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You can tell it’s a good Iron Man comic if Tony is naked and crying, possibly in the rain, because he thinks none of his friends love him. – Sineala

Other signs of a good Iron Man comic:

- Tony thinks about how everyone would be better off if he was dead.

- Tony does a heartwarming charity-type thing that involves not just giving money but also time and energy (create and support a battered women’s shelter, visit small children in the hospital, etc.)

- Tony shuts himself in his lab/workshop and doesn’t come out (or sleep or eat) for multiple days. (Steve, Happy Hogan, Pepper, or Jarvis stopping by to go “WTF, Tony, eat some food and take a nap!” is optional, but most opt to include it)

- Tony has built a shiny new toy new piece of technology. He’s going to test it himself, right now. He already has ideas about how to improve it.

- Somebody else has designed/built a shiny new toy. Tony already has ideas about how to improve it.

- A piece of Tony’s technology comes to life. It loves him very much. It also wants to destroy him.

- Someone wants to steal Tony’s tech and use it for nefarious purposes/already has stolen it and is already using it for nefarious purposes. This is all Tony’s fault and he must stop them at any cost.

- Tony is suffering from some kind of injury/illness/other health issue (heart condition is the most common but far from the only life-threatening thing he’s suffered from). He puts on the armor and fights the villain anyway/puts on the expensive business attire and does the important Stark Industries-related thing anyway. Then he collapses from exhaustion/illness/bloodloss/concussion/the tech implanted in his chest that keeps him alive running out of power/a heart attack.

- Tony is suffering from the above-mentioned serious medical condition. He keeps it a secret from almost everyone so as not to upset/worry them and/or reveal his Iron Man identity.

- Tony is dealing with a serious personal problem of some kind. He keeps it secret from almost everyone so as not to upset/worry them and/or because he’s ashamed of it/afraid of their disapproval. It is his responsibility to fix it ALL BY HIMSELF.

- Tony is dealing with a dangerous threat to the entire Avengers team/entire city/entire planet/entire universe. He keeps it secret from almost everyone (including people who really REALLY ought to be told about it ASAP because it directly involves them) so as not to upset/worry them and/or because he knows they’ll disapprove of his methods for dealing with it/he doesn’t want them to have to dirty their hands dealing with it. It is his responsibility to fix it ALL BY HIMSELF.

- One of the other Avengers/one of Tony’s employees is dealing with a personal problem or superhero-related problem of some kind. Tony wants to make sure they know that they don’t have to deal with it alone.

- Tony performs a Grand Romantic Gesture for his current love interest and/or performs a similar Grand Gesture (ex: “I’ll give away my beloved childhood home to Luke Cage for a dollar for the good of the Avengers”/“You dropped your shield in the ocean so I used my billionaire resources to search the entire ocean for it in my spare time”/etc.) for an Avengers teammate

- Tony like someone/thinks he owes someone something/feels bad for someone, so he immediately offers them a job with Stark Industries, buys them a house/car/fancy piece of tech/etc., or invites them to join the Avengers, even though he’s only just met them in this very issue.

- Something bad happens involving SI or his tech. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

- Something bad happens involving the Avengers. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

- Something bad happens in his general vicinity and/or that even tangentially involves him in any way. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

I literally just ship Tony with happiness like yes I have a favorite pairing with him but i really just want him to be HAPPY. LIKE HE IS MY FAVORITE LITTLE GENIUS SUPERHERO LET HIM BE HAPPY.

The RhodeyTony November Bash

A few RhFe loving friends have gotten together and declared November 2016 to be RhodeyTony Month! Do you love the armorhusbands and all their sassy, banter-filled history? How about helping us add to the number of RhFe fics on AO3? Or just want to make some cute fanart or a fanmix you’ve been thinking about? Everything is welcome here for RhodeyTony Bash.

  • Any kind of fanwork is welcome. You can write/draw/make anything you want.
  • If you’re posting to AO3, please submit to the RhodeyTony November Bash collection.
  • If you’re posting on tumblr, please tag your work with “RhodeyTony November Bash”

This bash is a free-for-all but if you like having a prompt to get started, here are some for you to peruse:


  • Mama Rhodes
  • Thanksgiving
  • Earth-57289 (from CW II: Choosing Sides #2)
  • Meeting the parents
  • Kid fic
  • Ex-boyfriends
  • Memory loss
  • Dom/sub
  • Health scare
  • Arranged marriage
  • Unrequited love
  • Hogwarts AU
  • Professors at MIT

If you have questions, you can contact me, @inkyubus on tumblr or @inkyubus13 on twitter.

Lovely graphic made by @cafedaddy !


Howard was not a good father plain and simple. Maybe he had some good moments, but at the end of the day the bad outweighed that good. He demanded certain things from Tony, and even though he couldn’t understand them, these things managed to get ingrained so deeply into him that they really just became a part of who he is. Howard wanted a son who didn’t cry, who was strong. He wanted a son made of iron and he got that. This baby Tony is not a happy kid, he doesn’t’ smile, not even when playing with his toy, he’s emotionless. Adult Tony plasters on fake smiles, doesn’t ask for help even when he desperately needs it, and built himself an iron suit of armor to protect himself. He literally covered his heart with iron to protect it. Stark men are made of iron, and if nothing can get past the wall he puts up, nothing can hurt him. And that’s not even getting into the alcoholism and abuse. 

Tony just has a lot of deep-seated issues and I’m really sad about it okay?

Adds Evans: “Nobody’s wrong here. No one’s promoting evil. No one’s the bad guy. We just have different ways of being the good guy and that can get fiery.”

-Chris Evans, USA Today

You mean that you can have a conflict between two people without having a good guy and bad guy?? You mean that both sides can have reasonable arguments and reasonable justifications for their actions??? And they aren’t just being assholes for the sake of being an asshole??? You mean Civil War is actually just this big ambiguously grey area where everyone can be right and no one is wrong, it’s just a matter of personal beliefs??? You mean it’s possible to choose a side yet still respect and admire the people of the opposing side??? You mean everyone in this movie is just trying to do what they feel is right??? You mean everyone just wants to be a good person and help save and protect people???

You mean Tony Stark is NOT the villain of this movie???

What a fucking concept.