Bloodstone by MartytheGirl
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Height: 6’10”
Weapon: Short daggers, no quantity limit, pulled from either stone on the chest for attack or defensive moves. Red ones are smaller.
Gem Type: Bloodstone
Likes: Power, stability, safety
Dislikes: Uncertainty, weightlessness/heights, breaking fusion
Hobbies: Weightlifting, sparring, meditation, debates
Personality: Opinionated and strong, but can get distracted, misdirecting her energy. Mostly serious and impatient, but sometimes the smaller personality comes through in moments of stress or sadness. Loses fusion if driven to anger to a MAJOR degree.
Other Bio: This gem is an unstable fusion (in the style of Stevonnie) of a small bright green Chalcedony and an even smaller chunk of Ruby Zoisite. Chalcedony is the dominant personality, and while Zoisite is not a good match, it keeps them fused for the protection it grants at the cost of its freedom.
Fusion Preference: Work alone

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u-uhmm loki getting his lip stitches cut? :'D;;;;

OK, so in the myths and also in the comics the string used to stitch Loki’s mouth shut is unbreakable. The horrible implications of that are, uh, not avoided here.

Warning: GORE.

“Unbreakable,” they’d said.

And the liar assumed them false. Surely “unbreakable” was as much a jest as the wager of his head had been. They had laughed as they came upon him with the needle. He had born the slight sting, because it was all in jest. The tricks they played on him were still only tricks, he could appreciate them all.

But three days passed, and they were not only days of silence. Three days of hunger, also, and three days of thirst.

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS | OHHHHH MY GOD

ship with:  Mihai because I’m Awful. I feel like there may have been another ship, but I haven’t read it in ages and my brain is fried rn.

general opinions:
I HAVE AN ANIME BOY TYPE and Badou sits very neatly in that niche (VIOLENT, LOUD REDHEADS!!). But like, what an incredible asshole. Info brokers have always been a really cool character archetype, and to see someone so ostentatious doing this kind of work is my favourite thing. Also like, Tragic Brother Backstory, sign me up.

He makes no sense, I love him.


Marty said, “find the kawaii food.”

So I bought a dessert shaped like an owl. It was chocolate mousse and sponge cake. Very delicious. I had a critfail with my change and had to have the cashier rescue me because I had too many coins and my hands full. I’m definitely not in an American tourist-y area, but everyone has been really understanding.

I think it’s really cool that a bunch of Australians are talking about a pair of French guys right now because of the work of a pair of tumblr bloggers, one in Japan and one in Canada.

<3 <3 Motorik & Martythegirl & Mccler <3 <3

Everything is so dang cute. The internet is so amazing.

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What did he talk about with nine inch nails? Was that from when he was making skate vids

Sorry it was on Nova Radio over an hour ago and it’s actually a recent thing, as far as I know. Anyway, he talked about Gimme Back the Night and Yea Hoe and the expected fair, but he also talked about Depeche Mode and that lead into Nine Inch Nails and Nova played Copy Of A, which is the new NIN single.

I got kind of over-excited (aka went from understanding every fifth word to forgetting even my own name), but MartytheGirl says that Brodinski said he has an “obsession” with Nine Inch Nails, the new album (Hesitation Marks) is awesome, and that the music reminds him of Gesa’s. Again, according to Marty, he said the music really touched him deeply.


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berith, leviathan, lucifer, sonnellion 8)


berith: do you often argue with others?

I think I’m working on this so that I just don’t waste as much of my time arguing with people, but I’d say I probably still have a reputation for being argumentative and in my cold little heart I just love to pick fights.

leviathan: what do you believe lies in the unexplored areas of the ocean?

omg does it matter what I believe lies there cause the stuff we know lies there is SO BADASS. Stygiomedusa gigantea. Goblin sharks. OSEDAX.

lucifer: what are you most proud of?

I already answered this one, but I’m also proud of my writing!! Even though I am currently procrastinating on it.

sonneillon: do you hate anyone?

I think I actually don’t, cause there’s people who anger me and stuff but I don’t actually want to, like, murder them with my bare hands. I just want them to go away and leave me alone and to ignore that they exist. Which I think means I just dislike them greatly, rather than hating them. That said I do have a coworker I usually refer to as “my coworker that I hate” but he’s the kinda person where I don’t even have to fuck with him, cause he fucks his own life up so hardcore.

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anon just wants to be agreed with and validated lmao. if it’s not what anon wants to hear IT’S WRONG AND UR WRONG!!!@! ALSO UR A DUMB SLUT TOO FAT AND UGLY TO BE LOVED etc etc. what an insecure person.

Actually my theory is that though this person doesn’t want Gesa to be with anyone (because no one would be “good” enough, y'know?) — they also don’t want to accept a clear no. It’s only in ambiguity, which they’re trying to create now, that they can comfortably attack another person with sexually explicit questions and misogynistic insults. Without that ambiguity, they have no outlet for the anger, frustration, and insecurity they feel over a stranger’s, Gesa’s, romantic/sex life.

And like… whatever. People can THINK and FEEL whatever they want, but their thoughts and feelings don’t give them a right to bully others.

martythegirl replied to your post: Today on twitter: What if everyone on Bromance…

i should try drawing blue lantern louisa……

Yes. You have a lot of freedom with the outfit, I think, from generic spandex suit to whatever:

The only thing that’s always there somewhere is the symbol which is:

And I could hide my nerdy shame but I’ll just let this post sit on my blog like “Yes, I put serious thought into what kind of fictional emotion-based superhero a DJ would be today.”