shelomit-bat-dvorah replied to your post “*whispers* who was the first ever unfettered person?”

now I’m thinking about Eliyahu and setting a place for him at the pesach table and :D


Yesss this is fantastic.

(There are probably several saved seats at a Marokeppu feast, actually. One for Tena the Undying, who is considered a kind of guiding ancestral spirit to the whole community. One for Maru herself, the Water-Giver (who’s a bit of a Miriam figure). And some communities would also save a seat for Akar Hinil, who many believe will return when Ar-Amu frees her people.)


#todayimet with @marutaro and @halno

In the #todayimet series, Instagrammers share the stories of meeting people in real life after discovering their work on Instagram. To see more photos and videos by @marutaro and @halno, follow them on Instagram and browse the #meetmejapan_fusamaru hashtag.

Shinjiro Ono (@marutaro) had no intention of owning a dog until he met Maru, a half-grown Shiba Inu who had been for sale for over a month at a pet store in his neighborhood near Tokyo. “My wife and I decided that if it was still there the following week, we would take him home,” reflects Shinjiro. And that was how Maru the dog became a member of the Ono family. Little did Shinjiro know that Maru would become one of the most adored pets on Instagram — and open him up to a community full of new friends. The daily and realtime captures of Maru started as a way to cheer people up after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Shinjiro further explains, “I want to share about the happy life of a dog and humans.”

Tokyo designer Daisuke Kujiraoka, who goes by the name Halno (@halno), tells the story of an obscure world where he travels to places on a broomstick. This series of “levitation” photos started a few years ago, after he and three of his friends he met through Instagram (@wacamera, @soraky and @sorayuchi) formed a creative team called “Fusafusabu” (#ふさふさ部). “We were exploring aesthetics that would be fun for us to shoot, and the broomstick levitation captures eventually became my trademark,” says Halno. Since then, the works of the photography quartet have sparked the curiosity of many people, and they have recently begun to share their creative process more broadly though InstaMeets.

Last February, Shinjiro, Maru, Halno and Halno’s team met up for the first time, where they spent an entire afternoon doing a photo shoot. “Collaborating with animals is something we’ve never done before, and working with Maru allowed us to explore new ways of expressing our world,” explains Halno. “We told Shinjiro about the images we had in mind, and Maru just followed Shinjiro’s instructions. It was impressive to see how much friendship, love and trust exist between the two.”