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It’s time to Hero Up! Join us for all-new epic adventures during the Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure Park. And don’t miss our awesome new attraction- Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! The excitement begins May 27.

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1967 Alley Awards  Popularity Poll

The Alley Award was an American series of comic book fan awards, first presented in 1962 for comics published in 1961. Officially organized under the aegis of the Academy of Comic Book Arts and Sciences, the award shared close ties with the fanzine Alter Ego magazine. The Alley is the first known comic book fan award.

The Alleys were given out from 1962 to 1970 (for comics published 1961–1969, respectively), with comic strip awards added in 1967 (for calendar year 1966). The awards were presented at all three Academy Cons from 1965–1967. The final three years’ awards were presented at Phil Seuling’s New York Comic Art Convention.

1967 Alley Awards Popularity Poll

Best Costumed or Powered Hero - Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)

Best Normal Adventure Hero - Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Comics)

Best Super-Powered Group - Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)

Best Normal Adventure Group - Challengers of the Unknown (DC Comics)

Best Male Normal Supporting Character - J. Jonah Jameson (The Amazing Spider-Man) (Marvel Comics)

Best Female Normal Supporting Character - Mary Jane Watson (The Amazing Spider-Man) (Marvel Comics)

Best Villain - Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four) (Marvel Comics)

Best New Strip - “Deadman”, by Arnold Drake & Carmine Infantino, in Strange Adventures (DC Comics)

Best Revived Strip - “Blue Beetle” (Charlton Comics)

Strip Most Needing Improvement - “Batman” (DC Comics)

Strip Most Desired for Revival - “Adam Strange (DC Comics)

Fan Art is art

I know lots of people don’t believe that fan art is real art. That fan art couldn’t be hung up in a museum. Not like the great pieces of work that are hung up. Except as long as art has existed we have done fan art. Cave paintings of stories were fan art. The 16th chapel is just some bible fan art. The renaissance was an era of much great and famous fan art. Great depictions of only very recently dead religions were painted due to raw love of the stories.

Art creates art, art feeds art, the more art that exists the more it serves to make. That is the stunning beauty of art when we get Sherlock Holmes in novel form artists depict what they view Holmes as. In other forms of writing, in paintings, in acting, in things that are spiritually in tone like Batman. Then the works of arts created thanks to Holmes then create other works and so on. That’s what’s amazing about art and looking down at fan art is really this insane feat. I’ve talked before about most if not all art being inspired by some other forms of art in some way shape or form. So I won’t repeat myself but art depicting a version of Link a fan wants to see is no less valid then modern art with splashes of colors on a wait canvas. 

Fan art isn’t suddenly not valid because someone chose not to pay the artists to do it. Artist get paid to make art, lots of artists for comics are fans of the characters they use. Are we going to say Spider-Man artists art isn’t real because the artists love Spider-Man?  The difference can’t just be a pay check for fan art. While obviously someone is taking home a more money and likely more validation in their creation they both create art. Many professional artists also make fanart of things because not all art has to lead to a pay day.

That’s not even to speak for the way the internet works many creators of fan art are now working in the industry. That goes from Adventure Time comics back up stories to full on published works. Fans of things are now able to create things in real ways thanks to the evolution of the internet. In some ways we’re seeing a return of long gone forms of storytelling like Greek Mythology where people would tell stories inspired by others stories and their personal life. Making fan art is simply making a stamp in something you love. You may go from fan art to designing a new look for a reboot of your favorite video game series. 

Art is art is art and the sooner we accept fan art the better our artist sphere will be. I mean the only reason I can even think of the kick back is maybe because unlike many professional workers fan art is a female dominated art arena. Go to a con and likely you’ll see a lot of the people creating fan art are woman sharing their passion. I don’t have stats to back that up but it is my experience so that might be one reason. That said we can say for sure that we need to see more great fan art. The world would be a worse place if fans weren’t making amazing things inspired by the things they loved.

Comics pull list for 11 February, 2015

  • Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift #2 – Marceline is probably my favorite Adventure Time character
  • Amazing Spider-Man #14
  • Captain Marvel #12
  • Spider-Woman #4 – Does Jess get her new costume in this issue?
  • Thor #5 – I hope we find out the identity of the new Thor soon!

The Unbelievable Gwenpool has been surprisingly great.  Excellent art by GuriHiru and a fantastic story by Christopher Hastings that manages to mix lighthearted action and humor while still keeping a strain of a deeper character conflict and struggles to compliment it beautifully.  It reminds me a lot of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man.  I highly recommend people give it a shot.

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More sketch dump from last years’ drawing book! There was a lot of venture bros and Spider-Man and supernatural and not much else ahaha. I tried to get a good amount of the OCs I actually managed to draw. I like this sketch dump a lot I’m glad I actually went back and found these! :)))

Ahahaha snuck in those Jackie chan adventures OCs too whoopsy daisies XD