maru moro


Only those actually holding the houzuki may take part. Therefore, two people holding it must hold it as if they had a close relationship. In much the same way a newlywed couple would hold the knife to cut the wedding cake.


Shopkeeper AU

Or a.k.a. VLD (XXX Holic AU)
Um… I got no excuse aside from the fact that I like mixing the ideas of two or more different shows/books. So! Let’s start this new crossover idea! ^ω^

> It was an act out of desperation. Lance was warned multiple times by the fox looking aliens about the likely effects of the ritual to him. They wanted Lance to know that there would be a possibility that he would end up dead or worse.

> Lance raised his voice to show that he was very well aware of what he was about to do. He was doing this because the life of his teammates was already dwindling as time passed. They were ambushed while saving a planet and Lance was the only one conscious enough to ask for help.

> The fox looking aliens then allowed Lance to enter the ritual. They have this belief that there was a being out there that always grants wishes but with an equal price.

> Magic ritual began, Lance found himself in front of a strange looking house (shop?) and it seems that he was back on earth and in a certain Asian country.

> Before he could contemplate what was happening, two little girls, they introduced themselves as Maru and Moro, approached him and guided him inside.

> There he met a guy named Watanuki Kimihiro who was the owner of the said shop. Watanuki then told Lance what was the purpose of the shop and that it was inevitable for them to meet.

> Lance then said his wish. He wanted to save the life of his friends, his second family.

> Watanuki answered that his wish has a heavy price since Lance’s friends were really close at death’s door.

> Lance being Lance, agreed. He will do everything if it means that the people important to him will be saved.

> The price was that Lance will accept the role of shopkeeper and he was not allowed to leave the shop. His memories also about Voltron and his friends will be forgotten as part of the price.

> So, the team recovered and the fox aliens told them the heroic deed of the Blue Paladin. They were devastated because Lance sacrificed himself again but this time no healing pod could help them. They all assumed that Lance was already dead.

> Years passed, peace finally settled across the universe, the Paladins decided to stay on Earth for a few years and just remember the feeling of being back in their home planet.

> Shiro then invited the other three to Japan and visit his grandparents.

> While walking around the busy streets of Tokyo, they came across a weird looking shop. Two little girls named Maru and Moro approached them and lead them inside.

> Once they entered a room enveloped by smoke, Shiro, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge never expected to see a familiar face.

> “Welcome to my humble shop where I grant your wish with an equal price.” Too bad that Lance could not remember them anymore.


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