I wanted to try paper cutout art and luckily for me my sister is into scrapbooking so I had the supplies to work with for it. I made a sketch first and used that as the template for cutting out the pieces, then glued them onto each other in layers before placing it on a background.

The eyes and eyebrows were the most difficult to cut out since I only had large scissors and they were smaller than a grain of rice.


I recently got my hands on a couple of kolinsky sable brushes that were on clearance (can’t pass up a $30+ brush for $4) and now I completely understand why comic inkers like them. Turns out I’m not horrible with inking using a brush, they were just mediocre brushes before.

I tried a few styles to test them out. They’re really good for large, round shapes because of the spring they have and because they stay pointed when wet details are easier.

You can commission me for a picture done like this. They’ll be $20-$50 depending on the complexity. If you’re interested send me a note on here or if you know me from elsewhere send me a message on there and I’ll give you contact details from that.

I wonder if others have this happen. I’d imagine they do. There’s just those points where you feel like doing anything art related becomes a chore instead of something you enjoy that makes you have a sense of accomplishment. It’s as if all inspiration vanishes, yet you keep working on improvement anyway, hoping that it’ll come back to you in due time. Almost a whatever feeling in a way.

Or I’m just glum and this is how I deal with it.


I recently got myself a new pair of Converse, red ones at that, the color I’ve been wanting a pair of since I was a kid but could never find in my size in stores. Now I can pretend I’m an extra bearish Terry Bogard. Also the 90s, what was wrong with you and those high waist jeans? I could definitely not wear those, even back then.