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okay I just saw Spider-Man Homecoming and now I can’t stop thinking about Dean being a total freaking science nerd all awkward and halfway in love with his best friend, Cas. Cas, who is a total genius and super popular and who has no earthly idea that Dean is the masked vigilante giving people directions and catching bike thieves. Which is fine by Dean, because Castiel has already confessed that he has a total crush on Spider-Man… and the former is pretty damn sure that Cas thinks the man behind the mask has it all figured out: older, mature, attractive—not a sixteen year-old who shares a room with his younger brother. (How Sam still doesn’t know about Spidey, Dean isn’t sure.)

Anyway, Cas comes over one night to work on their part of the robotics for the after-school team, and waits in Dean’s room because Bobby says he’s out. He sits on Dean’s bunk (the bottom) and waits and waits and waits, until fucking Spider-Man climbs in through the ceiling and carefully closes the goddamn door. Spider-Man. Spider-Man, who is clearly Dean Winchester.

Cas basically has a heart attack.

And so does Dean, if we’re being honest.

This results in a handful of days where Castiel continues an incessant line of questioning, the whole thing culminating in his desire to be Dean’s right hand man, his “guy in the chair”, if you will.

Of course, Dean says yes.

And of course, it’s when they’re hanging out in Dean’s room–the latter hanging upside down with a web and Cas lounging on Dean’s bed, that the former gets up and presses an upside down kiss to his best friend’s mouth.

Dean is speechless, and to his half-formed words of disbelief, Castiel merely shrugs.

“I liked you way before I liked Spider-Man,” the blue-eyed boy says. “And I was getting tired of waiting.”

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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Review

Michael Keaton’s obsession with playing winged characters amuses me. Batman, Birdman, the Vulture…who’s next?

Plot: Several months after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens, New York City while fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges.

I was never a big fan of Spider-man. I never hated the character or anything like that, but I just never had as much of an interest in him as many other people have had. And all of the Spider-man films that I have seen, those being the Sam Raimi trilogy and those two Andrew Garfield starring ones, none of those had any kind of big impact on me, with the closest one being ‘Spider-Man 2′. Now we have Tom Holland stepping in, and he was one of the best parts of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ along-side Ant-man, so that did make me at least slightly interested in this new one. However at the same time I was sceptical, as Spider-man has been done so many times on film by now that it is kind of getting ridiculous. I mean, they all focus on the same thing with Peter Parker navigating his way through his adolescence while also contending with being a crime-fighting superhero. Now in this new reboot luckily we have a new ordeal with Peter Parker navigating through high school……while also contending with being a crime fighting superhero, huh. Gotta say though, I did really dig the whole high school vibe in this film, as it really reminded me a lot of the high school indie films that came out in the past few years like ‘Edge of Seventeen’ or ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ or even going as far back as the ‘Freaks and Geeks’ TV show. That really added to my enjoyment of the film. The story, well, it’s nothing new, just our friendly neighbourhood Spidey saving the day once again from a bunch of baddies. Sony also takes a massive advantage of the fact that they can now use Spidey in the MCU by having the plot revolve a lot around the Avengers tower (yes, that thing still exists), and also having Tony Stark be a mentor figure for Peter Parker even though he doesn’t really do much mentoring.

The action in the film is fairly enjoyable, especially a scene revolving around Spidey saving a bunch of fellow high-schoolers from an incident at the Washington Monument. The final action sequence is a bit overblown with CGI, but not to the extent of the final battle in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′. Spidey’s new suit is cool though. Also, if you are expecting this to be a proper standalone Spider-man movie, then you might be disappointed, as the amount of MCU references in it are mind-boggling, and also it picks up a few months after the events of ‘Captain America: Civil War’, so if you haven’t seen that film, it’ll help for you to watch that one before watching this one.

The acting chops in this film are it’s strongest mark. Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-man, as he manages to be great as Peter Parker and Spider-man both at the same time, and there is even a certain scene to the end of the film where Holland shows off his dramatic side. Robert Downey Jr. appears as Iron Man, and luckily he is only a supporting role, so he doesn’t overshadow Tom Holland, but I liked his presence in the film. He successfully showed in his performance how he felt like he was talking to his younger self as much as he was talking Peter. What annoyed me about his character was how he refused to listen to Peter. Peter keeps telling him about all these things that Vulture is doing, but Tony simply shrugs it all off as if not much is happening. I kind of imagined Tony to take Peter more seriously. Michael Keaton for me was the stand out as the Vulture, as he had the right around of rugged menace to him, and I also understood his character motivation. A rare time when an MCU villain is actually memorable. So far it was just Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, now I’ll also say Michael Keaton’s Vulture. Zendaya plays the mysterious character of Michelle, and she mainly was in the film for comic relief, however it so obvious that they are setting her up to becoming Peter Parker’s love interest. It’s way too obvious. Peter Parker’s actual love interest in this film Liz is played by Laura Harrier, and she had the right amount of sweetness to her, though she is quite under-used. Other high-school character include Tony Revolori’s Flash Thompson, Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend Ned, Angourie Rice (of ‘The Nice Guys’ fame) as Betty Brant and others, all of which gave a nice new spin on their characters from the comics, whilst still doing them justice. Donald Glover was rumoured to play Miles Morales, but he actually plays this thug named Aaron Davis who does sweet FA in the film. Jon Favreau returns as Happy Hogan (who ain’t that happy!), and it’s nice to see his return after not being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for so long. And the cast is rounded up by Marisa Tomei as Peter’s Aunt May, and though she isn’t in the film much, it was always nice to see Peter have that parental figure in his life.

The film is generally quite enjoyable, with a few surprises to offer up its sleeve, and mainly standing out thanks to its cast performances, and it’s a definite treat for fans of the character, but there is no denying that at the end of the day it’s the same old shenanigans being rehashed over and over again. Oh, and of course we cannot forget the big massive Sony product placement in this film, this time it being with Audi. The amount of times we see a goddamn Audi in this film is simply ridiculous. There is even a scene where Peter steals and uses an Audi to get to his destination when it would have been much more simpler to use his web-slings to jump across the city in his Spidey suit, like he usually does!

Overall score: 7/10

TOP MOVIE QUOTE: “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.”