i literally love courfmaru there’s so many good things about it and one of them is the situation of courf being promiscuous in his teens and generally free-love and chill about touchy-feelies and then it happens with marius and it’s like hahahAHA SUDDENLY PUBESCENT BOY NERVES AND OVERWHELM BECAUSE HAHA I THINK MAYBE THERE’S FEELINGS INVOLVED HERE??? HAHAHA I’M WEIRDLY NERVOUS AND ALSO AROUSED OMG DON'T  LOOK AT ME MARIUS PLEASE DON’T NOTICE MY HEART BEATING OUT OF MY CHEST HAHAHA WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE NO

another good situation is the legendary courf-teaching-maru-to-kiss situation and marius spends 95% of the hang-out that day trying to ask courf to teach him and the other 5% sitting in front of courf cross-legged like OKAY…..OKAY LET’S DO THIS

he puckers his lips in the worst way possible and courf just looks at him like oh boy do we have work to do