maru is special


Full body blushing on this artist’s choice Mango Dolls Hemera-maru for a very special customer from February. My original plan was to emulate the gongbi style of Chinese painting but I ended up going for something more porcelain teacup-y instead 😂

I’ve also positioned the little dude next to my favorite mug for reference. He’s only ~6cm tall (including the ears)!

I am deeply appalled nobody posted this and I had to find out about it from the Russians. So here’s Maru’s post about the NEWS Tour Final.

Maru’s Special Day , 2015.06.15 

I went to a NEWS concert!  

I was so lucky to make it to the Final!

I also brought the shirt and wore it!
I’m a fan of Kato Shigeaki!

Shigeaki, you were cool!

The atmosphere around NEWS was really nice.♥

Tegonyan, your face is always my type! ☺

I hugged him when we shook hands. ♥♥
Hee ♥

To all Tegoshi fans, sorry~

I hope you all have a great day too!

Damn, Maru. You know what’s up, man. Can’t blame you.