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Day #14: Your favorite romance

I’m not sure how cannon this is, especially since Superior Spiderman probably ruined all chances of this ever happening again, but I absolutely adore Carol Danvers and Peter Parker together. They’ve gone on a disastrous date and had some very flirtatious team ups. Venom even indicated that Carol had some feelings for Peter that were deeper than he realized. But now MJ is back and Doc Oc is in Peter’s body and has blown all my hopes and dreams to hell.


“I am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an X-Men, a lover, a wife, a queen. I am all these things. I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits.”

30 Days of Marvel Meme 

Day #1. Your favorite character

Let’s be frank here. Ororo Munroe is the greatest fictional character of all time. if you’ll return to my previous post about her here I gave a multitude of reasons but it boils down to this, Storm is beautiful and strong, compassionate and powerful, intelligent and regal. Storm deserves the utmost respect because as a black female mutant pretty much everyone in the world looks down on her and she disregards every doubt the world has and proves to be amazing. Not to mention she’s one of only 2 characters to ever be an X-Man, an Avenger, and a member of the Fantastic four. The only other was Wolverine and that was only from dec 1990 to feb 1991 and none of the original team members were on the team because they were thought to be dead. 



Day 4: Favorite Royal

I’m trying my damnedest not to repeat characters for as long as possible so instead of Storm this goes to a very close second character, Namor. Namor was one of the original creations from all the way back in 1939. He’s been all over the place on the good and evil scale and is currently cosmically-powered as one of the Phoenix 5 but most people know him as the debonair King of Atlantis who’s bipolar nature has led him to join the Avengers or X-men, attack the entire country, and now fight the Avengers by invading Wakanda via tidal wave. I don’t care that he can’t seem to make up his mind about his alignment or that he wears a speedo made of fish scales (I actually rather enjoy that) he’s a fascinating character who’s royalty is as much a part of him as his ankle-wings.


Wow I really suck at this. If I ever get sick and have to take pills daily I’m going to die. I’ll probably make a few in advance and queue them to publish from now on.

Anywhoozles, on to Day #12: Your favorite weapon:

I’m personally more in favor of people using their powers in a fight, but powers don’t always get the job done. In the cases where powers aren’t enough we have weapons and boy are there a lot to choose from. My personal favorite is actually Stormcaster, a hammer created by Loki for Storm. It was created during the period where Storm was depowered and deeply confused, this allowed Loki to control her by offering her the Hammer which would allow her to use all of her previous powers and more. While it has only appeared a small number of times Stormcaster has always led to interesting stories focused around my very favorite lady.

Day 10: Favourite Costume.

Okay can we all talk about how fantastic the Phoenix Five look? I’m in love with these costumes for a billion reasons, not the least of which is that Scott actually looks cool this way. I wholeheartedly enjoy every single one of their outfits in this form because it really took them up a notch. Colossus is wearing a skirt and no one would say a thing because the dude is a Phoenix Force Avatar (not to mention one for Cytorrak too). Emma always pulled off white but the addition of the gold crest just perfected her outfit, and Namor is hotter than ever (GET IT? Because he’s on fire! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!) Also Magik isn’t really visible in this picture but she looks pretty great as well.


Day 4: Favorite Team.

Okay this question tends to be a bit more difficult to answer since it tends to bounce around depending on what I’m reading at the time, and since I have an MDCU subscription I’m pretty much always reading something. Right now I’m reading X-Factor Volume #3 and I’m in love with them, so they get the honor of being my day 4 pick. First of all let me say the team is wonderful, Madrox, Monet St. Croix, Siryn, Strong-Guy, Wolfsbane, Layla Miller, and Rictor are wonderful together. The comedy, the action, and the drama are so perfectly put together that I can’t think of another series that’s ever gotten me so deeply emotional so fast. The team is basically an amalgam of leftover characters (mostly) from the 90s that most people forget even existed, but together they became a wildly successful book and an almost successful team. Honestly it’s the fact that they don’t have a leader that, like Cyclops or Captain America, thinks the world rests entirely on their shoulders and that they can do no wrong. Jamie Madrox constantly second, third, fourth, and fifteenth guesses himself and that means he leans on the team for guidance. This group feels more like a family than The Avengers or The X-Men have in almost a decade now and I love them for it. Also it doesn’t hurt that Madrox is a totally sexy as hell.

Day 8: Favorite Movie

I know this one is a little strange (bahahahahahaha yes that’s my sense of humor shut up) but my favorite movie is actually an animated one released in 2007 called Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme. I felt the film did a remarkable job at modernizing the origins of the character while simultaneously not sucking the comic book spirit out of him like some of the movies have done. The voice acting was well done and the animation in the style of the Hellboy animated movies was perfect for the feeling of the film. The whole movie is a 95/100 in my opinion which is my highest score by far on a marvel movie, the next closest of which is Iron Man with a 85/100.

Let’s face it, besides Iron Man none of the live action movies have ever made me go “WOW! That was really true to the comic!”. In fact most of them have just pissed me off. Thor made people worship fucking Tom Hiddleston who’s casting to me was abysmal, as he has neither the charisma or air of power in his character that the comic book character has. Captain America should have been done in 2008 after they decided that they were going to do an Avengers movie in the first place, because they didn’t leave any room for other Cap’s villains in that movie. Daredevil was migraine inducingly bad, Elektra was only slightly better, and the Fantastic Four was a Fantastic Failure. Spiderman was awful three times in a row (I’ve yet to see the new one so I’ll reserve judgment). Ghost Rider cast Nicholas Cage for Mephisto knows what reason. I actually thought Punisher was actually okay which may surprise people because they just thought it was a bunch of explosions and gunfire, but honestly that’s what the Punisher comics are too so yeah.

The X-Men franchise is where I have my biggest deepest problems though. Halle Berry is an absolutely phenomenal actress who I adore with all my heart, that said, her version of Storm literally made me rip the head off of action figures I was so angry. Storm has an aura of grace, power, and elegance to everything she does that defies the way the world treats her, but Halle Berry played her like just any woman who also just happened to have super powers (she was a big name to draw viewers and she was a black woman. Those were literally the only reasons she was cast as Storm). She felt like she’d rather drive a mini-van than the X-jet and that didn’t fly with me. The original team isn’t ever on the screen at any time in the entire series, Jean was just awful, and Rogue… where do I even start with Rogue? Or how about the travesty that was First Class? This gif is appropriate for how I felt through that entire shit fest.

I hated it. There were a few good things about the series though. I felt Xavier, Cyclops, and Wolverine were well cast. Also the films kind of paved the way for the superhero genre to take over it’s rightful place in films.

But the fact of the matter is that the writers on the films should include major authors in that title’s history. Chris Claremont should have been a major part of the X-Men franchise and Brian Michael Bendis should have been involved with Spiderman. The fact that they only really use Hollywood writers tends to fuck up the movies by making them predictable and for lack of a better phrase (please don’t think this is hipster) mainstream. Apparently they think people can’t handle a 3 hour movie or an even slightly intricate plot line. I honestly believe that the reason that The Avengers was good was because Joss Whedon has had experience writing comics before. All in all most Marvel Movies disappoint me more than impress me. But Doctor strange was fantastic.


So I just found out that my day 9 never published from my queue because I set the wrong date on it. oops! So a day late and about 14 lives short here it is.

Day 9: Favorite Classic Character

Classic is another word that’s open for interpretation but since she’s been around just short of 5 decades I’ll count it. Jean Grey is a remarkable woman and mutant. We’ve seen her evolution from virtually useless telekine, to a very capable telepath and telekine, into a cosmically powered avatar for the power of life and death, to the most powerful villain that the X-Men have ever faced. Phoenix has been remarkably resilient having died more than any other comic book character in history except for Wolverine. She’s always been a fascinating character in the context of good vs evil within ourselves. She has such compassion and light that the phoenix felt her cry out from across the universe and chose her as it’s avatar. At the same time she has a dark side that when magnified into Dark Phoenix literally obliterated a star system. She’s beautiful and terrifying like a dying star and that’s what gives her such appeal.

I missed day 3 so here it is now

Day 3: Favorite Diva

Emma Frost. What screams diva more than a woman that turns into diamond and wears a bra/cape combo lined with fur? She fought Jean Grey for her husband and ran a school she once tried to destroy. She was the White Queen of the Hellfire club and the leader of the Dark X-Men. She’s used an original X-Man as a conduit and revealed that he was an Omega-Level who hasn’t learned to tap into his true potential. I love Emma Frost. She’s the only candidate for best Diva.


I’ve decided to start back up with my 30 days of Marvel meme. I’m also going to try to stick to the rules I set for myself about repeating characters. I’m not going to restart because I love my posts already, but I’m going to pick back up with day 11.

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Day #11: Your favorite power

Let’s face it, as amazing as weather control, telekinesis, and magnetism are, shape-shifting is like the epitome of coolness. To be able to look like anyone or anything that you can dream up is an awesome power that has amazing potential. It’s allowed Mystique to live an extremely extended lifespan, Meggan to turn into Godzilla, and the Skrulls to invade the entire planet. Plus we all know that there’s at least one celebrity, character, or person we know that we’d totally turn into and masturbate if we could change forms. *cough* Harry Styles *Cough*


Day 7: Favorite Creature.

This is an interesting day as it leaves the creature open to interpretation. What I mean by this is it doesn’t specify if it means a species (like the brood), a sidekick (like Lockheed), or a monster (like Godzilla). I’ve decided to go with monster and my choice is Predator X. This beast is truly the stuff of nightmares. It’s covered in a stolen piece of Mercury’s skin and is basically a tank with razor sharp claws, teeth, tail spikes, horns, and everything else. On top of everything else the damned things regenerate. They of course eat mutants because what isn’t trying to kill mutants these days?