I remembered how I’d refused to skip class on Wednesday, too afraid to be away from him for too long, and substituting my lack of sleep with caffeine and energy drinks. I didn’t hear a single word of the astronomy lecture that day, constantly turning around to make sure Marco was still alive and well behind me. And every time I did, I was almost too afraid to; I was scared I would only see one eye staring back at me instead of two, glazed over with death.

From chapter 5 of Like a drum (Jean’s POV)

No podía parar de imaginarme a Jean girándose una y otra vez, asustado, y a Marco sonriendole para tranquilizarlo aun sin tener ni puta idea de que coño le pasaba.



OMG!!! <3 Jean and Marco have there own little band going and it’s perfect…!!! .3.

Sketching because for the third night in a row I can’t sleep…
I’m kinda glad of it just at the moment because thanks to sleep deprivation I always draw better don’t ask me why I just don’t know?

Anyway, thanks to that, it’s the first time that I really like how I drew Marco <3 nailed it yay !
I hope you’ll like him too!

I’m kinda practicing to draw faces and expressions. If I can’t sleep I better do something useful right!?

I’ll show You more later! Got some Jean’ faces and some more Marco!
And maybe more interesting JeanMarco stuff will come up later? Ehehe!


Found a thing on the ‘Tube and now I’m too emotional! *goes and sobs in a corner* ;_;

I can’t handle this ship!!! T^T