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Friends and fandoms

Friends will talk fandom with you.

Best friends will talk fandom and headcanons with you.

Brain twins will talk fandom and headcanons with you in caps, until you’re basically writing shoutey fanfic at each other on IM.

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Parentheses are my favorite characters. I really need more blogs to follow:
- MLP (Maud Pie, Diamond Tiara, Sunset Shimmer)
- Avengers Assemble (Hazmat, Mettle)
- New Mutants (Mirage/Psyche, Magma, Karma)
- The Runaways (Xavin, Lucy in the Sky/Karolina Dean)
- New X-Men (Surge, Elixir, Prodigy, [see charas from New Mutants])
- Marvel in general (MAGNETO)
- Yurikuma Arashi
- Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
- Tokyo Mew Mew (Mint/Minto)
- Marvel movie gifs (x-men)
- Any yuri tbh
- Big Hero 6 comics (Honey Lemon)
- Blizzard Games (Slyvanas, Ana, Illidan, MURLOCS)
- Whatever other geeky shtick

Not too many straight guys I know also like slash (though a lot more these days than when I was younger) and even fewer understand my adoration for the pairing of Logan and Scott. So, that’s why I’m hella thankful for my best brov Jon here, who not only puts up with my love for shipping fictional characters in gay relationships without judging me or thinking it also makes me gay, but for the fact the guy’s got enough of a set to actually do pairing pictures with me and not worry about what it makes people think of him. 

The guy’s a fucking brov, give him a round of applause. 

Speed Animation 143

Since i had so much fun animating Nightcrawler yesterday, I thought that i’d do it again.  I’m a lot happier with this one because i focused more on posing along with the timing and the spacing.  But shame on me for straight aheading all of the animation…   I think that the teleporting effect is more clear today as well.  this test took about an hour and a half, taking frequent breaks from work.  

First shot of my Female Bathingsuit Colossus from ColossalCon 2015!

Photo by Martin Wong
Cosplayer Cendrillon Cosplay

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Finally my little X-Men: Days of future past animation is done!! :D
I just wated to draw 2 characters floating in there….but I had fun drawing again after some time, so I made everyone flying through Blinks portals :D