maru q

I swear I’m sleeping soon but more on p5 cast with p4 awakenings & rethinking some stuff, here are the canon channel names for channels we get:

“Not a Dream, Not a Hoax: Princess Yukiko’s Hunt for her Prince Charming”
“Bad, Bad Bathhouse”
“Maru-Q! Push Risette!”
“Experiment of the Century: The Genome Project.”

With that in mind,

Ryuji: ok so if he did actually have a dungeon (as opposed to his shadow just showing up a la Yosuke & Chie) I think it’d be a huge olympic-type stadium. I said his shadow would be more helpless and resigned but I’m rescinding that, his midnight channel segment would probably be something like “HEY I’M GONNA BLOW UP THIS WHOLE THING BECAUSE WHAT’S THE POINT”. Aggressive nihilism, and also, I think it’d piss off Ryuji to see some version of himself play completely into the negative stereotype ppl have of him as senseless violence & only being good for destructive stuff, which would also chafe because of his history. But as a shadow I feel like it’d have to act more calculating than Ryuji comes off, and definitely more cruel. Deliberate. His channel title would probably have like. Either a simple title or a shounen episode title. “Endless Mayhem!” But like. Better. The shadow wears his track uniform.

Ann: she’s just so even keel. She’s faced herself. Look yall she’s the protagonist that’s just how it works

Yusuke: a museum honestly fits. I actually am fond of his shadow fulfilling more of a role like Futaba’s, but more aligned w traditional P4 shadows, I could see Yusuke’s shadow acting excessively demure and waif-ish. Think. Oh my god. Think bad fujo characterization. Holy shit I’m losing it this is perfect awful shadow Yusuke would hate it. God I was gonna spitball stuff like maybe shadow yusuke emphasizes how he’s more ornament than artist the way he lets himself be used, or honestly a possibility could be his shadow flat out asking to be rescued (a little like Yukiko’s, but more damsel-in-distress framing) but I’m so hung up over bad fujo Yusuke I’m so sorry Yusuke you don’t deserve this. WAIT shadow Yusuke presents himself as the main exhibit of the museum, that could work. He’d probably be wearing very traditional clothes and his channel would sound like a soap opera.

Makoto: Shujin, hands down. I’m just really solid on her being extremely customer service about being used by adults. “Makoto Niijima’s Extracurricular Activities: Who To Sell Out Next!” She wears her uniform with like, an exaggerated hall monitor addition or something

Haru: I kind of want to say garden of poisonous plants. ABSOLUTELY 80s shoujo aesthetic, shadow dresses like shoujo heroine but talks like shoujo villain. God. The ojou laugh. VERY shoujo title, absolutely. “Garden of Deceit; The Lonely Heiress” except she emphasizes that she’s only lonely because everyone is beneath her. Or something. All about trust issues and guardedness. I am so bad with coming up with these titles.

Futaba: well, kind of covered already. What if no title. Just the shadow saying “I’ll get my revenge” or something

Morgana: I’m gonna cheat and say Mona’s is on the tail end of someone else’s dungeon

P5 protag: jail