Couple of commissions I finished recently!

Top: River Celestine (belongs to @hollymcgillis )

Bottom: Hikmah (belongs to Sarah and Marty)

If you’re interested in a commission, I have a couple of slots open!

$30 USD - Bust.

$65 USD - Waist/Hips up (Halfbody).

$100 USD per fullbody character.  

May come with a simple background if I feel like it fits or will be quick to do. 

Please email with interest, or references and personality details!  Thank you!

[SLOT 1]

[SLOT 2]

Bloodstone by MartytheGirl
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Height: 6’10”
Weapon: Short daggers, no quantity limit, pulled from either stone on the chest for attack or defensive moves. Red ones are smaller.
Gem Type: Bloodstone
Likes: Power, stability, safety
Dislikes: Uncertainty, weightlessness/heights, breaking fusion
Hobbies: Weightlifting, sparring, meditation, debates
Personality: Opinionated and strong, but can get distracted, misdirecting her energy. Mostly serious and impatient, but sometimes the smaller personality comes through in moments of stress or sadness. Loses fusion if driven to anger to a MAJOR degree.
Other Bio: This gem is an unstable fusion (in the style of Stevonnie) of a small bright green Chalcedony and an even smaller chunk of Ruby Zoisite. Chalcedony is the dominant personality, and while Zoisite is not a good match, it keeps them fused for the protection it grants at the cost of its freedom.
Fusion Preference: Work alone

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I’m so thirsty for stripper graves like. um. pull yourself together woman ffs

I love writing really over the top porn and this is… gonna be really over the top porn. 

Also stripper Graves (who would insist that he is not a stripper ANYMORE, he is an entrepreneur and award-winning mixologist) is really meant to be a thirst trap. Our own perspective on him is Credence’s and Credence is literally tripping over himself to get on that dick.

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i’m gonna withhold art until it’s done @ anons, that’s a big motivator >:3c

NO! That’s not what I thought I had agreed to??? Oh my god, Marty, though I’m like… at the blowjobs and there’s like… the shower scene and the bed scene and the middle of the night scene and THEN the morning after sex. AND THEN BREAKFAST. MARTY!!!!!!! THAT’S SO MANY SCENES I GOTTA WRITE!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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every other night we have to go reference hunting for our fanwork projects and spend a couple hours posting photos and screaming on twitter it’s very therapeutic for me

a certain amount of my creative process is just me yelling “I FUCKED UP” while googling “Colin Farrell shirtless”

Probably like a solid 25%

I also have to look at Ezra’s legs a lot? Also a total mistake. Don’t do that to yourself. That kid’s like 69% leg and whether he’s doing the skinny nerd look or the full on Barry Allen thighs, he’s always got that [Rihanna voice] cake.

Also problematic for me:

  • Eddie’s abs
  • Katherine’s arms and the SAD TINA EYEBROWS

Though I admit the abs thing was my own choice and I played myself with that one.

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<333333333333 this is a continuing really fun experience and i’m so happy you have something long form to share in with more than just a couple of us :’))))


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this feels like a punishment

I feel like I’m trying to get to know this new person that I’m dating and someone just texted me about my ex who broke my heart into a million pieces on Valentine’s Day this year

I want to remember what happiness feels like in this pale shadow of a world and this person isn’t letting me

I just wanna look at Ezra’s nips in peace

Today @martythegirl showed me how to hack the Fantabi extras which she’s apparently been doing all this time and now I am truly living but also just. so sad.

Weeks ago, someone posted in the Credence Barebone tag with detail photos of The Belt and I was like. “Are those thistles?!” and there are totally two very distinct thistle flowers on the buckle of The Belt.

(The Belt which is fundamentally superfluous because he wears suspenders, so it’s just a torture device that he has to wear around all the time.)

Anyway, thistles.

Maybe most famous for being the symbol of Scotland, thistles are basically Mother Nature putting up both middle fingers and saying fuck you. Maybe not quite on the level with stinging nettles, but definitely close to sword grass. You can pluck a rose without getting your hands maimed, but a thistle will fuck you up. 

That means that Scotland’s motto, to go along with the general Scottish attitude about life and also the THISTLE, is: Nemo me impune lacessit

Or, “No one shall cut (hurt) me with impunity”

OR, “No one can harm me unpunished”

Or, my own translation, “fuck me up, I’ll fuck you up.”

(There’s also an identical French motto derived from the thistle which uses “Qui s'y frotte s'y pique” but I got that from wikipedia it’s not like a thing I grew up with.)

Anyway, Credence is literally wearing a noticeable accessory the whole movie that is a subtle signal that you should NOT try him, bitch

and everyone in the whole movie is fucking trying him

I love Colleen Atwood, honestly, that’s so subtle and so good. But I also want to sue her for emotional distress.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, what about Graves taking Credence to get a wand? You write him being such a nice sugar daddy in your fic. I want to know your thoughts for the wand too =D

This might not be EXACTLY what you are imagining, but @martythegirl and I brainstormed up some pretty specific things.

First, her wonderful illustration:

Now, I think a lot of JKR’s ideas are just Bad. The idea that wands make magic users better and America needed English people to come teach ~real magic~ with ~wands~ but then witches and wizards are demonstrated to be Incredibly Powerful by having them use wandless magic is… nonsensical.

Also it’s just really racist? The idea that NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET (except white Western Europeans) was using any sort of magic-infused item to aid in the casting and use of magic is just incredibly false and Bad.

And ANOTHER THING, it’s obvious that wands can be made from things beyond just the limited list that is available in the extra-canonical sources JKR has provided. Even Picquery’s wand has a core that’s technically unapproved/possibly illegal in America. And since it’s America, I figure if wands are supposed to be licensed and highly regulated by MACUSA and this is some kind of gun control metaphor with heavily racist overtones, then there’s got to be a market for illegal and unregistered wands.

I wanted the wand that Credence would eventually possess to reflect something DEEPLY North American but also sort of dark and terrifying and taboo. Something that is outside MACUSA’s laws and honestly sort of scary to anyone with sense. 

Therefore the wand is Maple with a Wendigo tooth core. :)

And this is set about a year after “In a City, Reconstructed.” It’s more “I love you so I’m going to track down someone I arrested for illegal wandmaking and threaten him into giving you a wand” than “Baby boy, let me buy you something nice.”

Alexander Running Deer sits beneath the bare limbs of the Ash outside his home. He moved to the Dakotas specifically to stay away from other people — magical or not — so he frowns when he sees four figures walking up the road to his home. Coyote, who dozes with her head on his ankles, glares at him when he moves.

Alex picks up his walking stick and hoists himself to his feet.

He does not plan to have visitors. Not now. Not ever.

Especially not in the winter.

“Go away!” he shouts at them.

Three of the four strangers stop walking, but the third does not.

“We’re here to buy,” the man says.

As he gets closer, he begins to look familiar.

“Well, I ain’t selling!” Alex shouts.

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so I know your have the beautiful stripper au happening but how do you feel about.....a gradence black swan-inspired ballet au?

I was all like “how could this work when Black Swan/Swan Lake are so very specifically about female anxieties” and then @martythegirl played me with some shit about masculinity anxieties.

Warnings: This is (as Black Swan is) skeezy. It’s not romantic, it’s definitely sexual harassment.

“Barebone, please stay after.”

It’s just words, but from Mr. Graves’ mouth just words is enough to make Credence stumble and his throat close up.

“And try not to fall over,” the choreographer adds.

After everyone else has left the studio, Credence lingers near the door and waits for Mr. Graves to finish whatever it is he’s doing. As the man walks, he swings the long, narrow pole he uses to point out everything a dancer is doing wrong. It’s a shiny dark wood — nothing like the bright, pine one that Credence’s mother used.

“Are you unhappy with the casting decisions, Barebone?”

Credence shifts his weight from his heels to the balls of his feet and back, swaying a bit forward and backward.

“No, sir,” he says.

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Case in point: an hour and half ago I told myself I had forty minutes to look over Marty’s edits and here we are now. I have other shit to do. 

Anyway, 97,509 words. Feels cool.

I want to thank Marty / @martythegirl  for editing and encouraging me and Bea / @auroraobscurialis for being amazing and inspiring and Kate / @kavinskysdick for helping to formulate a Graves that everyone seems to really love. And M / @mccler for literally harassing me into watching the movie in the first place! Y’all are better than I deserve and I love you.

martythegirl  asked:


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS | OHHHHH MY GOD

ship with:  Mihai because I’m Awful. I feel like there may have been another ship, but I haven’t read it in ages and my brain is fried rn.

general opinions:
I HAVE AN ANIME BOY TYPE and Badou sits very neatly in that niche (VIOLENT, LOUD REDHEADS!!). But like, what an incredible asshole. Info brokers have always been a really cool character archetype, and to see someone so ostentatious doing this kind of work is my favourite thing. Also like, Tragic Brother Backstory, sign me up.

He makes no sense, I love him.