China Loves Venom.

I don’t just mean that it’s chinese box office figures are great. They are, but the audience is also emotionally thirsty for venom. He’s the new number one dream boyfriend. All the chinese articles I’ve read keep talking about his 男友力, his boyfriend power level(ie how good a SO is) and how its off the charts. How even people who aren’t into superheroes and are just along for the ride will be charmed at this romantic dreamboat. How adorable and lovable and cute and charming he is. How he’s become a 国民男友, a National Boyfriend, ie, someone the whole country wants to date because they’re such a Ideal BF. That Women Love Venom is accepted fact. The top three things articles in Chinese keep mentioning about the film are a)the box office success, b)how popular venom is With The Ladies in the audience and how he’s an Ideal Boyfriend, and how Venom and Eddie have Incredible Chemistry and c)blah blah cast plot trailer reactions blah. I’m so proud of the goo, y’all, he’s such a good boyfriend to Eddie that he’s made himself a Publically Recognised Dreamboat.

And this reaction wasn’t exactly unanticipated. Official promo images included art of Venom being a great BF in this vein:

Yes. That’s been on the official Weibo (chinese Twitter) account.

The little stamp says Venom: Caring Protector (the film is released in China as Venom: lethal protector so its a play on that). The term 暖男 is a particular archetype of caring and emotionally available man. A sweet softboy, if you will.

Highlights from articles include:

  • V keeps being called a 忠犬, a “loyal dog” love interest archetype who is loyal and self sacrificing and values his SO above all else. Kind of like the Service in Service Top.
  • he gets called 蠢萌 and 贱萌, which respectivekey are cute because he’s a dumbass and cute because he’s a dick
  • One article talks about how you expect a monster but you get a beautiful creature with beautiful perfect teeth. Ok???? Horny much????
  • Insisting he’s lovable because he’s Sensitive and Emotionally Intelligent, and know What Women Want, as shown by the scene where he coaches Eddie through his convo with Anne in the car
  • These aren’t from fanblogs by they way they’re from movie and entertainment sites and are Articles.
  • there’s this one user’s review on the biggest chinese movie review site that talks about how Venom is so sexy it makes them tremble. I’ve seen it quoted like four times.

Admittedly I’m biased but I just finished reading a Chinese think piece on Why Venom Is The Sexiest Villain so excuse me if I’m too enthusiastic. FYI reasons include:

  • he’s played by Tom hardy who is Sexy. (Hardy’s Chinese fan nickname is 汤老湿, which sounds like tom+sensei, but written as Tom+always wet…Chinese people are horny for Tom hardy.)
  • Because he’s got that contrast of sharp and lethal on the outside and soft and tender on the inside
  • And my favourite: because he is Socially Responsible and Does The Right Thing and is a Good Boy for Saving The Earth And Mrs Chen The Shopkeeper. This writer is so horny for V???? I’m screaming.

Chinese Venomfuckers I’m so proud of you all.

can we talk about Marvel official website has updated Loki’s bio that confirms the “Loki was under the influence of the mind stone” fan theory?

Not a Loki apologist here, he did what he did, but a lot of stuff, his version of how he fell from the Bifrost, that speech in Germany, especially the “sudden clarity” scene with Thor makes a lot more sense. 


*after reading comments on reblogs, I like to stress that “under the influence” and “mind controlled” are very different. This is not a Loki “did nothing wrong” post. His feelings and his actions are his and his along, but the mind stone does heighten and fuel them, it could have influenced him to a point, that he believed that he was “tossed into the abyss”. 

While it was very obvious in film, mind stone did have an effect on not just Loki, but the avengers as well, but this is simply official confirmation of mind stone’s power and influence in Avengers 1. 

*I have no intention of starting a fandom war with this. Please keep calm and write your thesis on character development with civility.

Please use APA style only in citations. Thank you!

Doctor Strange: it’s day 420 in the soul world and-



Wanda: *loudly sobbing*

T’Challa: *sobbing louder*



Doctor Strange, whispering: somebody please save me

As you may have heard tumblr recently ‘killed the links’, making it so that any post that has any link on it (even if it links to tumblr posts or tags) will not show up in the /search/ function.

Well, I’ve got some GOOD NEWS for you. The /tagged/ function still works just fine. The bad news is the tumblr mobile app ONLY uses the /search/ function. The GOOD NEWS is the /tagged/ function has always displayed 33% more content than the /search/ function. Yup, you heard that right. If you were only using the mobile app, you were already missing out on TONS of content.


/tagged/ function = name

This is what most people refer to by ‘looking in the tag’. It only populates posts that have the tag name within the first 5 tags. If you’re posting alot, it will oftentimes only show your last 3 posts in a given tag to prevent you from spamming it. It’s very accurate.

/search/ function =

This searches all words in a given post, including the first 20 tags and the entire text of the post itself. The mobile app only uses the /search/ function and is missing 33% of what is available in the /tagged/ function. So if you only use the mobile app, you are literally missing 1/3 of what the fandom is posting. This is why I only use the more accurate /tagged/ function. Unfortunately, this is also referred to as ‘looking in the tag’ when it is not actually looking in the tag but ‘looking in the word search’.

I’ve actually avoided the /search/ function for years because of these problems. I only use the /tagged/ function but it is a bit harder to use on a mobile browser which is why I only look in the tags using my desktop computer. At least now you can still FIND all the content you might have missed.

Peter Parker, a gen z kid, in a casual conversation: Yeah, I saw Michelle beat the shit out of Flash. What a mood. We stan a queen. My wig has been snatched. She just yeeted him.

Eddie, a frustrated millennial who is coping with the fact that his sense of nihilism has been matched: What does that mean?

Tony, trying to connect with the youth: It means that Michelle has Big Dick Energy.

A brady bunch parody thing. This to me had to happen due to the fact that the parenthood comics wer getting pretty popular and this idea creeped it’s way into my head and so it is here before you 😂😂😂😂

It was a quick work but in glad if how clean it came out 😂😂😂😂 it was pretty fun to do something like this 😆