maru sushi


Just a bunch of commemorative doodles for my Twitter.

P.S. Dia’s holding wee Phoenix, Kanan’s holding wee Tiger, and Mari’s holding: (below for HPT 2L Saitama spoilers):

Mari’s holding a Houkouzai(芳香剤). According to tweets and fanarts, on Day1 during Hurricane Blossom’s MC, rkk viciously called Maru’s outfit Tamago sushi and Mari’s outfit 芳香剤/aromatic stuff for the toilet lmfao while Kinchan called Riko’s outfit ‘sakura denbu (fish furikake); by Day2 this endearingly dysfunctional trio introduced themselves as such xDDD

So I came up with a couple gift ideas that don’t require me to be super artistic, and I think I’m proudest of my Pick-a-Date jar.  I’m gonna get a big mason jar, decorate it somehow and put chalkboard paint on it or something and label it Pick-A-Date.  Inside, I’m gonna have color coded popsicle sticks where the tips are color-coded to indicate date cost; white = free, pink = under $20, red = over $20.  I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to come up with dates because sometimes I feel like every last romantic bone in my body was crushed around the billionth time N rejected me, but I got a pretty solid list together!

  • White - free
    • Make some hot chocolate/coffee/tea, make a blanket fort, and cuddle up with netflix on the computer
    • Random movie night – use Netflix roulette and you have to watch one of the titles that shows up in the first three spins
    • Stay in dancing – put on a CD of romantic songs to dance to in the living room
    • Board game night
    • Video game night
    • Card game night
    • Puzzle night
    • Reading night – alternate reading aloud to each other from a favorite book
    • Homemade dinner (whatever’s in the cupboards) by candle light
    • YouTube night – alternate showing each other favorite youtube videos; 10 minute limit on any given video!
    • Karaoke night! Head to Crunchy’s or The Green Door – You don’t have to drink, just sing!
    • See a band at a bar/in the park/wherever there’s a free show
    • Play a couple rounds of Would You Rather?
    • Mad libs!
    • Cut-up poetry – grab a newspaper and create a cut-up poem
    • [Weather permitting] Late night walk through downtown EL
    • [Weather permitting] Late night walk through campus
    • [Weather permitting] Stargazing
    • [Weather permitting] Go for a walk in the park
    • [Weather permitting] Go to the playground
    • [Weather permitting] Create an EL bingo card and walk around the city trying to get a bingo
    • Go to the Broad
    • Go to a swing dance club meeting
    • Go to a salsa club meeting
    • Go to a ballroom dancing club meeting
    • Go to a poetry reading
    • Make playlists on spotify or itunes for each other/for certain moods/events/whatever
  • Pink - under $20
    • Split a bottle of wine on the floor in front of the record player and listen to an entire record start to finish
    • [Weather permitting] Buy and fly a kite in the park
    • [Weather permitting] Picnic! Go to picnic menu items:
      • Grapes
      • Chickpea salad and pita pockets
      • Baguette
      • Cheese(s)
      • Olives
      • Sliced fruits
      • Strawberries
      • Pasta salad
      • Mini-pies
      • Lemonade
      • Watermelon-feta salad
    • Coffee date
    • Italian night! Make pasta, listen to Italian music during dinner, watch an Italian language film, learn some Italian phrases together
    • 1950s night! Make diner style food and share a banana split while listening to the oldies, try to use 50s lingo all night, watch a movie from the 50s or about the 50s
    • Matinee movie
    • Go to the dollar store and hunt for the “best” item for one another under $5
    • [Weather permitting] Rent a boat at Hawk Island park
    • [Weather permitting] Kayaking on the Grand River in downtown lansing
    • Menu plan, shop for, and cook a meal together, under $20
    • Menu plan, shop for, and cook a meal together, under $15
    • Menu plan, shop for, and cook a meal together, under $10
    • Menu plan, shop for, and cook a meal together, under $5
    • Thrifting! Try to find the most unique item there under $5
    • Pinball Pete’s
    • Beer & Pool at the Roadhouse Pub
    • Buy a disposable camera, head to campus or a park or anywhere else with a lot of activity and hand off the camera back and forth throughout the day and see who gets the best photos; have doubles developed, buy two cheap photo albums and some cheap scrapbooking materials and make photo albums for each other of the day
    • Make a big batch of salsa together – ALL fresh ingredients!
    • Buy up to $5 worth of scratch off lotto tickets for each other and scratch them off together
    • Go to a bar, buy two cheap beers, and play a round of keno, picking the numbers together
    • Go to a yoga class together
    • Go to a bar, get a cheap pitcher, and partake in the bar’s trivia night
  • red - over $20
    • Dinner at Sindhu
    • Dinner at Maru Sushi
    • Dinner at Dusty’s Wine Bar
    • Dinner at AI Fusion
    • Non-matinee movie with ALL the snacks
    • Horseback riding lesson @ Sundance
    • Couples Massage
    • Impromptu roadtrip! Drive at least 1.5 hours out of town and explore the downtown area to find a nice place for a meal
    • Day trip to Greenfield Village

Anyone have any other ideas?  If I have to be cheap I at least want it to be thorough and thoughtful haha

10祭 Report

“Jussai Report”

It’s 1:30 in the morning here in Tokyo, Japan, but I thought I would write up a concert report while everything is still fresh in my mind.  I’ve never written a concert report before so I don’t know if there’s any format I should follow.  I did make a video report on 8sai when I went two years ago, so I’m just going to do what I did then: report everything I remember including highlights, skits, and songs.  Here it goes:

I went to the 10sai performance on August 9, 2014 at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo.  A typhoon was supposed to hit during the concert (and throughout the weekend), so we were all prepared for the worst.  However, it didn’t rain a single drop throughout the whole three-hour show.  That’s probably what I was most thankful for, honestly. 

The concert started at 5:30 PM.  I was in arena seating right in the middle so we could see the stage but couldn’t really see their faces that well, so we relied on those huge screens on the stage.  The concert starts off with a video of a typical Japanese matsuri (festival).  We see each member doing something you would do at a festival.  Off the top of my head, I remember Okura buying Yakisoba, Hina making takoyaki, Yasu playing those fish games where you try to catch them with the net, Maru buying a mask, Subaru sleeping, etc.  Then, all of them see fireworks and start to walk together towards the screen down the matsuri path.  That’s when the intro to “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” starts playing and they all enter the stage on floats with lanterns in their respective colors.

After “Naniwa,” they go into “Zukkoke Otokomichi” and that’s when they all board floats that go around the stadium.  I couldn’t really see them since I was right in the middle, but again, I relied on the screens.  There was also a water mister that was attached to the float so they would shoot water at the crowds.  They moved to the back of the stadium where they had another stage waiting.  Then, they performed “Musekinin Hero.” They got back on the floats while performing “Monjai Beat” and returned to the stage to perform “King of Otoko.”

After “King of Otoko,” they say their greetings.  I remember Hina saying they were thankful that it wasn’t raining and Yasu said that he wanted to meet us, etc. 

Then, they said how they were thankful for Johnny’s jimusho that they would perform a special Johnny’s medley.  This was so much fun to see especially if you’re familiar with other johnny’s artists and songs.  The songs they performed were: Omatsuri Ninja (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Sushi Kuinee (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), SHE! HER! HER! (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), Kamen Butoukai (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Garasu no Shounen (Maru and Yasu. My relative is a big Kinki Kids’ fan so she really enjoyed this performance haha), Real Face (Hina. It was hilarious when he did Koki’s rap and tried to imitate Kame’s wink),  Seishun Amigo (Ryo and Okura…oh, Torn), Original Smile (everyone), weeeek (everyone), Venus (everyone), Ai Kakumei (Maru. I just know this as the song Takki always performs at the Johnny’s countdown only Maru didn’t fly around the stage.  He did pre-record the spoken part and had a wig on like Takki’s hairstyle lol), Andalucia (everyone), A.RA.SHI (everyone wearing those sheer jumpsuits that Arashi wore during their debut.  It was hilarious.  I think I laughed to the point of crying when watching Hina try to do the sakurap LOL), and Ee jyanai ka (everyone).  They, then, went into “Takoyaki in my heart”, which is such a fun song live since you just jump around screaming Osaka and pretty much the whole opening in general was just so exciting XD Then, they did another “SHE! HER! HER!” at the end of Takoyaki. 

After the medley, while they changed, a clip (trailer?) of Eight Ranger 2 started to play on the screens.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I’m not sure what it was supposed to be.  However, it was building up to the next event which was obviously the Eight Ranger skit.  They performed the Eight Ranger theme before going into the skit. 

I’ll try my best to describe the skit: Basically, it was about how Black had a confession he wanted to tell everyone but Nasu went to the bathroom while he was talking.  Black told everyone else that he liked someone and that he wanted to use this “cupid’s arrow” to get her to like him back.  He accidentally shot the arrow and, then, it hit Nasu.  Nasu then suddenly falls in love with Black.  The other ask him “what do you like about Black?” and the screen shows a scene with Yoko in drag and another scene showing his “cool side” beating up a bunch of gangsters. 

The next scene, we see Red who notices that the girl who Black likes is being attacked by someone in a bee costume.  Red uses the cupid’s arrow to hurt the attacker.  Then, we find out that the person in the bee costume is Yellow. Yellow is in love with Red now.  Red confronts the group and tells them what happened.  They all ask Yellow, “what do you like about Red?” and the screen shows Red lifting up his arms showing his hairy arm pits and the next screen shows Red cleaning out his ears with two Q-tips and how Yellow says he likes Red’s face when he cleans out his ears.  While all of them are wondering what they should do, Green comes clean and says he accidentally hit Blue with the arrow. 

On the screen, it shows that Green and Blue were going to find a four leaf clover.  Once they found the clover, the arrow was placed right in front of it.  Green threw the arrow behind him not realizing it hit Blue, who is now in love with him.  Then, all of them ask, “what do you like about Green?” The screen shows half-naked Green.  Then, half-naked Green biting onto a bathrobe he starts to put on and Blue says he likes how he uses a bathrobe, not a towel.  Then, we see various pictures of Green (probably just Okura lol) sleeping and Blue says he likes Green’s sleeping face.  Then, the screen shows Blue’s favorite picture of Green which is Green with the vegetable Okra (Okura and Okra picture). Orange, then, complains that he’s the only one that’s not in a couple.  Basically, everyone starts fighting and the members who are in love with other members start defending the members they love and Orange is caught in the middle (and with his free time, he uses it to do impressions). 

Orange remembers that there’s a magical cure (like fairy dust?) and he goes on a journey to find it.  So we see Orange on the screen going to find the cure while everyone else is on stage, circling each other with knives.  Once Orange comes back with the magical cure, he is caught in the middle of the knife fight and everyone accidentally stabs him.  He spreads the magical fairy dust on himself and is cured. Then, they use it on the people who are in love with the other members.  We find that Nasu is repulsed by the fact that they would even ask if he likes Black.  Yellow says he finds Red cool, but as a member of their group, not that he likes him that way.  Then, we find that Blue actually is really in love with Green.  He planted a fake cupid’s arrow near the four-leaf clover just as an excuse to be infatuated with Green.  Blue then hugs Green who immediately pushes him away (this action however got a favorable response from the crowd though lol). Then, they segue into playing “ER 2”.

While Subaru, Hina, and Yoko change, the other four promote their respective projects coming up (Yasu’s play, Okura’s 24 hour drama, Ryo’s new drama, etc.).  Then, they switch, and Subaru, Hina, and Yoko talk.  Subaru promotes that he’s doing well haha. Then, they all go into band mode.  It’s a more relaxed band this time since everyone is still sitting and Ryo and Yasu have acoustic guitars.  They all play the song that Ryo wrote for Maru from their Hohoemi Date batsu game.  Then, they all play the song Yasu wrote for a batsu game last year and everyone wrote one line (I’m not sure, since I didn’t get to see that yet).  After that song, they play “Omoidama.”

Then, they go into the “Hachi Fes” corner, imitating “Arafes.” The characters on the screen look just like the Arafes characters when they did the rankings.  The animation was adorable:) First, they did album song rankings.  The top 8 were: 8. “tte!!!” 7. Rolling Coaster 6. Ichibyou Kiss 5. Doribura 4. Eden 3. Juu nen ato no kyou no hi mo 2. All is well 1. Buryure (ブリュレ) (which they performed live). 

Then, they went into single rankings: 8. Tsubasa ni Koi, 7. Ai Deshita, 6. ER, 5. It’s My Soul, 4. Mugendai, 3. LIFE, 2. Yellow Pansy Street (which they performed), and 1. Osaka Romanesque. 

Next was coupling song rankings: 8. Eightopop!!!, 7. Aoi Shashin, 6. Bansou, 5.Fuseiyou Ribit (浮世踊リビト), 4. I to U (Yoko says he likes this song), 3. BJ, 2. Cool Magic City, 1. Heavenly Psycho (which they perform).

Then, the next part was also one of my favorite parts of the show: the Solo/Unit Shuffle! They dressed up in the same costumes and learned the dances of their fellow members.  Ryo and Subaru sang “Kicyu” (Ryo as the Yoko part and Subaru as the Yasu part), Yoko and Hina sang “Torn” (Yoko as the Ryo part and Hina as the Okura part),  Maru sang “Watashi Kagami,” and Yasu and Okura sang “Pan Panda” (which was so adorable and I was hoping that was one of the unit songs and sure enough it was!!).  Then, Hina came on stage as Babun Man and sang the theme song.  Then, everyone came out wearing the Babun Man costume and it was hilarious.  Usually the crowd yells “Shingo!” during the Babun Man segment, but since everyone was dressed as Babun Man, the crowd yelled “Eito!” instead. 

Then, they had another costume change into yukatas, this time, fitting with the matsuri theme.  They sang “Junjyou Koi Hanabi” and towards the end of the song, fireworks started to go off, which was beautiful.  It really felt like a festival at that point.  They even had the audience do the wave.

After the song, everyone said their thank you’s.  Yoko got really emotional and started to cry.  He couldn’t say anything at first because he was crying so much.  I really liked Okura’s speech when he thanked each member, saying that he wouldn’t be who he is today without their help (he wouldn’t be able to talk on variety shows without Hina and Yoko or he couldn’t sing without the help of Subaru, etc.).  They are all thankful of the staff that’s been with them since the beginning and, of course, all of the Eighters who supported them for ten years. They ended with “Osaka Romanesque.”

They had one encore where they got back on the floats and performed “It’s My Soul” and “Aoppana.”  Then, they returned to the stage, introduced the band and the back-up dancers, and, then, end their concert with what they do every time: hold each others’ hands (while the audience does the same) and bow. 

Overall, it was a great experience.  I’ve been to 8sai and 8EST at Tokyo Dome, but out of the three, this probably has been my favorite.  From the beginning where we were all excited and full of energy to the end where we were emotional, it was a beautiful event that I was thankful to be a part of.  Thank you, Kanjani8 for a wonderful concert.  Forever Eighter❤

If you got to the end, thank you for reading!!(^o^)/

EDIT: There was a camera flying over the arena seating throughout the whole concert so I’m pretty positive they were filming footage for a DVD:)