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What Your Favorite Sanrio Character Says About You
  • Hello Kitty: You have never seen another sanrio character OR you've been obsessed with hello kitty since you were six
  • Cinnamoroll: you unironically call things kawaii
  • Chococat: You own at least two (2) totoros
  • Keroppi: You're a fckin weirdo, who cares enough about the frog? You. Weirdo. wth
  • Pochacco: You're a Dog Person
  • Kuromi: You use XD and are That Guy
  • Little Twin Stars: All of the youtube channels you're subscribed to are deco channels or japanese in general OR you are japanese and literally living in japan right now
  • Badtz-Maru: "I'm not a feminist! I believe in EQUALITY."
  • Pompompurin: ☆~(>౿o)
  • My Melody: Your favorite used to be Kuromi. This is something you are ashamed of.
  • Tuxedo Sam: You are Soft Meme Trash
  • Gudetama: You are Meme Trashcore

Morning yohamaru

Breakdown of what’s happened with CCLOWN till now

This will be a breakdown of what has happened in the past 8 months. It will be pretty long but hopefully clear up some stuff for people who keep asking.
All translations belong to crowntheclowns​ / rowlowupdates

  • December 26: Rome told us his real name was Christian
    “I love my fans no matter what ! You guys are honestly everything to me! I am barom. But my original name is christian! Its time for me to share to u guys who i really am! And u guys mean just that much to me Ill be no where and no one without my crowns b salts! I bow 2 before u”
  • January 2: CTC suddenly stopped, no further explanation.
  • January 9: “(…) i know we have been very quiet recently and im too worried for your concerns
    nevertheless we are still really happy with all the support you guys have given us
    and hopefully one day will return to you guys more of what we should have given to you all” - Rome (fancafe)
  • February 24: Last video posted on their official youtube channel. Rome looked really worn out, the other members looked really tired. Everything seemed kinda odd. 
  • February 27: Last fancafe post, written by Maru.
    “Today’s ,,chat,, wasn’t any fun huh…
    I apologize… I am self-reflecting,,
    Recently, the hyungs have been nagging at me a lot more. As a result, I’ve become more timid,,”

  • March 2: Rome shaved off all his hair.
  • April 20: Rome deletes all his instagram pictures. He changed his twitter username from RoME_Cclown to neva4get_urself (he later changed this to Yu_Christian1), and his instagram username from dproyalrome to christianyu_
    “When you’re about to quit, remember why you started” - The text on his new Instagram profile pic
    “they turned me into something that I am not. Never forget what I did for u.” - Rome’s new instagram bio
  • April 21: Rome twitter update
    “I apologize to the fans , I really do! But I tried..I really did! It’s jus too hard now ! Dw y’all” 
  • May 15: “Thx mum for come seeing me :)” - Rome (Instagram, his mom visited him”
  • July 6: “I miss being on stage too…” - Rome (twitter)
  • Rome’s recent replies to comments on instagram:
    “why there’s no crown hashtag? if you already got out of cclown then say it why hold back and make us crowns worried?”
    “because I can’t say nothing. Or else the law will be involved ! Now I wish people would stop asking me. I said there’s a reason for everything and please it’s more harder on us then anyone honestly”

    “So now you’re all about dpr? Please like take cclown out of yedang, find a good company, then you can do whatever you want.”
    “if it was that easy …”

    “its a pity the mixed tapes you worked on…you never release them…”
    “company problems sorry:;;”

  • October 5: C-clown has now disbanded

Now if you have come this far, congratulations, you know whats been happening for the past few months. Please stop bothering Rome about this, please dont bother any of the members actually. 
Do not blame any of this on Rome, as he is trying his best to resolve all of this, and we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. This seems very serious, and while we can joke around, consider the fact that this can and probably has taken a huge emotional toll on the members.

TL;DR: Rome told us his name was Christian, proceeded to cut his hair and delete all his instagram posts as well as change all his social media usernames. He has apologized to the fans several times, trying to explain as much as he can, but they are in a bad situation right now (so bad that the law will be involved if they speak out about it). Taking this all into consideration, please do not be a fucking shit and post anything about this on their social media, including asking about whats happening, as this might stress them out even more. Thank you.

yosanoaikiko  asked:

yoshiko/hanamaru headcanons (((that's vague but maybe first dates??

Yes!!! I hecking love yohamaru, it is quality ship, anything with Maru and Yohane is great, and them together is heckin great!

-this is the kinda situation where like when they first met each other back in high school they pretty much had the ‘I’m gay (zura)’, and then they realise that in kindergarten they were gay for each other like wow how did we not see this coming

-Yohane keeps on giving Hanamaru like Shakespearean descriptions about how ‘she’s a heavenly celestial, blinding the fallen angel like the sun’, and one day Maru replies 'but the beauty of falling autumn is as lovely as rising spring, you are the shading cool that warms my heart, like the chilly demon who uses their souls to light the way. That’s pretty gay, zura.’

-Yohane does sometimes feel that Maru’s being a little too harsh about 'being normal’, so she tells her and Maru is like 'oh Maru’s really sorry, look I won’t do it again.’ And Yohane is a little worried but like Maru’s chill with it, and if she’s getting a bit too worked up she’ll be 'My demoness, your firey passion is brighter than the flames of hell, but calm down’

-Yohane and Maru start doing choir together because of vocal training, ironically enough. They have an inside joke that the two 'demons are infiltrating the holy space’, but they’re respectful.

-Maru sometimes thinks that she really isn’t good enough, so Yohane hugs her and tells her that’s she’s fine, demon or no. They then call Ruby and they all go shopping and hangout together.

-Maru’s warm and Yohane’s cold. Yohane likes squishing her chubby heater gf. Maru hugs her icicle gf in summer.

-Their first date was at an abandoned amusement park! They’re both scared but they’re together, the perfect culmination of horrifying and fun. They manage to get the carousel working and the look in Maru’s eyes is just k wnltmclaf for Yohane and the passion that Yohane looks for ghosts and tries 'protecting Hanamaru’ makes Maru just want to hug her tightly. They both ride on the same horse and laugh together at how scared they were.

Popolo December 2014
  • Sou: Marius, stay as you are now forever. What you have now is really charming, and I think it’s cool. No matter how many years pass, if Marius is by my side, I will be always able to do my best. That’s why, when you want to do your best, as well when you feel like you’re about to stand still, I will support you, so don’t worry.
  • Marius: Sou-chan always was, is and will be my very important light. Just like a building collapses if there are no pillars, because Sou-chan is here I can go forward. Thank you for always supporting me. I will do my best to become someone like a “pillar” for you. You know, I have this feeling we will walk by each other’s side forever.

even more yohamaru headcanons bc i love this ship sm

- maru probably wasn’t allowed to have any pets at the temple, but i imagine she liked feeding the stray cats who gathered at the bottom of the stairs to the temple

- one day, however, she finds this teeny tiny kitten. it can’t be more than six weeks old, so she takes it to the vet to see if it’s microchipped, but it appears to be a stray. maru feels bad just leaving it there tho, so she sneaks it into the temple to try and take care of it.

- however, one day she gets caught, and her parents tell her she has to get rid of this kitten

- maru is really really upset and she comes across yoshiko whilst she’s letting the kitten go. so maru explains what happens and

- yoshiko says she’ll take the kitten home with her, because her parents have been wanting a pet anyway.

- maru is so pleased and excited and happy bc she gets to keep the kitten sort of (bc she’s always over at yoshiko’s anyway)

- yoshiko wants to name it but maru says she’s already named it, so yoshiko asks for the name. “Fuwafuwa-chan”

- yoshiko cannot believe maru called the cat “Fluffy” but she rolls with it bc maru looks rlly happy. it gets shortened to fuwa-chan mostly

- yoshiko probably trains the cat to sit in her bag, and she brings it around the town with her as her familiar.

- also: at some point whilst they know each other, maru probably gets really really sick, enough so that she can’t leave the temple.

- yohane can’t visit her (because devils can’t enter the temple grounds), but she really, really wants to see her

- so in a (somewhat) rare act of selflessness, yoshiko completely drops her chuuni persona so she can visit her gf.

- she goes to the temple, introduces herself to maru’s parents and is guided to her room

- maru is all “yohane?? you can’t be here you’ll get hurt!!”

- and yoshiko just shakes her head sadly and says “yohane isn’t here today”

- maru is super touched bc yoshiko hardly ever drops her chuuni.

- so a very sick maru sits up and bed and blessed yoshiko. she probably messes up some of the words and she coughs in the middle of it, but it’s close enough to a blessing so that yohane can visit the temple and be protected from harm.

- yoshiko almost cries bc that’s like the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for her

Strawberry Trapper

Tsushima Yoshiko
No matter how you look at it, for Guilty Kiss to be filled with this black and dark devilish charm, Yohane is the main character for this♪ If you don’t support us, you’ll fall into hell~♡♡

Ohara Mari
With us being different from how Aqours usually is, please enjoy this slightly cool and awesome Mari♪ I’ll capture your gaze entirely!

Sakurauchi Riko
Being pulled along by Mari-chan and Yohane-chan’s momentum— I’ve discovered a different self. Though it’s a bit embarrassing, please take a look at us♡

Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!

Watanabe You
As always, since we only have confidence in our physical energy— CYaRon! has become a unit full of energy, please support us! Yousoro☆

Takami Chika
In order to have our smiles reach everyone with all our energy, the three of us will work hard together! If you dance together with us, I will pass some of my energy to you~♪

Kurosawa Ruby
Just having Chika-chan and You-chan around, somehow Ruby also feels really energetic♡ I want this magic of CYaRon! to reach everyone too♪

Torikoriko PLEASE!!

Matsuura Kanan
Since I’m always playing in the sea with the fishes— becoming more like a maiden like this feels unexpected even to me! But it suits me more than I had imagined— Maybe?

Kunikida Hanamaru
Being surrounded by these two kind and pretty elder sisters— Maru somehow feels rather blissful♡ I would be happy if I could convey this feeling to everyone zura♪

Kurosawa Dia
Combining good looks and talent, AZALEA is truly a unit that holds both brains and beauty. You’d better realise how charming we are♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine July 2016 issue

anonymous asked:

In my story I have two students sparring with wooden practice swords, student A is more experienced and a bit older than student B, thus naturally bigger and stronger. If student B suddenly throws their blade aside and attacks the other with their fists could they have a chance of beating student A if they get past their practice blade? Or would they only be able to get in a few blows before student A gets the upper hand once more?

No, they can’t win. In that scenario they will be systematically beaten by Character A and probably thoroughly thrashed under the sufferance of their instructor. This is a good thing for your story and in the long run, a good thing for Character B’s development.

Let’s talk about why:

There are a few flaws going on in your language choices about Student A that come across as cliche, even though you don’t mean for them to be. The general assumption about training is that it bulks someone up, this is commonly presented in Hollywood action movies where the “average” sized  protagonist suddenly finds themselves facing an enemy that is very, very tall and usually very bulky. The difference is obvious, however, this is a visual gag and has little bearing on reality (also because it’s a visual gag, it’s not really helpful for writing unless you want to play into cliche).

For sword combat, replace stronger with faster (this will be true regardless of whether it’s a long sword, a claymore, or a rapier) and bigger with more agile. You can also add more cunning and more controlled, especially if Student A is at the stage of using fast talking and insults to distract their opponent between strikes. A character who can fast talk while fighting is one where the strikes and blows they are using have become enough of a second nature that they can turn their mind to strategy and character assessment. Yes, smack talk is actually a legitimate strategy during a fight, assuming the character has the conditioning and breath get away with it.

If this is what Student A is like (and this is what most training sequence enemies are like) then the comparison is this: Student B is the average new recruit for the track team and they’re sprinting against it’s best member. As Student B sprints, the track team member keeps pace beside them spitting out insults, you want to say something, but Student B can’t because they’re too busy sucking down oxygen. However, this spurs them to try harder and run faster, faster and faster, in silence, harder than they’ve ever run before. They think hey, I’m doing pretty good. Until they get to the final turn and Student A opens up their stride and sprints off like it’s nothing leaving Student B huffing and puffing. But Student B is still angry, so they chase them as hard and as fast as they can (or they give up). They don’t catch them, they are soundly defeated.

However, it’s not a defeat because not only now do they have an understanding of how far down the totem pole they are, they’ve been given a rival to chase, and best of all, they’ve pushed themselves (with Student A’s help) to find a source of inner strength they might not have known they had. They’ve learned more through defeat than they did through victory.

This is why many instructors do in fact put students, especially new ones, into “no win scenarios” against more powerful opponents. Kirk’s Kobayashi Maru feel good/ego stroking antics aside: facing and being beaten by an opponent that is better than you in a controlled environment, learning what that feels like, and how easily you can be manipulated is an important step towards becoming a better warrior.

The best fighters are cautious and disciplined strategists. They may be congenial and friendly, but they are very much in control of themselves, their emotions, and their environment. Student A is already in control of the fight and that in a nutshell is why Student B can’t win, even when they attempt to change the rules.

Okay, let’s talk about Student B:

Getting frustrated and throwing down or throwing away a weapon is actually a common beginner mistake, so brava! This is a good learning experience. The thought process is: this isn’t working, so I better try something else. However, it’s a bad idea because the wooden blade was what kept the fight anywhere near even and without it, they’re screwed.

Student B either throws aside their blade because they think it’s a good idea or they’ve been driven to do it out of anger. If it’s anger, it’s a better idea for them to throw the sword at Student A and then lunges. This is the only semi-saving grace for them because (stupid as it is) it suggests that they have some grasp of strategy. Otherwise, they’re just ditching the sword in favor of lunging at an opponent who still has their weapon and now has greater reach.

If Student B throws away the sword and lunges, then all Student A has to do is hold their sword out and let B “impale” themselves on it. Short, quick, and boom it’s over. If they throw it at A, then A has to knock it away or risk getting hit. However, if they do throw it at A, A is going to be a little upset about it especially since B just broke the rules and risked both their safety on a stupid stunt. If B throws the sword at A, then B is in the wrong (even though they’ll feel like they were in the right).

Their master/instructor will then probably allow A to thrash B (within reason, no long term damage) so that they can fully feel their mistake and then will assign them some sort of punishment work afterwards. They’ll punish A too because A did give in to anger after B threw the sword at their head.

This brings us to:

There will be an instructor watching this fight and they will intervene when necessary. Sparring bouts tend to happen one on one in front of the whole or half of the class (if there are enough instructors to handle more than one bout at a time). The observing students wait their turn and they learn by watching their fellows fight. Sometimes, if there’s a second rival group or section, instructors will bring the two together and have them spar each other one on one in order to build a greater sense of competitiveness and camaraderie within the respective groups.

Both Student A and Student B will be punished by their respective teachers depending on what happens after B throws down the sword. B will also have to face the criticism and humiliation in front of their fellow students, which will make the sting hurt that much more and may be the inciting action that drives them to throw the sword.

Try to remember that sparring is about learning, it’s not about beating the odds or winning and losing. The point of a character in training is not to show how talented and skilled they are, it’s to show them growing up and learning. Life isn’t always fair, but even the ruthless and most sadistic teachers often have the students’ best interests at heart. Other characters may be responding to a stimuli or understanding of the situation that Character B doesn’t have access to yet.

Let your characters fall down and make mistakes during training, that’s what training is for and why it’s there. It’s important to the development of the characters in the story.

Try to not vilify A or the instructor.

Either way:

It’s a good learning experience that will help you flesh out your characters. All of them. So, I suggest you keep it. Besides, B isn’t just soundly beaten, they lose the fight on the basis of what they thought was a good idea. That’s actually pretty great.