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Founded in 1642, Kagetsu is perhaps the oldest restaurant in Nagasaki. Located in the old red light district of Maruyama, Kagetsu to this day serves exquisite shippoku cuisine, combining the best of Chinese, Western and Japanese cooking, embodying the spirit of Nagasaki’s position as the gateway to Japan during the approximate 200 years of national seclusion in the Edo period. During this time, only the Dutch and Chinese were allowed the right to trade with Japan, and it was all done in Nagasaki.

Being the premier restaurant in Maruyama, Kagetsu had a very distinguished list of guests, both foreign and Japanese, including Sakamoto Ryoma and other revolutionaries who helped plot the downfall of the Shogunate. In a drunken state of excitement one night, Ryoma drew his sword and hacked away at some woodwork. The scars are still visible. And unlike the sword scars at the Teradaya in Kyoto, these scars are the real deal.

Maruyama still has an active geisha community and it possible to arrange for geisha entertainment at Kagetsu while enjoying the amazing cuisine.

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SAKURAKO - Cafe BLUE. by MIKI Yoshihito
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My daughter. (櫻子、6歳6ヶ月)