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a list of things that happens in every fandom that makes no sense
  1. shipping two characters that have never met or interacted and most likely won’t actually have chemistry when they do 
  2. shipping pairing just to stand out even if the relationship is toxic , like the characters wouldn’t work at all based on the characters personality 
  3. not letting a ship die even if one of the characters involved already has …. (yes I’m looking at you arkos shippers stop it already your mourning Pyrrah more then needed season five is in September this needs to stop)
  4. making a ridiculous ship that gets the most traffic but when the creator tells you a fact that contradict that ship but its full steams ahead even though the creator disapproves (this is why creators fear fans now)
  5. incest shipping
  6. selfcest basically shipping the character with themselves from another Au .( I blame the onceler for this happing !)
In the Right Direction { VxMC - Soulmate!AU}

Words: 3,620 (so its a long post and I won’t put it under a “keep reading” because that messes up on mobile for some reason?)

So here’s the first part of that Soulmate!AU I talked about a very;;; long time ago ^^;; But here it is;; idk if its good but here you are;;;  ~Admin 404


                His compass practically screamed that this cute, blonde girl in his gallery wasn’t the person he thought she was. He elected to ignore this stupid hunk of junk because he believed he had found his sun. Though Jumin has told him numerous times to listen to his head every once in a while instead of his heart, he just couldn’t dismiss these strong feelings.

               When he found her and their relationship to be… less than ideal, he should have listened to his head. Could he just up and leave this women he spent so much time, passion, and love on? He could live with growing old with someone besides his designated soulmate, as long as he was with someone he loved. But now she’s gone, and he has nothing left to look forward to.

               The people close to him knew how much he wanted to find the love of his life– how much he just wanted to love and be loved back. They’ve always told him to just follow his compass, don’t look up until the needle starts to spin like crazy. You would think that’s what he would be doing from the beginning, but he wanted to give everyone a chance.

               Most people in this world look only for their soulmate– using the compass given to them at birth to search the world with a fine-toothed comb, eyes constantly glued to the small circular object– missing out on amazing connections, marvelous adventures– they’re missing out on what could have been an extravagant love! He wanted to change all of that; he wanted to prove that you can live happily with someone you love, despite the fact that someone is out in the world, completely perfect for you. Love can be found in imperfections.

               His history with Rika didn’t change this outlook on this ideal, not even in the slightest. If anything, it solidified his thoughts! He truly loved her, but now he’s able to see that he just wasn’t the one for her and vice versa. Though, after the ordeal, he was left wondering just how love would feel with his soulmate. Someone he was literally made for… the love had to be something other-worldly, right?

               Jumin was the one to finally push him into searching for you. Jihyun was already traveling for his photography, it wouldn’t be too hard to search for you as well. It took quite a bit of pushing to get him to agree, however.

               "V, listen to me. You’re already going abroad to take photos for your next gallery. You can search for your soulmate along the way,“ he  explained, taking a sip from his glass of wine.

               "But what if Rika was already the one? What if my compass is just broken? What if it never worked in the first place? What if-” he was cut off by Jumin scoffing.

               "Why don’t you just try it, V. It really won’t hurt you. You might find your other half, the perfect one for you, the peanut butter to your jelly, your-“

               "Who are you and what have you done to Jumin Han?” his laughter following the question soft and light, “I thought you didn’t believe in love of any sort?”

               His friend shrugged before taking another sip of his wine, “I don’t exactly, but I do believe in your happiness. I think you should try and find what I know will make you the happiest.”

               That was it- that was all he needed to now be sat on a plane, looking out of the window at the clouds surrounding the aircraft. ‘I won’t look at my compass until I’m settled in on the ground. I won’t make this a big thing,’ he thought to himself, 'it’ll be alright. If I find them, great, if I don’t, that’s alright too.’ All the excitement he had for this photography trip was slowly deteriorating because he couldn’t help but think about the navigation device. What if he really did find the one on this trip? What would he even do; what would he even say? He couldn’t help but be worried about just who you were, how the two of you would intermingle- but his biggest worry was what if you didn’t believe in soulmates? What if you were like him, and believed in natural love, but only natural love?

               Those intrusive thoughts were the only things he could think of. It finally got to the point where he put his camera down and only followed his compass. He followed it across multiple cities, countries even! The only time he was ripped away from his compass was when he kept receiving call after call from Saeyoung.

               "Is everything alright? You’ve called me a lot in the past-“

               "There’s someone new in the chatroom,” came Luciel’s anxious voice, out of breath and dripping with concern.

               "What do you mean? That’s impossible, isn’t it? I thought you had everything secure and-“

               "I did! I did and that’s the problem! How did they get into the chat? How did they get past all of my security, how did they-”

               "Luciel,“ Jihyun started, speaking low and slow to help his friend calm down, "Take a moment to catch your breath. Obviously, finding out how this person joined our closed group is the big question here, but you have to think about another fairly important question.”

               "And what is that exactly?“ He asked, audibly a little calmer thanks to Jihyun.

               "Just who this person is. Running a background check is fairly important.  We don’t know who they are, or if they’re trying to harm us. I’m counting on you to figure this out, Luciel,” he couldn’t bring himself to talk anymore, so he hung up the phone. He felt as thoughts rushed through his mind- who could it be? How did they get into their private messenger? Are they there to hurt him or his friends? Was it… no, it couldn’t be. His phone lit up less than a moment later, baring Luciel’s name again.

               "Did you find anything?“ he asked, not so much as a hello.

               "It’s a girl,” he replied- he seemed 10 times more calm than he did in his last phone call.

               "A girl? Really? I need all of the details, no matter how small you think they are,“ he started to head back where he was staying during his trip, the photos and compass both thrown to the back of his mind. 'Finding love can wait,’ he thought, 'my friend’s securities are much more important.’

               Later that day, he finally got a chance to log into the chat room, hoping to talk to this new stranger. It was a simple conversation, but he felt this weird feeling in the bottom of his stomach. Was this feeling fear? Maybe it was panic? He just knew it was brand-new and unexplainable. Brushing it off as the general anxiety that comes with a situation such as this one, he decided the best course of action would be to work with her. Denying her access could make things 10 times worse. He didn’t want to believe that this could have been connected to Rika and her organization, but he couldn’t rule it out, either.  He headed home the moment he could, his photos could wait, his compass was thrown into his jacket pocket and forgotten about.

               The first few nights, he found himself logging into the chatroom once everyone had gotten off, reading each and every message. All of them wanted him to set a date for the new party, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to. He had a bad feeling that his previous love was behind it all, but reading how nice and caring you are to all of his friends… he didn’t think you were truly involved. You were some sort of pawn and he hated that you were a pawn in this mysterious game.

               But, looking through all of the messages, he always found himself smiling when he saw your name popping up and he didn’t bother to stop himself. You were so warm and inviting, you seemed interested in everyone’s well beings, and you had nothing to gain from caring about them all yet you continued to. You were… different than Rika. You were everything Rika pretended to be.

               As days passed, everyone seemed openly surprised the fact that Jihyun had come to the chatroom more often than he has in the past few years, but he couldn’t explain to them why. Although it hurt to stare at the phone for too long, he suffered through it just to talk to you. When he couldn’t see anymore for the day, he would call you. Talking until the early hours of the day were a common thing between the two of you already. Hearing you fall asleep on the phone made his heart skip a beat, and he didn’t think he could feel that again- let alone so soon.

               You talked about anything and everything. Places you’d love to travel, stories behind some of the pictures he’s taken, he’s even talked to you about his concerns for his friends and a hypothetical situation about his ex.  He felt like he could talk to you about anything in the world, but it had only been a few short days. Sure, he was open with his love and cared about everyone but there was just something a little bit different with you.

               "MC, may I ask you something?” he whispered into his phone, laying in his bed with an arm thrown over his currently burning eyes, his phone to his ear.

               "You know you can ask me anything, V,“ you answered just as quietly, though to him it sounded as if you were always singing. Your voice was just so heavenly to his ears and his heart.

               "It’s about love. What do you believe in?” he paused, taking in a shaky breath that he hoped you couldn’t hear. “Do you believe in natural love? Or do you believe in the fact that everyone has someone in the world made specifically for them?” he asked cautiously, scared to hear a certain answer. When you took what felt like a million years to answer in that sweet, soft voice of yours.

               "I believe in love. Whether its love that forms between two people who truly have a connection, or if it’s the kind of love between two halves of one soul. Either of them are absolutely beautiful,“ you answered, hearing him let out a soft sigh. He couldn’t help but smile at your answer. Why did he even bother to ask? Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew you would view it in the same light as himself.

               "Have you been in love, MC?” he asked before he could even realize the thought passed his mind. You gave a soft sound of disagreement, and his previously large smile simmered down to a softer, warmer one. “One day,” his words ghosted, “I hope that love is directed towards me.”

               His hand flew to his mouth and his eyes shot open, realizing the words that just came from his mouth. “I-I um,” he stammered, his face turning a crimson colour, “F-forget I said anything. It’s… it’s late, I should have let you gone to bed a while ago, I apologize. I’ll um, I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Good night.”

               He rushed to end the call, his hands shaking the whole time as he strained his eyes to see the end button on his phone.  He was in such disbelief that he let that slip off of his tongue. There was some sort of feelings for you in his heart but he didn’t know if it was love per say. It was different than what he felt for Rika, but he knew he wanted to pursue it, just… not so suddenly. He spent hours just thinking, burying his face into his pillow and contemplating all of his feelings. He was afraid he made things uncomfortable between the both of you and he was worried. However, now the need to protect you was solidified in his mind- he couldn’t let anyone get to you, not even Rika.

               Over the course of the next two days, he still visited the chatroom to see you, but not for as long as he previously would. He noticed that you treated him just the same as before, but he couldn’t shake his awkward feeling. He decided to just talk through it with you at the party, that way he has a day or so to prepare exactly what he wanted to say. Too bad Jihyun’s plans never work out the way he wants them to.

               He picked up his phone, greeting a frantic Luciel. Before he could mutter a 'What’s wrong’,  Luciel is talking a mile a minute and Jihyun just couldn’t keep up.

               "V. It’s the security system for the apartment,“ the younger man started. Jihyun moved to sit on the edge of his seat, his eyebrows furrowing together. "The… special security system,” he finished. His eyes practically popping out of his head, Jihyun stood up, already trying to feel his way to his front door.

               "What about the system? What’s wrong with it? What about MC? Luciel, please tell me that MC is alright,“ he panicked, feeling around for his jacket. He didn’t want to hear what was coming next but he knew he had to, for MC’s safety.

               "It’s… it’s been compromised, someone hacked into it. Probably the same person who led MC there in the first place. It’s been armed and disarmed, over and over again. I’ve been trying to take back control of it, but there’s always the possibility that they could-” Jihyun cut off the red head with a loud curse. Luciel knew just how upset his friend was now due to the fact he next to never used such strong language.

               "I’m going. I’m getting MC out of there,“ he stated, leaving the house and frantically trying to make his way to the apartment. He was tired of hearing Luciel try to tell him to just stay put, it was too dangerous, especially for him and the state of his eyes but he didn’t care. All he cared about was getting you out of that apartment and getting you safe, away from it all, where he can physically hold and protect you. He never even got to see you in person, there was no way he was going to let the world take you from him so soon. There were so many things he wanted to know, needed to know about you before he would ever be satisfied in life.

               Breathing heavier than he ever had in his life, legs shaking like Jell-O, and his eyesight worse due to the mixture of terrified tears and the wind piercing his eyes, he arrived at the apartment, knowing he had to calm himself down before MC opened that door. Leaning a hand against the doorway to make sure he didn’t fall over, he brought his other hand to knock on the door. Before he did, he could hear your panicked voice muffled behind the door.

               "Seven, what do you mean? What are you talking about? A BOMB? There’s a BOMB in this apartment? Why would you- Who would-,” he could only imagine you would shake your head in disbelief at this point, “Nevermind. You know what I don’t want to know why there’s a FREAKING BOMB. So what… what do I do? Do I… do I leave? Do you think it’ll go off?”

               Jihyun’s fist hovered in front of the door, afraid to knock and only make the situation worse. Maybe Luciel was right? Maybe he shouldn’t have come, the younger man was surely capable of taking care of it himself. His self-doubting thoughts were washed away when he strained to hear your quiet voice whimper behind the door.

               "I just wish V were here. He’d know what to do. I’d definitely feel better…“ hearing you wish for him brought the warmest smile to his face. His heart started to beat so fast it stuttered and his whole abdomen was full of millions of butterflies. Before he could change his mind or run away, he rasped his knuckles against the door, ready to finally see you with his own two eyes… He hoped he would be able to see clearly when the door flew open. He could hear Luciel yelling through the phone not to open the door, in case it was the hacker, he saw a figure wielding what looked like a lamp over their head, ready to protect themselves.

               "MC, wait! It’s me,” he begged, stepping back slightly to avoid the lamp colliding with his head if you were to swing. He watched the lamp get lowered as you raised your face to look him in the eyes. He believed in heaven, he believed in angels, and he believed in miracles- you were all three to him in that exact moment.

               His fuzzy eyesight didn’t clear completely, but when he looked at you, it seemed like you were in high definition. The world was blurry but you were the clarity in his life he had been looking for- apparently you were the clarity his eyes needed as well. He quickly glanced at his surroundings, noticing nothing was clear to him but you. You seemed to have this heavenly glow surrounding you as well- was this what an aura was? Or was that the indication of your wings, because he sincerely believed you had wings. He felt like he had finally found the last true mouthpiece of heaven,  these few seconds feeling like the rest of his life, and he was content with that. Your growing smile was like the light of God, shining brightly and piercing him straight to his heart and soul.

               He watched as you ran towards him, his arms instinctively opening to hold you close. The moment your bodies made contact, electricity shot through him, and his chest felt… full. He knew his heart was pounding loud enough for his newfound love to hear, but he didn’t care. He wanted them to know just how fondly he thought of them, how much they had an impact on his heart.

               "MC, it’s alright, I’m here for you,“ he whispered against the top of your head, burying his smile in your hair before continuing in a soft voice, "I came to protect you.” keeping your arms wrapped around him, you pulled you head away from his chest to look up at him, locking eyes and offering him a small smile.

               "You ran all the way here, for me?“ your smile dropped, a concerned look replacing it, "but you could have been really hurt! V, that’s-” he cut you off by placing a finger to your lips, smiling at the small blush that rose on your cheeks.

               "Jihyun. Please, I want to hear that heavenly smooth voice say my actual name,“ he proposed, gently laughing at just how much your blush had grown. He wouldn’t bother hiding his feelings anymore, he had already exposed himself days before.  You hid your face back against his chest, running from your embarrassment as the two of you just stood holding each other in the hallway for several minutes. Luciel kept taking screenshots from the security cameras and sent them to the group chat, frantically fangirling.

               Your eyebrows furrowed together as you removed your head from his chest again, earning a head tilt from him in return. Patting his jacket pocket, your own head tilted to the side.

               "V- I mean, Jihyun, what’s this in your pocket? It’s… slightly vibrating,” you asked, watching as he stuck his hand in there to find out himself. He didn’t remember his phone being in that pocket…

               The both of you shared a gasp as you looked at the small compass laying in his palm, the needle spinning in frantic circles the closer your own hand got to the device. The moment your fingers grazed the metal cylinder, it dissipated into thin air, both you and Jihyun watching it leave his hand. He looked up at you with his eyes wide, his mouth slightly hanging open in disbelief. You looked into his eyes before smiling, reaching into your pocket to pull out your own, holding it out to him with your eyes full of love. You were completely ready to combine the two halves of your souls, right then and there and he was so overwhelmed with emotions that tears started to stream down his face, only to break when they hit his smile. He slowly extended his hand to lay it over the compass, feeling it dissipate and he gently held onto your hand, leaning forward to place a kiss between your eyes.

               "I wouldn’t have expected this, MC. I always believed in natural love, finding my true soulmate always came second,“ he started, looking at your hands, beginning to interlace his fingers with your own, "But now that I’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to find the one just for me, I understand why people look for their other half. You are my heaven. You are my clarity in this world,” he looked into your eyes hoping to convey just how much he already loved you with the emotions in his own before he brought his face closer, looking between your eyes and you lips, only fully leaning in to place a loving kiss to your lips once he saw you lean into him.

               "You, MC, are the only thing I’m going to see for the rest of my life, and I’ve never been happier to have finally followed the right direction.“



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What do you think of Citizen Kane? I find it okay, but overrated. I still don't get the hype. I read critics reviews, and every kind of praise on Kane, but still i don't get it.

Ok so yeah I have mixed feelings about Kane … In response to another ask I wrote a little about it here. But basically I think it’s great in terms of innovation/ pushing the medium forward, like how gleefully Welles (as a first time film maker!) embraced so many cool techniques (the stuff everybody talks about like overlapping dialogue and extreme camera angles and framing the story through the lens of a reporter investigating a story) as well as incorporating a lot of stuff he’d done in the theatre, but the film doesn’t always seem cohesive as a whole to me, and it leaves me a little cold on an emotional level?? There is a marvelous passage however in Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay in which the main characters attend the premier of Kane in NYC, and they (well, Chabon really) go bonkers for the movie, and note all of the cool things in the film that they/he regard to be inspired by comics and comic book art … So that’s cool, and it almost made me like the movie more, seeing it through his perspective. So I don’t know that I’d call it overrated, it’s certainly been really influential, but I don’t think it’s the BEST movie, ya know?? Mostly for me, the thing that bugs me the most is that I think the acting is really “stagey,” not surprising since Welles was coming out of theatre, but that really turns me off in a movie. If I want to see stage acting I’ll just go to the theatre. Despite loving movies in part because they can incorporate so many other art forms, I still think certain techniques work better in their native format🤷🏻‍♂️

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