Story time!

A couple weeks ago I was at a training class for bow target practice and I was getting so close to the bullseye with each shot. My instructor came over and decided to announce to the rest of the class, “it looks like we have our very own Katniss in the group!”.

I lined up my shot and said loud enough so people could hear, “ I prefer Hawkeye” and took my shot.

And that, kids, is the first time I ever got a bullseye.

some steve headcanons for you to enjoy on this, the most holy of days in America, the day we release the eagles and attack the sky to commemorate the founding of this great nation and the birth of our savior, Captain America, in his name we pray, Steve Rogers, amen

steve is a blanket hoarder - his bed has more blankets than soldier most nights. his teammates assume it has to do with memories of the ice but if they’d ask Bucky he’d tell them he was always like that

on social media steve gets really into the absurdity of how americans celebrate the 4th, retweeting lots of crazy edits, but also makes sure to send out PSAs about being careful of fireworks if your neighborhood has any vets

tony starts trying to figure out what kind of cake steve wants for his birthday at the beginning of june. steve enjoys eating all of the sample cakes and giving non-committal answers and they wind up with cupcakes in dozens of flavors at his party

steve makes a point to try a new kind of cuisine at least once a week. unlike his pop culture education, he really looks forward to expanding his palette and usually winds up trying new things more often than that. he becomes a little bit of a foodie and for a while his social media presence looks more like a food blogger than a celebrity like captain america