around the internet about the new episode. Emotions are running very high, and it’s OK to have those.  If you’re giddy about the new episode, and you thought it was like eating grilled cheese while riding on the back of a unicorn, that’s fine.  If you’re heartbroken and gutted about the new episode and you thought it was trash on toast while sitting in a gutter, that’s fine too.  We’re happy for you if you’re happy, and if you’re sorrowful, we want you to know we are here for you.

What’s not OK is attacking other people on either side of the equation.  Discussion and passionate debate, yes.  Those are some of the most marvelous things in the world.  But kindness and courtesy are also marvelous, and we’re beginning to see people making things personal in a way that could be hurtful to others.  This is a very personal show for a lot of folks, and we’re personal about it too, right down to the last Babe.

But you know what?  Not all the Babes sail the same ships.  In fact, various ones of us sail very different ships, and while those ships are important to us, what’s FAR more important are the friendship and the loyalty and the love that being Sherlockians brings to us.  It’s important to remember that when things get heated.  No one can take away your connections, your beautiful imaginations, your creativity, or your fandom friends.

If you are upset at the moment, and we sincerely hurt for you if you are, there are some steps you can take instead of allowing yourself to be drawn into a vortex of negativity that is leading to places that could be as harmful to the speaker as those who are being spoken to.  Attacking the show creators for writing their story and wishing them dead (I’ve seen this) is wrong.  Wishing death on anyone is wrong.  Particularly if it’s to do with how they make their art.  And wishing it hurts the wisher, not just the people behind BBC Sherlock.

–Go read “The Three Garridebs” in the canon.  Then read the other 59.

–Watch some Jeremy Brett Granada Holmes–it’s all on YouTube pretty much.

–Read your favorite fanfic and revel in it.

–Keep working on your favorite WIP and revel in that.

–Watch “A Game of Shadows,” or as we call it, “A Gay of Gay.”

–Do something entirely different and give Sherlock Holmes a pass for the moment.

Whatever you do, please remember that loyalty and love are eternal and infinite, and please do no harm to yourself and to others.  Things are getting a little wild in here, and the Babes worry.  Stay safe. Stay well.  


                                     Old Joker by Florian Bossonney

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Small Beginnings (Doctor Strange x Reader)

Title: Small Beginnings

Summary: Your adventures together started long before anyone realized it.

A/N: First part of a new series. If you enjoy it please like/reblog/message me, so that I’ll know to write more! :o

When you first met Stephen Strange you thought he had pretty eyes and a mean attitude.

At seven years old you were already an anomaly. Overly inquisitive, shy, and a supreme bookworm, you’d engage in your preferred comfort of reading large texts you’d borrow from the library than play with other kids.

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Just know...

That no matter which way you vote, I’ll still be your friend. No matter who becomes president, I’ll still be proud to be a part of something that the whole world is watching with anticipation.

In a world of people trying to silence you, I am here to tell you that your opinions matter whether or not I personally agree with them.

Happy Election Day, fellow Americans!

New Beginnings - Part 1 (Bucky x Reader)

Pairings: singledad! bucky x singlemom!reader

word count: 1.7+k

tagging list (the person that inspired me to write again): @bovaria

You were rushing as you took your six year old son, Isaac, to school. You and Isaac had woken up a bit late, and were rushing to make sure that he got to school on time since this week you were most likely going to have to walk him to school, since your car was in repair. You quickly fixed him up a breakfast to take with him, just to make sure that he will make it and although the school wasn’t far, you weren’t taking any chances on him being late again. Isaac was your pride and joy, sharing many physical similarities with you, such as your hair color, skin color, and many more, the only thing that he had in common with his biological father was his hazel eye color.

You were fine providing for the two of you, already used to the idea of being a single mother since the moment you told his father that you were pregnant. But you would be lying to yourself if you said that it wasn’t difficult at times, but it was well worth it if Isaac was happy. There wasn’t more that you could ask, since at least his father agreed for child support, but still it wasn’t easy, especially with time. You looked down at your son, seeing him munch on his peanut butter sandwich, as he bounced and kicked every leaf he could, being on the more energetic side of the spectrum. You really did question your parenting skills at times, but maybe you weren’t as bad as you thought. Isaac looked up, his hazel eyes meeting yours, as he smiled at you and offered you a bite of his sandwich, which you laughed and told him that you were fine.

You were holding onto Isaac’s hand, relieved that you weren’t as late as you thought, since parents were still dropping off their kids as you approached the school. For once Isaac was going to make it on time to school to spare. Just as you crossed the street Isaac quickly pulled away from you to run on ahead.

“Isaac, don’t run,” worried that he would end up falling, since although he was very wild he wasn’t the most careful of children.

You hurried your own pace trying to catch up to your six year old son, only to see him quickly embrace (more like tackle) a small brunette girl, almost sending her off balance. Isaac was so outgoing, never shy of doing anything once he sets his mind to it. It honestly makes you wonder where he got it from, because even if you weren’t too shy, you never had the valor to be outgoing like him. The little girl had a startled face as Isaac embraced her, making you worry that her parents were going to scold Isaac for almost tackling their child to the ground. You were opening your mouth to tell him to let go of her, but were interrupted.

“Brooke, you don’t have to be so shy” you heard a male voice say.

You looked up and were met with two beautiful icy blue eyes. You were taken back by the man in front of you; he had a warm smile on his face as he looked down at Isaac and what you guessed was his daughter. Your eyes were immediately drawn his left arm covered with tattoos forming a beautiful sleeve that complimented his strong arms. Dark brown hair that almost reached his shoulders was tucked behind his ears, but you could honestly say that his blue eyes were the most beautiful thing you have seen.

“I’m sorry for my son,” you said apologizing to the father that your little girl was hugging like there was no tomorrow.

“It’s no worries, although it’s a bit sad when Brooklyn more luck with people than her own father…and she’s only five,” he said jokingly, making you smile as well.

“Mommy, this is my best friend Brooke,” Isaac smiled as he let go of brunette who had eyes just as blue as her father.  

Brooke…the name was familiar to you; you smiled knowing that this was the Brooke that your son would talk your ear off when you picked him up from school. His only friend since he started this year and would always mention about inviting her over, but the timing was never right. Isaac had a bright smile as he presented you to her, the same one he had on when he talked to you about her. You looked down, your eyes meeting Brooke’s blue ones, and could already tell that she was beyond shy, complete opposite from Isaac. She was too shy to even return his hug, as her hands tightly held onto the straps of her Spiderman backpack. Brooke slowly looked up to her dad, a small tint of pink tinted on her cheeks.  

“Dad, this is my best friend Isaac,” she introduced her voice coming out so low that you could barely hear it. But her father heard it loud and clear, his smile getting brighter as he realized who your little boy was.

“So you’re the famous Isaac,” he said squatting down to be at eye level with your son. You don’t know why you found it nice that he got down to his height, unable to hide the small smile forming on your lips.  

Isaac nodded, not shying away at all, typical of him.

“well,” he said with a bright smile, “thank you for taking good care of Brooke, I know that she’s really shy and can’t make many friends, so I’m glad she has you by her side,” he said ruffling his hair, “Brooke talks about you all the time, saying that she’s glad you’re her best friend,” he said with a smile, earning him a small playful smack from his daughter, “ok she doesn’t talk about you all the time,” hoping to not embarrass his little girl any more. He brought his hands to his knees to help him stand back up. “Sorry for messing up his hair,” he said as he softly smiled and scratched the back of his neck, making you guess that maybe some of Brooke’s shyness stemmed partially from his father.  

“It’s no problem, by the time I pick him up from school, his hair is a lot messier than this,” you said with a reassuring smile, as you smoothed out his hair.

“Bucky,” he said with a smile.

“Pardon?” you said, wondering if you misheard something.

“Name’s James, but I like Bucky instead,” he said extending his hand to yours, seeing the look of confusion from what he prefers to be called, “James Buchanan Barnes,” he said with a bright smile, “this here’s Brooklyn Sarah Barnes”

“(full name),” you responded as you shook his hand, instantly feeling how warm and calloused it was, “and he’s Isaac Nathaniel (l/n),” Isaac already holding out his hand for Bucky, always the eager one to meet new people, “Buchanan? Don’t think I’ve ever heard that name before”

“I know, not the most common name, reason I go by Bucky instead,” he said with a smile.

“Isaac talks about Brooke all the time, it’s good to know that she has a patient kind friend, since I was told from the teachers that he is a bit too loud and energetic for the other students,” you said.

“Other kindergarteners find him loud?” he said with an uncertain tone, almost not believing it.

“Yeah I know, weird,” you said with an odd look, you looked over to your child seeing how he was talking to Brooke about who knows what, his hands moving everywhere as he told his story to her, and the shy girl keeping up with his fast speech. .

The bell rang, letting you both know that it was time for your children to get to school, you reached for your son, hoisting him up, to give him a kiss and tell him that you will be here to pick him up and told him to wait here for you if you were a bit late. You looked over at Bucky, and noticed that he was at eye level with his girl, bringing her in for a hug as he tickled her, loud giggles filling the air around you both, which made you smile too, as he explained that he’ll be right on time to pick her up.

Both children ran into school, seeing how comfortable they both were around each other, leaving you and Bucky smiling as they walked into class.

“Your son’s is adorable, he’s such a ball of sunshine, dad must be happy to have a son like him,” he said with a smile.

“His father isn’t really in the picture, haven’t seen him, since he found out I was pregnant,” you answered.

“Oh he left…I’m really sorry,” he said hoping that he didn’t offend you.

“Don’t, I spend a long time feeling bad about it, it was a better choice for everyone, he didn’t want kids and why would I make both our lives miserable if I forced him to stay. Besides we are doing fine by ourselves,” you said with a smile, hoping you weren’t coming off as rude “Brooke’s really shy, does she get that from you or her mom,” you asked.

“Most likely from me, since her mother isn’t in the picture either,” he said with a soft smile.

“She left you too,” you said not understanding how anyone could leave him like that.

“Uhh…sort of” he said scratching the back of his head seeing his eyes sadden for a brief second making you wonder if they had recently divorced.

You looked down on you watch seeing that you were going to be late if you didn’t start moving. You much like Isaac couldn’t be late either.

“Are you alright?” Bucky as most likely picking up on your small distress.

“Don’t want to be rude, but really better start walking to work before I’m late,” hoping he didn’t think that you just wanted to stop talking to him.

“Do you need a lift? I’m more than happy to take you there.”

“No I don’t want to be a burden, you most likely have somewhere to go as well,” he really was a kind man.

“Trust me, I don’t mind besides if Brooke finds out I let you walk, I’ll hear about it later. I can afford to be late, come on,” he said gesturing you over to his car.

You thought it over looking down at your watch, knowing even at your best pace you may not make it in time, and followed him to his car.  

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1-4) Tom ‘looks like an 80’s romantic comedy lead and I’m actually really digging it’ Holland with fans.
5 & 6) Tom ‘always ends up being roasted by his friends’ Holland on Twitter.

New Beginnings (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: After a bit of writer’s block, I came up with this idea and combined an element form another story that I keep trying to work on (but let’s face it, it’s honestly a dead end). I’m going to try and shift my focus to Steve x Reader fics, and I’m taking suggestions/requests too, so if you guys have ideas, hit me up. I’m really sorry if the title sucks, I’m no good at those. Otherwise, I really hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: You and Bucky are at odds whether to take a big step in your relationship, but things start to shift when Steve and the others come back from a mission with a surprise.

Other Characters: Wanda, Bucky, Steve, Clint, Tony, and Bruce

Warnings: Angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,770

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Marvel’s up to something - and it has to do with the number 12″ (insp.)

  • tony: so you've been looking for someone
  • steve: no
  • tony: and that person is a wanted man
  • steve:
  • tony: who tried to kill you
  • steve: nope
  • tony: he has assassinated countless well known officials, possibly a Kennedy or two, sided with both the USSR and America in WWII, he- what's your boyfriends name again?
  • steve: bucky
  • tony: *snaps his fingers* and there it is, just wanted to see if you're too compromised to-
  • steve: *storms off*

I don’t know exactly what the “critics” watched, but Iron Fist isn’t as bad as it’s being portrayed.

I mean, it’s a comicbook genre movie.  Did any of y’all actually expect it to be Academy standard quality?

Fed up of assigning characters in Gryffindor: Angie Martinelli in Hufflepuff aesthetic

These rolls keep for three days. Four if it’s cold and you put them out on the windowsill.
Oh, glad to hear it. I don’t often steal food.”
Are you kidding? Carol once fit a whole chicken down her sweater.”

Old Peggy. Remade Peggy