maru sushi

birthday hall of fame.

just got home from maru sushi with anh hiep and chi teresa. just one of those things that we do. i forget when it started and it’s kinda weird but fun at the same time. anh hiep likes to make fun of me and say this is the one time in the year i get to go out. TROLL. (but ironically, that used to be true…SADLIFE). every year chi teresa asks me if i have a boyfriend. and i go LOLOLOLOL. this year, we said i have multiple. :) sushi was so nyom. i love salmon. salmon loves me. we love each other. we talked about school and uci and thieu nhi and ht camp and ATE. nyom. it was fun. i really look up to these two and i love being around them so when my birthday rolls around, it’s extra nice. :)

i think this birthday goes in my hall of fame for birthdays. it was too good to be true, really.