maru why are you so amazing

A conversational reactions of the 12 bachelor/ettes when they realize that the farmer used to be a really popular E-Sports player?

Alex- “What the hell’s that? And E-Sport? So like….pixel football….?”

Elliot- “The E stands for Electronic, yes? How impersonal…”

Harvey- “Your record’s really impressive, but I bet I could out gank you if I were back in my college days.”

Sam- “Wait….Wait, that was you?! No way, no freakin’ way! You’ve gotta be kidding! And you gave that up to become a farmer, what?!”

Sebastian- “Oh wow, that’s actually, uh…that’s pretty awesome. You must know a lot of people in the industry then, yeah?”

Abigail- “Ok, but real talk; Horde or Alliance?”

Haley- “Oooooohh….kay….?”

Leah- “That’s amazing! But…I do see why you left that life behind. It must’ve been hard to connect with the natural world around you when you were so absorbed in the digital world.”

Maru- “Haven’t played many modern games, too much FPS now’a’days, but I do know a thing or two about coding.”

Penny- “And you gave all that up for farming? I must admit, I’m happy you did. The town’s brighter with you in it.”

Shane- “Watch me blueshell your ass into next week.”

Emily- “Competitive games then? Well…I know I’ve seen a few articles online about the modern trend of using video games as art interactive art! Were your games….anything like that?”