Fandoms on Tumblr
  • Doctor Who:Loyal throughout time.
  • Sherlock:Sharp and analytical.
  • Supernatural:Family. Everywhere.
  • Marvel:The Avengers. (Suck it, DC.)
  • DC:Wonder Woman movie. (Suck it, Marvel.)
  • Harry Potter:Just waiting for their letters.
  • Teen Wolf:Funny but easily irritated.
  • Disney:Letting it go.
  • DreamWorks:Gone fishing.
  • The 100:New but strong.
  • Once Upon A Time:Live action Disney. (See Disney)
  • Tolkien:Accepting and crying.
  • Arrow/The Flash:Shipping Felicity with everyone.
  • Merlin:Crying in the corner.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Audio Commentary:

“We need to go back and see a moment when Steve and Bucky were friends. We need to give you a reminder of what the relationship between these two people was that has changed so radically. And we want a trigger. There’s a line that comes back. Also, this scene travelled around the various points of the movie before finally arriving here. It was Kevin Feige’s idea to move it back to here which I actually think works very well because it juxtaposes Steve’s history with his old friend and his new friend.