Haikyuu!! Chapter 241:  The Chance that Was Left to Us

Awww first years Daichi, Suga, Asahi, and Kiyoko with their captains. The cover is oddly poignant and bittersweet in comparison to the action-packed chapter. Anyway, I’m back to yell about the great scenes in this chapter. So it’ll be image-heavy, as usual. Onward!

Karasuno keeps on attacking that every has gotten a spike in at least once.

Even the rare ones: Daichi and Tsukishima.

Tsubakou is still keeping their cool regardless. They are truly nationals veteran. I have to tip my hat to Maruyama. Somehow I can understand why he’s the one with number 1 on his back, though I wonder why he’s not the captain. That’s one awesome dump by the way. Good job captain.

Now on to everyone in Karasuno!

Hinata being a good blocker and decoy.  Although he is still considered less of a threat as a blocker compared to Tsukishima. At least you’re not getting ignored unlike before Hinata. That’s still progress. 

Hahahahahahahahaha. Really, these two. Tsukishima has gotten to know Kageyama well enough to guess what’s on his mind. And Kageyama picks up Hinata’s odd nicknames, really Tiredshima? Hinata’s really rubbing off on him, isn’t he?

Tanaka’s jump serves are getting better! Three serves on a row! Though the last one’s a bit of a miss. Still, he remains calm to turn it into a punch serve. Always the strongest mentally, our future ace, Tanaka!

Noya, our guardian deity. ‘nuff said.

Asahi has truly made his presence known as the Ace. His serves and spikes are to be feared. Go Samurai guy! *snickers*

Daichi is getting more observant of his kids and aware of his surroundings. I have wondered at his expression before it’s later shown with his quick reaction to cover for Tsukishima. Good job Dadchi!

And last but not least, Suga! It’s about time for all third years to shine!

Everyone’s expression is cute btw, especially Daichi’s and Hinata’s but… Kageyama’s? What’s with his face? XDD

anonymous asked:

why did tsubakihara lose against karasuno? were they less prepared?

This took a while because I had to re-read the whole match, because this ask forced me to reconsider my life and my choices. So, congratulations anon, and thank you for inspiring this meta out of me.

Hmm… okay. There is no easy way to answer this, but I am going to preface it by saying that even at the beginning, or rather, even before we knew which team Karasuno is going to face in their first round, it is a given that they will win. 

And I really, really don’t want to be the person who has to say this, but essentially, especially in the narrative point of view, they will win because it’s the most logical course to take. It’s the most logical thing that should happen to move the story forward. 

Tsubakihara just happened to be the ‘it’ team. 

Now, just because I said that, doesn’t mean that I am disregarding the feats Karasuno has done. Nor Tsubakihara for that matter. If anything, they actually rattled me, because they were actually able to match Karasuno on equal footing. 

I mean, if we are to examine the team of Tsubakihara, they still have their third years: one who I consider as an excellent well-rounder (Maruyama, anyone???), a solid, crafty captain (and setter) (dear Echigo, my heart), and a reliable ace (Teramadori is such a blessing). Their libero isn’t someone to scoff at either, and the middle blockers are able to somehow keep up with Hinata and his quicks. And don’t get me started about Himekawa. AND GOD, THEIR MENTAL FORTITUDE IS JUST… UGH. (I MEAN, THEY LOST A SET BECAUSE OF A SERVICE ERROR AND STILL HAD THE LEISURE TO LAUGH ABOUT IT?! Talk about will of steel.)

Basically, Tsubakihara is such a well balanced team. And there’s a point that they actually got me scared for Karasuno, because their thirst for winning is just as much. Their main motivation for wanting to win is that they basically don’t want a repeat of their experience last year. They really are here to win it. They refused to give up until the very end. 

They aren’t exactly a foil, but actually a strong parallel to Karasuno. If anything, Maruyama, Echigo, and Teramadori, mirror Daichi, Suga, and Asahi.

And I think that is the whole point of the match. 

I mean, the leaps and bounds Kageyama, Hinata, and even Tsukishima had done, as well as Tanaka and NIshinoya’s golden moments are equally important. But it’s safe to say that this match was the venue for the Karasuno third years. I said this before, but I’ll say this again. While Kageyama is not wrong about saying that this is a ‘checkpoint’, Sugawara explained it best when he thinks that this is ‘the moment; their moment’, and that it has come, and they wouldn’t let this slip easily from their fingers. 

It can also be connected to some recurring themes during this match: luck and chances. And how both of these things played out. Now, I am not saying that Karasuno or Tsubakihara relied on luck (there is a meta I have read that talked about this… I will link it when I find it), because Karasuno proved their mettle and really showed what they’re capable of, but I think we should also look at how both teams utilized the ‘lucky breaks’ and ‘chances’ that were given to them as opportunities to score, and actually evolve during the match.

Anyway… I honestly can’t give a reason ‘why’ Tsubakihara lost, but I know for sure is that being ‘less prepared’ is definitely not one of them. (It’s the opposite in fact, because they were crazy prepared.) I just think that it’s an interplay of different factors and circumstances and at the end of it all, Karasuno, especially the third years, were able to gain more momentum, than their Tsubakihara counterparts. 

(Wow, I digressed from the ask, didn’t I?)

Remember that time in that special Girls und Panzer episode where the girls from the Rabbit team spammed the word ‘spam?’

It turns out that it was parodied from a Monty Python sketch, which makes it even more awesome.

They got the vikings with their horned helmets, boat and everything! XDD

Betrayal Hurts, But I’m Here For You- [Takao Maruyama]- My Forged Wedding

Warning: Contains swearing

“Oh my god! Are you actually trying to pin this on me?!”

“I’m not pinning anything! I’m not the only one who’s been cheating, am I?!”

“Are you fucking serious Yamato?! I haven’t done anything with anyone, and you know that as well as I do!” He snorted at you in an almost condescending fashion, glaring at you as he hissed.

“No, I don’t know, I’m not the one who’s lying here, you are!”

“What the hell are you talking about!”

“I’m talking about all the time you’ve been spending with Kunihiko.” And at that accusation your mind went numb. Yamato was actually accusing you of having been unfaithful with Kunihiko of all people? You couldn’t help but sneer back at him.

“Don’t even start! You know Kunihiko has just been helping me try to find a full-time job, nothing more, nothing less, you know that! I told you ages ago that he was doing it, for God sake I came to Tokyo to find a full-time job, working at the bar is just temporary!”

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