marvel 30 day meme


Day #14: Your favorite romance

I’m not sure how cannon this is, especially since Superior Spiderman probably ruined all chances of this ever happening again, but I absolutely adore Carol Danvers and Peter Parker together. They’ve gone on a disastrous date and had some very flirtatious team ups. Venom even indicated that Carol had some feelings for Peter that were deeper than he realized. But now MJ is back and Doc Oc is in Peter’s body and has blown all my hopes and dreams to hell.


Wow I really suck at this. If I ever get sick and have to take pills daily I’m going to die. I’ll probably make a few in advance and queue them to publish from now on.

Anywhoozles, on to Day #12: Your favorite weapon:

I’m personally more in favor of people using their powers in a fight, but powers don’t always get the job done. In the cases where powers aren’t enough we have weapons and boy are there a lot to choose from. My personal favorite is actually Stormcaster, a hammer created by Loki for Storm. It was created during the period where Storm was depowered and deeply confused, this allowed Loki to control her by offering her the Hammer which would allow her to use all of her previous powers and more. While it has only appeared a small number of times Stormcaster has always led to interesting stories focused around my very favorite lady.