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Black Panther: A guide for people who aren’t familiar with Wakanda

Who here watched the Black Panther trailer and misplaced their pants after it ended?

Just me?


There are rules in Wakanda. You close all the doors in Wakanda if it is a hot ass summer day because you do not want to let the cool air out. You always defrost the chicken before mom comes home. And the most prominent one is…

You do not fuck with Wakanda.

Wakanda is what happens if white people stayed their nosey asses on their side of the Mediterranean and minded their own fucking business. Situated in Eastern Africa just below Kush, Wakanda is an isolationist country that hid away from colonialist and invaders as well as fought off indiscriminately any would be invaders that thought they were about to bring bullshit. The countries main resource is vibranium, the shit that Captain America’s shield is made of, which derived from an asteroid or meteor than landed in Northeast Africa.Because of the technological advantage of the mineral, they gained a centuries long head start on the rest of civilization and instead of doing the fuckboy way of conquering people for the sake of conquering people, they minded their own business and glowed the fuck up in hiding pretty much ignoring African Colonization or any rival tribes.

Do not fuck with Wakanda.

The general politics in Wakanda functions like a monarchy. While the title of Black Panther, king of Wakanda, is a hereditary title, it is earned.

If you noticed in the trailer, T’chala was battling Killmonger probably over the title of Black Panther which is something you can challenge. After all, Black Panther represents the best of all Wakandans, physically and mentally. 

“King of Wakanda” Before you get mad, yes, women can take part in the contest to be Black Panther. In fact, T’challa’s sister tried to take the mantle off her father, but an unfortunate turn of events allowed her brother to succeed before her which is the source of jealousy between her and her brother. And yes, Shuri was also in the Black Panther trailer with the Panther Gauntlets.

Anyways, Wakanda is the most technologically advance civilization in Marvel’s Earth if not second to Latveria. Because of the this, it is sought after from likes of the KLAW, Erik Killmonger, Norman Osborn that one time he was president of the United States, and Doctor Doom.

Because of that, The Black Panther has bodyguards despite of his prowess. They are called the Dora Milaje.

And yes, they are comprised of women. They are not really wives-in-training in general. Just those two above were wives of T’challa. Yes, plural. No, they aren’t bound to him. And yes, if Shuri became Queen of Wakanda as well as Black Panther, she would also have bodyguards/wives or husbands-in-training as well. I can feel the feminists ready to throw T’challa under the bus as some black male power fantasy which he is, but Wonder Woman wears red, white and blue and is from Greece and no one questions it.

Anyways, the Dora Milaje are warrior women. They are celebrated in Wakanda as the greatest of their warriors and defenders of their nation. They are independent as well. In the latest Black Panther comics, one of them was sentenced to execution because of an assassination attempt. A lover of hers took offense to this charge and broke her out and here it is.

And this is a pair of Dora Milaje sparking a revolution against T’challa in order to turn Wakanda into a Democracy. And they are also Lesbians. So shut the fuck up, liberal feminists. 

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So we talked about Wakanda—

“But Ubernegro, Wakanda had to have it’s enemies. They were not this perfect African civilization because reasons.”

Like several superheroes, Wakanda’s enemies of ones of their own making.

I mentioned the Klaw whose sole ambition is to invade Wakanda for it’s Vibranium(and yes, the Klaw is supposed to be synonymous with the colonizers and the whole dynamic between them essentially mirrors that). After the Klaw’s successful assassination attempt of T’chaka, it was revealed that one of Wakanda’s own assisted him,. When it was found it, the traitor along with his family was exiled which consisted of also little boy, N’Jadaka. With the knowledge that his father was forced to help the Klaw, N’Jadaka felt deep resntment towards the royal family of Wakanda and thus began the transformation of Erik Killmonger. 

Killmonger was granted repatriation by T’challa and instead of being grateful, the nigga tried to dethrone him and destroy Wakanda by himself because he is a bitter ass motherfucker. And thus started a long blood rivalry that ended with Killmonger’s death by Mephisto.

But during this rivalry, Killmonger created a country called Niganda and they were taken in as refugees of Wakanda because T’challa is really nice. However, because of in nation disputes between the classes of Wakanda(yes, there are class divisions in Wakanda and not everyone is happy that they are ruled by a God King), ad they did not like the Killmonger refugees and the Kiollmonger refuggees all resented Wakanda so…war happened.

First you have the women of Wakanda. If you have not noticed, women are often the first victims of war on either side. Wakanda women are sick ofthat shit and are sick of praising men(ignoring that there is a female Black Panther). Fueled by the former guard wives of T’challa now lovers and partners of eachother, the Midnight Sisters, they hope to overthrow T’challa and the Wakanda royalty. And yes, they are totally not fucking with men’s bullshit.

Their goal is to create an independent country from Wakanda free from men. 

Yes, black women would totally carve a declaration of war into a black man’s chest to send a message that “you niggas ain’t shit” to the God King of an African Nation because they do not give a fuck.

Then you have the Nicangan refugees who hope to create another Nicanda outside of Wakanda. They want to continue the wishes of their former King, Killmonger, and overthrow T’challa by inciting rage amongst his people who are upset that T’challa left Wakanda for a period time and let his sister to near death, Wakanda to burn, and came back like he did not do these things.

They are led by Zenzi and Tetu.

So yeah. Welcome to Wakanda.

harley and ivy properly confirmed as canon in bombshells

catwoman is bi, aqualad is gay, apollo and midnighter are reunited, gotham academy is crossing over with lumberjanes and their openly wlw and trans characters

john constantine rumoured to be openly bi in the justice league dark movie

Reader problems
  • Me analyzing a school book: the mood is sad and there's like some character development I guess in this chapter like line 81

I’m trying to live for my gay superheroes and there happy lives but Y'ALL KEEP FUCKING WITH ME!!! I Just read X-Men Blue #2 and surprise-fucking-surprise, Iceman’s boyfriend, who has appeared in only 4 comics, just ghosted Bobby. I assume we’re never gonna see him again. Y'ALL DO THIS EVERY FUCKING TIME!! America #1, she broke up with her girlfriend. The Ray, the new gay JLA member, had a boyfriend for ONE PAGE! 📢LET📢GAYS📢BE📢HAPPY📢Why is every single happy gay couple pushed to the sidelines? Midnighter and Apollo? Done. Wiccan and Hulkling? Gone. Rictor and Shatterstar? Blocked. Are Harvey and Ivy even still together or did you fuck with them too? And while we’re at it let bi and pan characters like Hellblazer and Deadpool actually have relationships with men. Mild flirting or using a man’s attraction to another man as does not representation make. Just let queer people BE QUEER!!

Midnight Dancing

Summary: Bucky misses the 40′s and can’t sleep.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Nah.

A/N: This is my first published thing so uhhhhhh yeah! Any feedback would be great! 

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– Not my gifs. Credit to the owner.

Lately you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to an empty bed. 

“Bucky?” You call out, grabbing the shirt off the floor and putting it over your head. The shirt fell down your body to the top of your thighs. You make your way to the small library in the apartment you shared with Bucky. You spot him sitting on the recliner, looking out the window in a deep trance watching the water droplets slide down the window. 

“Hey,” you whisper, “what’s wrong?”

The master assassin jumps slightly. You couldn’t help but chuckle. “Y/N! you scared me.”

“It’s the fourth time this week I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and you’re not next to me. Is there something you want to talk about?” You ask as you pad your way to Bucky, sitting on his lap. 

“I just… I just miss the 40s. I miss being amazed my new developing tech, the music, the way certain things used to be, carnivals, the science expos! My favorite! There was this one time I took Stevie to a science expo, Stark was showing off his flying car when the little punk decided to wander off…” as bucky continued to tell you about the things he missed, he began crying softly. You’d occasionally wipe tears away from his cheeks. 

As he replayed memories, you studied his feature. Soft face, teary blue eyes, his hair a mess, his pink lips breaking into a smile when he talked about the adventures him and Steve used to have. There was absolutely no trace of The Winter Soldier. The person you were sitting on was the science nerd from Brooklyn who never asked to become The Winter Soldier. 

“…It’s all so different now. I mean, I get to see Stark develop tech I never thought imaginable. And I’m here with you. The most wonderful girl in the word. But sometimes, I just get a little homesick for the 40′s.”

You give him a quick squeeze and get up. 

“Where are you going? I thought we were having a moment?” Bucky pouts playfully. He watches you as you head over to the record collection and pull out It’s Been a Long, Long Time because you remember bucky saying it was his favorite song, along with a couple other records. 

Placing It’s a Long, Long Time on the record player and playing the needle on it, you strut back to Bucky. 

“Mister James Buchanan Barnes, may I have this dance?”

With tears still in his eyes threatening to spill,Bucky stands up. “Yes, my dear. You can.”

He grabs you ever so gently and guides you through the first dance. “Thank you Y/N. I love you so much.” His voice breaks as he whispers in your ear.

“I love you too”

The rest of the night, you both spend it dancing and reminiscing about the past.

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Midnight Talks Pt. Three || Peter Parker Imagine

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Word Count: 1,322

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Part One     Part Two

He turned and smiled at you, “Hey Y/N.” As the two of you walked across the tile floor together, you started contemplating about inviting Peter to your house tonight. Reaching his locker,you built up the confidence to ask, “Do you want to, maybe, come over to my place tonight to study or something?”

The students in the hallway were quite noisy but all you could hear was Peter’s lovely voice. Not in a good way though. He froze. The girl of his dreams was asking him to hang out. Together. His hopes at spending time with you were quickly shut down as he remembered his new ‘night job’.

“I, I would love to but,“he said while scratching his neck,“I have that internship with Mr. Stark tonight-” He stopped when he saw you blush and look at your shoes. You took his pause as a chance to retaliate, “No, I,um, I get it. Priorities right?” You nervously chuckled, trying to lighten the mood as he just held the door of his locker. You were slowly backing away, wanting to leave the embarrassing situation.“I’ll see you around, Peter.” You turned around, fleeing to your own locker. Peter stood there at his locker, taking out his books. On the soon closed door, he leaned his head against the cool metal, regretting the mistake he just made.

You threw your backpack on the floor and jumped onto your bed face first. Laying flat on your face, you thought about the terrible day you had. You just cried. Rolling over onto your back you realized that nothing ever went your way. The tears kept streaming down your face before you sighed, not feeling motivated to do anything. You decided to wrap yourself in your blanket and sleep.

It was dark outside when you finally woke up. You went and ate your dinner before deciding to call it quits for the day. You practically crawled back to your room. When you got inside the room, you turned around to quietly shut the door. All of a sudden, a clothed hand covered your mouth which muffled your screams of terror and a hand wrapped around your waist. The person removed their hand from your waist to make you turn around. You then came face-to-face with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He slowly removed his hand from your mouth, as he saw you no longer struggling against him.

You steadied your breath before speaking sarcastically,“Seriously, man? I thought we were friends.”

Spider-Man looked at the ground ashamed, “I didn’t mean to scare you, I just, I didn’t want you to scream but, you screamed anyway so it was kind of pointless.” He was fiddling with his fingers. You sighed, “It’s alright, I was just shocked.” The two of you stood there for a minute before he broke the silence.

“I brought you flowers,” he said, pointing to the bundle of flowers that he placed on your bed. You smiled and walked over to get them. “Do you like them?” He asked as he was bouncing on the balls of his feet. You smiled wider as you started messing with one of the flowers, “They’re beautiful, thank you.”

He walked over to you and sat on the floor, leaning on your bed like the first time you met. You put the flowers back on the bed, bent down and sat next to him as he put his head in his hands sighing. “You don’t look so happy. What’s wrong?” You asked him sympathetically.    

“I have a crush on this girl, and she is just so amazing. But, I think I’ve ruined any chance I had with her.” He said with a low, sad voice, “I just don’t know what to do.”

You put your hand on his back to be supportive. “I know the feeling.”

Spider-Man quickly dusted of his sad emotions, “How was school?” He quickly composed himself. “Um,” you scoffed out of pity for yourself, “horrible. I think I ruined my friendship with Peter, had a surprise quiz in my least favorite class,and I didn’t have time to eat lunch because I was too busy avoiding my friends.” You were on the verge of tears again. You looked up, trying to keep the tears from falling. Spider-Man looked slightly shocked. The strong girl that he knew was about to break down.

He moved his body to a comfortable position where he could hug the sad girl. He wrapped one of his arms around your waist, for the second time that night, and placed his other hand to cradle your head. Small tears leaked from your eyes, which slowly started to soak his suit. You both sat there in a comfortable silence for a while, just in each others company.

You  started to pull away, making Spider-Man pull away too but he stayed in front of you sitting on his shins.“I want you to know, that you’re the highlight of my day, Y/N.  You motivate me to go out and keep helping people, everyday. Without you, I’d be lost.” He spoke with such passion and adoration , placing his hands on both of your cheeks.

You were confused. “But, w-we just met. How can I motivate you if-” before you could finish your sentence, he pulled back. The man looked deeply into your eyes before placing his hands under his chin, on the edge of his mask. He took a deep breath before peeling the mask off of his face.He kept his face down, but only for a second.

He looked up into your eyes. Your mouth was opened slightly, from shock. “Oh God,” you whispered, more to yourself than to him. You glanced down at the mask in his hands before looking back up at him. “Peter, what- why- I, how the hell are you Spider-Man?” You asked still in shock.

“It’s a long story. But, everything I just said, I meant every word. You mean so much to me and, things would suck if you weren’t in my life.” Peter said, dropping the mask to put his hands back onto your cheeks. He looked deep into your eyes, and you could see that he meant it all.

“That’s why you said you couldn’t come over.”You chuckled. “I told Spider-Man, that, that I have a crush on you. I literally told you, oh wow. That’s kind of embarrassing.” Saying this made Peter laugh lightly. You enclosed your hands around his neck, pulling his face closer to yours. You felt his breath fan out over your skin. He leaned in closer, closing his eyes and tilting his head before crashing his lips down on to yours. His lips were soft, and the kiss was passionate.

The two of you pulled away to take a breath of air. “Wow,” he said, eyes slightly wide which made you laugh.

“Do you want to go out with me, maybe?” He asked with a wide grin. “I would love to Spider-Man.” You replied with a smile mirroring his.

The next day at school, you found Peter, standing alone at your locker on his phone. You smiled with a blush, remembering last night. “Hey.” You said approaching him.

He looked up from his phone to see you, putting the device in his pocket, “Hello gorgeous.” He greeted you as he pulled your hips towards him so he can place his lips on yours once again. He didn’t care that there were people everywhere, he just really wanted to kiss you.

Down the hall, Michelle and Ned stood dumbstruck. “I knew it,” the two teens exclaimed in unison as they saw their friends passionately kissing. Ned pulled out his phone and opened his camera. “What are you doing?” Michelle asked. Ned smirked, “Taking a picture to show their kids.”

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Fairy Tail Chapter 540 Review

Boy is this a chapter I have mixed feelings about…

Our cover page is the sun village arc! Huh, kinda odd how no one ever talks about it.

We open in the Ravines of Time. Where Natsu is able to figure out this is Acnologia. Y’know Wendy did the same thing I’m wondering if it’s the smell power dragon slayers have that tips them off.

Acnologia shows off how he has all the dragon slayers in pillars. He goes on to explain that eating the ravines have given him time-space magic, which will give him the power to destroy the world. Y’know given how strong Acnologia is I don’t think he needed more help destroying the world.

Okay I’m going to ask you to keep this term he uses of “I shall exterminate you all” in mind for later. As well as this image of Igneel being killed by Acnologia. Trust me there’s a reason.

Outside the Ravines, Acnologia flies away to Magnolia (of course where else would he go). But what appears from the sky?

Yep, it is true. If you are a good guy no matter how unimportant, you’re going to live. This is still stupid but honestly I’m not as mad at this because these two are both pointless and I wouldn’t care about their status either way.

Yeah Anna, you fucked up.

So Anna explains that Acnologia due to having so much power has lost direct control of his physical body to compensate his soul is still in the ravines controlling the body, and he needs the dragon slayers to help circulate the body.

Alright first off, I will give the chapter this, this is a really cool idea. Now one could say this is giant contrivance that just exists so we have a way to defeat Acnologia easier highlighted by the fact he’s in human form. I will agree that this mainly happened just so we could make it easier to defeat him, but I will defend the human form because it’s his soul and no matter what Acnologia is human on the in side.

Second, why he didn’t kill you? If he need Dragon Slayers to properly control his body why didn’t he just kill you instead of spending time pushing you out?

Third, remember I asked you to remember the phrase “I shall exterminate…”, well this basically means he’s no exterminating them he’s just imprisoning them. So really his motivation of destroy dragons is pointless because he’s not going to kill them and actually needs them.

After hearing this Erza decides to embark to Magnolia. (Yeah sure ignore the fact your body is still damaged.

I had said that I enjoyed half of this chapter and that half was everything about the dragon slayers. This other half is just awful and pointless, and you’ll soon see.

Oh look it’s Mest. Guess everyone was wrong he doesn’t have a loli detector, he has a plot convenience detector.

So Mest Teleports Erza to Magnolia…

Slogan of the series…

And here is why I hate this half of the chapter. That it and by extension what’s happening with Erza, is a waste of potential. For the last couple months since the end of the Irene fight, Erza has been a glorified extra. She has sat on her ass and contributed nothing of value or anything character related (outside of that very small conversation about trust that went nowhere). You could white all of Erza’s scenes since getting on christina and insert any background fairy tail character, like Max, warren, Nab, etc, and you would get all of her scenes to the same effect. But now we are presented with a moment that could be a big characterization moment solely for Erza.

Now we have Erza seeing Makarov alive again, after see herself watched his sacrifice and used it as tool to help stop Natsu and Gray from fighting. But not only that, we have had her go through an experience where she met her biological parent and throughout it said that Makarov was her real parent. That want mentality helped Erza through fighting against Irene, that rage and loss she felt helped motivate her and now you have her seeing that he is alive once again. She can have this opportunity to reflect on how actually relived she is and how she’s able to be with her parent again. This should be a big moment for her, not something that can be solved in this few of panels! It’s so impersonal that once again we could easily replace Erza with any other FT member and we’d get the same effect from this wasted scene.

This isn’t me hating this chapter solely on Erza, this is me hating all the potential that her scenes could have and how compelling they could be this chapter. This isn’t the only scene either, that teleportation is another missed opportunity. We know Mest can’t directly teleport in kilometers, his magic only moves in small increments. Through this, while teleporting Erza could see all the destruction caused by Acnologia’s eternal flare and see how people, just normal people, were effected. She could be rattled by this and then seeing Makarov again puts her at peace or she could reflect on this, motivating her to want to stop Acnologia more. There is so much you could do to not humanize the situation their in, and it’s not taken advantage of.

So back on track…

Oh god, I simultaneously love and hate this scene. It is so great to see all of these characters together. It is so awesome. But what ruins this for me is a lot of these characters have done nothing for so long, by a base definition there’s no reason to start caring about them right now, and the other thing that hurts this is that again, wasted potential. All these characters and exploring character aspects of them, isn’t taken advantage of. How about Millianna being surprised that the OS were from the tower, or Kagura is happy to see Erza again, or Richard being happy that Sorano found her sister and he feels like finding Wally again. There’s tons of things you can do with this setup. By the way, Midnight and Minerva talked together, a ship has just been born!

And here’s what also gets me about this other half of the chapter. In the the grand scheme it’s pointless, because it seems to be setting up that they’ll handle the physical Acnologia. The one that is unstoppable and whatever fight they do put up is pointless because the Acnologia that’s controlling the body is going to fight the DS and if they kill the soul (Which they likely will) then body will stop working. Maybe they won’t fight it but it just seems like it’s set up to eat away more page space.

Back in the ravines Natsu breaks out of being encased.

Okay little odd here, Natsu used his damaged arm to break out. It’s implying that Wendy semi healed it to move (I’m going to assume she broke out while they were distracted). Why did Natsu need to use the broken arm to break out? He clear has another arm could’ve done it.

And again another missed opportunity. The are all breaking out because they hear the voice of the people that are waiting them, while cheesy I’d be fine with that, but again it could be more. Remember that image of the dead Igneel? We could maybe have had Natsu trapped in the pillar and then because this place is nebulous with time, we could flashes of Natsu’s timeline like that memory that motivate him to get his second wind. IN fact, you could do that for all the dragon slayers. Remember from my last review I had a problem with bringing focus on characters who’ve done nothing and are suddenly trust into relevance with out proper setup. Well through the way I desribed of having them see their time lines and becoming motivated it not only helps the audience be reminded of why should care about these characters but also helps the theme of this being an ending arc.

Okay not gonna lie, that’s a pretty awesome two page spread.

And we end on Acnologia’s face, and next chapter they will most likely fight. I’ll give credit to this, since they’ve escaped from the pillars Acnologia most likely has less control of his physical body thus prolonging time for the people outside of it, meaning the constant spouting of”we have to believe in them” actually matters.

Post Chapter follow up: As I said my feelings are mixed. I want to really like the stuff that was done well and I do. The problem is it’s also bogged down by these moments that could be so much more.

I’ll start with the positives, while this body split does exist more for making it easy to kill Acnologia it is still a very good idea. It’s definitely more interesting then the usual status of fights.

Also this is minor, but I love the atmosphere generated by the ravines of time. It really feels like this almost hopeless situation and the images of the dragon slayers in the pillars is so strong.

I also gotta give credit to the pacing of the chapter, it was much stronger than it usually is. I’m also very excited for the DS vs Acnologia.

The bad stuff, is pretty evident. It infuriates me how little goes into these moments that could add so much to the story and characters.Another thing in the bad side of things is just how pointless the stuff focusing on  the other characters outside the ravines are.

Also, another fake out death. Just because I’m not mad at it, it’s still bad writing.

Overall I want to say this could’ve been better if it cut out the scenes with the non dragon slayers and focused a bit more on them character and motivation wise. But since the Erza stuff is included we have to add this to the final grade.

Final Verdict: 4/10

  • What it does well it does well
  • Interesting setup
  • wasted potential
Car Park Confessions.

A/n: This is actually the first thing I wrote back in February when I decided to stop just imagining scenarios in my head and put them down on paper, and it was the first thing I wrote since school about eight years ago.

My other works; fluff or if your over 18 smut!

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: Clichéd af but I think sometimes thats what you need! It’s a sort of au where Bucky is a celebrity for some reason, maybe a singer, or an actor like Sebastian, but it doesn’t really matter. Established friendship…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

Word count: 3207

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, some angst and crying, but it’s all right in the end!


Three am. Too early and too late. The street lights burn your eyes as you lean on a traffic bollard outside the club, tuning out as your friends attempt to find a cab willing to take a trio of somewhat drunk party-goers with very little money. Cold hands to your cheeks startle you, and you find yourself staring into Wanda’s face.

“You okay?” You nod in answer, smiling softly. The chilly air is getting to you, and you stand up, wrapping your arms around yourself as you shiver. She pulls you into a hug, resting her chin on your head, and rubbing her hands up and down your back. Another set of arms encircle the two of you, warming you considerably.

“Y/N, do you mind giving me your phone?” Natasha asks you, and you pass it over without question. “Also, there’s a bench just along here and I think we could all do with a sit down, come on.”

There’s some good natured complaining about how cold the metal seat is, but once you’re sat with your legs over Wanda’s and her head on your shoulder, you’re suddenly very tired.

“Don’t let me fall asleep,” you mumble at the equally exhausted pile of limbs you’re twisted up with.

“No promises.”

A car pulling up in front of your new ‘bed’ has you jolting back awake. You’re alone on the bench, your two friends currently standing beside it talking with the driver of a very nice Audi that has you frowning as you try to place it. You sit and raise a hand to your hair in an attempt to smooth it down, before repositioning your top that has ride up your body a little too much, the exhausted sound you let out attracting attention.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Natasha grins, pulling open the side door of the car idling next to you. “Time to go home Sleeping Beauty”.

Eager to get out of the cold, and hearing your bed calling, you stumble up and slip ungracefully into the passenger seat. You reach for your seat belt and click it in place before turning to the driver and freezing.

“Hello Y/N.”

“… Bucky.”

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Pride Month [1/6] 💜purple💜

i’m drawing some of my favorite canon LGBT characters matching each color of the rainbow flag. hopefully i’ll be able to finish all the 6 drawings until the end of the month.
on this one: selina kyle (dc), midnighter (dc), inanna (wicdiv), dionysus (wicdiv), domino swift (motor crush), miguel barragan (dc) and roxy washington (marvel).


The character of Ayo was created for the Ultimates (which I can’t ever recommend on principle) but most readers are most familiar with her from the recent Black Panther series by Ta-Nehisi Coates and the World of Wakanda spin-off (RIP).

Ayo was a member of the dora milaje who rebels to save her girlfriend. That’s right, Ayo is queer. And even though she’s in rebellion to the crown I don’t want want to put her in a “know your enemies” post because I don’t think of her as an enemy. I still have hope this will be resolved, and her story is told with pathos so she doesn’t feel like an antagonist.

Ayo will be played by Florence Kasumba who you may recall appeared briefly in the best scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Kasumba was only credited as “Security Chief” in that film, so when she officially joined the Black Panther film in October 2016 it was news that she was Ayo. I was surprised because Ayo had only really had a prominent role in the series since Coates began his run in April 2016. I was happy that Ryan Coogler was adapting his film to include both a character and an actress who had stood out while he must’ve been deep in pre-production. (I feel like some “auteurs” wouldn’t have been able to roll with that.)

I’m just really glad that Ayo is being included and doubly glad that Kasumba got rewarded for being an awesome scene-stealer in Civil War. (I actually pouted because I didn’t think she’d be able to be in BP! Since she was cast as one of the Amazons in Wonder Woman and I worried that would conflict! How cool is Florence Kasumba that she’s an Amazon and Wakandan? She’s living my best life and I can’t be jealous.)

I guess I should say that recently there was something of an internet kerfuffle when Vanity Fair reported that there was a romantic scene between Ayo and Okoye (Danai) in some mysterious footage they saw. (But no one else seems to have?) I didn’t reblog this even though I would be thrilled if it happened. I just thought it was suspicious because, again, I didn’t think Kasumba was available for a lot of the filming. (Even though she had very little screen time in Wonder Woman –she has just one line – I read the fight training for the Amazons was quite long.) Then it came out that it wasn’t true and there was a backlash saying Marvel was “straight-washing” Ayo, who is canonically queer. Sigh.

I think people are really hungry to see a PoC queer character in the Marvel films. I hope that Ayo gets to be that character, either in Black Panther or it’s inevitable awesome sequels because we’re all going to go opening night, right?

Fairy Tail Chapter 539 Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, this freaking chapter

Our cover is the GMG arc. Maybe this whole conclusion will turn out like the GMG arc, starts off good, then becomes bad, then becomes absolute garbage.

So we open on the random where Blue Pegasus is stationed. As they all begin to notice cracks in the sky.

Y’know what makes Jenny’s tears more sweet, the fact that Anna and Ichiya don’t show up in this chapter meaning there is a possibility they didn’t survive the christina explosion. I know I shouldn’t expect them to be dead but honestly wouldn’t that be a little interesting?

I just love all these looks of absolute terror.

My friends the king is back

Okay questions. First I understand eating the magic but the way Anna described it sounded like this wasn’t just magic but it actually was a space in between time, while Zeref said it’s overflowing with time magic which means Acnologia can eat it wouldn’t it still be hard and take time to get out of a rift in time and space? Second I never thought controlling the magic you ate was a problem for DS, in fact I believe it’s been a signature thing about how the DS body will adapt and incorporate what it’s eaten. In fact, we see that later on. Third I’m really just trying to hope this isn’t a new “level” of power because he’s already strong enough as it is, so I’m interpreting it as he’s just refueled himself from using up a lot of magic.

Acnologia whips out a technique called “Eternal Flare” (which sounds like he stole it from Atlas Flame) but hey lets check it out!

Thats… Thats my king’s roar! Okay if people don’t know I wrote a “How I would end Fairy Tail” and it has a big fight with Acnologia and he uses a technique I thought up called “King’s Roar” where he uses his breat attack (Y’know the energy blasts) and rains hell down upon the everyone. This is the same thing! This actually reminds me, there’s a fellow reviewer of mine named @ac-fairytail who made a prediction list and surprisingly a good chunk of her predictions actually came true. Well now with this our suspicions about Mashima just spending time on tumblr might actually be true.

Also literally 2 pages are devoted to destruction caused by this technique. On the one hand I like this for creating this sense of scope but on the other it seems like this eating away more page space than it needs to.

So we cut to Erza sinking and wow this is pointless, I mean regardless of the fact that she is basically invincible we see that focusing on her actually isn’t even for the future of the plot. I mean you are probably not going to do a damn thing this climax, Erza.

See! Wendy is taken! Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on the character that will actually have an effect on not only the future chapters but also the character who we’re suppose to feel scared for? No lets focus on Erza again!

So apparently eating time magic gave Acnologia Ban’s fox hunt because we see he’s just grabbing all the DS from first, second, and third gen. Also this scene with Lucy and Gray, first off my god the re writing ENDs’s book actually worked? The hell? To make sense of this I’m still under the theory that maybe there was an organic link transfer to Lucy from the book and that’s why Natsu didn’t die. Second, wow are they so oblivious to not notice the glowing light just sucked away their friend. Also this is my other problem with the chapter and it’s something we will get into post chapter follow up. 

So Natsu (And most likely the other DS) have been taken to this newly forming structure in the ravines of time where we see human Acnologia. Okay I made jabs saying that Natsu vs Zeref is just ripping of Haru vs Lucia. Well maybe I was wrong. With being inside this area of time and a black sky plus the falling stars, this is basically a pseudo version of the star memory battlefield in Rave.

Post Chapter Follow up: This was honestly an okay chapter. What it does good is very obvious, it brings back Acnologia but what I really need to give credit to this chapter for is building tension. Watching just how big the strength of the widespread destruction is, plus the sheer terror of this situation really draws the reader in.

Now even though it’s okay it has some very hard to ignore flaws, the first being the moment of focusing on Erza. Why would you focus on someone who will most likely not be involved in the climax and is someone we obviously don’t fear will get taken by Acnologia. Now this isn’t me hating Erza it’s me hating the structure of the story telling. Speaking of structural problems, it bugs me is this chapter in context with the previous one we saw Natsu disappear then the cracks in the sky, but that’s not how the linear story telling went, the cracks are happening before the disappearance. It bothers me that Hiro wanted to have his cake and eat to because last chapter he did “death” of Natsu and the cliffhanger was the cracks even though that’s events out of order. It’s not even like this is so nitpicky that it doesn’t need to be fixed because in Tartaros when Mashima had the dual plots of Erza stopping face and Natsu facing Mard Geer he made clear distinction in the time difference of the events told out of order.

The biggest problem I have is the Acnologia plot convenience beam coming and grabbing all the dragon slayers. While I’m happy that we may get DS vs Acnologia we still don’t have any clue of what the DS have been doing and why we should now care. Wouldn’t it be so much better to use that breather chapter to check up on all these guys? What has happening to crime sorciere, how did they feel about Jellal just blowing them off or are they okay with it? What’s been going on with Sting and Rogue after their Larcade fight? With Gajeel and Laxus we see what they’ve been up to but the others are just being grabbed without enough build up of why we should care about the characters if their just going to be thrown into something with no build up, other than they are dragon slayers.

This chapter isn’t not bad it really is pretty decent, but it’s failings are still very note worthy.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • Average but done decently
  • good tension building
  • But some poor structure
A Midnight Snack (Tom Holland x Reader)

Y/N- Your name

Warnings: Zilch

Between studying part time and holding down 2 jobs just to pay for the excess of textbooks you needed, food was the last thing on your mind. On the go coffee and dry crackers with a bit of cheese was the lifestyle you had time for, but in the midst of a midnight craving, you could go for anything.

12:38am. It’d been 2 hours and you still couldnt manage to get to sleep. You’re 6am wake up was looking mighty shit at this point, but the salty goodness of a ham and cheese toasty sounded like it would bring world peace. Chucking your robe on, you made your way down the stairs of your Kingston townhouse you shared with your boyfriend, Tom.


After being with Tom for 3 years it only made sense that when he moved out of his parents home (just a stones throw away), that you moved in with him. Regardless of the fact that he was away so often filming and doing press, he wanted to be able to come home to you. You had just come back to your old share flat from the movies one day, pulling in to the drive way, Tom shut off the engine to take your hand in his. ‘Y/N love?’ his voice shifted as he called your attention. ‘What is it Tom?’

‘I was thinking, I love you and everything.’

‘We’ve been together for 3 years you dipshit, I’d bloody hope you woul-’

’-move in with me, please? When I move out next month, I want you to come with me. I plan on having you in my life for a fucking long time Y/N, and I just want to know that no matter where I am in the world, I’ll have someone who loves me the way you do to come home to.’ It caught you by surprise, and maybe you weren’t ready, and a little unsure, but you knew what you wanted.

'It’s about bloody time Thomas.’ - The chilled surfaced of the kitchen tiles shocked your feet as you made your way over to the pantry. Searching for the loaf of bread you needed to get this ham cheese toasty show on the road, a soft hum caught your ear, which slowly turned into a deep snore. Making your way out of the kitchen and across the hall to the living room you found Tom tucked in the corner of the lounge. His tousled brown locks hung over his drooped head, framing his face so they covered one of his eyes. Curled against one of the yellow cable knit cushions you had specifically said were for decorative purposes- he had one hand resting underneath his head while the other layed across his stomach. To your delight, he wore a total of no shirt whatsoever, revealing a spectrum of his hard work at the gym. This paired with the grey sweatpants he sported that hung low on his hips, you had never seen a more perfect vision.

As re runs of Love Island played on the television you crept lightly across the carpet, taking a seat on the lounge next to his head.

'Tom? Darling?’ you cooed to him as you carefully moved the hair out of his eyes. Taking your hand softly through the length of his soft curls, he stirred.

'Mm? Y/N?’ Hearing him say your name so dazed made you laugh a little. You slid your hand down, taking his cheek in your hand and as you leaned down to peck him sweetly on the lips you so longed to touch, he swept you up turning you on your back, pinning you beneath his tensed arms.

'TOM! I thought you were asleep you dick!’ you accused, hitting him on his chest.

'Well I was! It’s your presence love, I can sense it, it calls to me. It’s like spidey sense’

You stared at him blankly, 'you are so full of shit’.

'I know, but you love it’ he winked slyly.

Tom bent down taking a finger slowly down the side of your neck. You could hear his breathing, steady and constant. When he kissed you hard in that moment, biting your lip, inhaling your very being with all the love he had, you almost started to forget about your ham and cheese toasty.

'As much as I am loving this and am very excited about where we could take it, I did come down here for a purpose’ you stated affirmatively.

'And what would that be darling girl?’ Tom had started to move lower, you had barley realised he was attending to the sensitive spot just above your hip.

'A ham and cheese toasty.’

'You’re telling me you would rather be having a cheese toasty right now?’

'Well a HAM and cheese toasty, and yes, I’m STARVING’ you whined, slightly child like.

Sighing slightly, Tom rolled to his right off of the lounge, taking a hand through his misplaced hair. He offered you a hand up.

'C'mon then. Let’s get the lady what she needs.’

You took his hand, getting off of the lounge, you both made your way back to the kitchen, Tom holding you firmly by your waist, almost guiding you. Opening the pantry you started looking for the loaf of bread again when Tom stopped you. 'Just what do you think your doing my sweet?’

'I’m getting the bread out, you grab the sandwich press.’

'No no. My girl wants a ham and cheese toasty, that’s what I’ll give her.’ 'Come here’ he said coming chest to head with you. He clamped his hands around the back of your thighs and lifted you, sitting you on the kitchen bench.

'I’m gonna make you the best toasty you’ve ever bloody had.’ You laughed at him, appreciating him all at the same time. As he threw some packet cheese slices and some left over ham on some bread, you questioned, 'the BEST hey?’

'Of course!’ He chucked the hot toasty on a plate bringing it over to you. He slipped himself to stand between your legs, 'open up then’ he said as he brought the toasty to your mouth. Taking a bite you were fulfilled with satisfaction, your late night craving slowly being cured. 'Mm that’s amazing.’

'I told you sooo’ Tom sang successfully. You finished off your much needed snack in a solid minute flat. Putting your plate to the side of you on the bench, you wrapped your arms around Toms neck, pulling him closer into your grip.

'So is there anything you can’t do?’ you drew circles on the back of his shoulder, kissing his jaw, moving swiftly to his lips. You pulled away to look at the kind brown eyes you fell in love with all those years ago.

'Of course not love. I’m Spider-Man.’

•This is my first piece of writing for Tom Holland. I know it’s short and kind of terrible but I hope you like it xx